Her Destined Alpha Chapter 51


The journey to my cousin’s pack was a two-hour drive, and Raihana pleaded that she wanted Delsanra in the back with her. Which was fine as I knew Chris and her were having some issues, which I really needed to get to the bottom of.

It also sucked that I couldn’t have my mate close, but she was sitting in the seat behind me and often reached over to give me a k!ss or a touch. Goddess, if she knew how good her touch was … My mind wandered back to Delsanra in the bathroom. The energy that swirled around her was different. It wasn’t a witch’s ability. I knew the difference, but I didn’t want to mention it to her, not when she was worried already.

It got me thinking about something that I wondered about often. She is darkness, she was born from darkness, the daughter of darkness. These comments followed her, but what did they even mean? There was something missing, and I had a feeling if we found out what the ‘ darkness ‘ referred to, we would get our answer. But how to find the answers? That was the question that I needed to find an answer to .. Right now, Raihana was singing along to Taylor Swift.

I do love Ri, I really do, and her voice was gorgeous, but she was loud. When you’re trying to think straight, it wasn’t ideal at all. ” Ri, do you need to sing? ” I asked her, brushing a hand down my face as I massaged my jaw. ” I want to. Come on, Delsanra join in. ”

” I don’t think I can sing. ” My gorgeous kitten’s soft reply came. Well, she sure knew how to moan sensually. Just the thought of f*cking her made my d*ck twitch, I pushed the image from my head. ” Well, Rayhan’s quite the singer too, right Ray? ” Raihana asked. ” Not really. ” ” He does have a good voice. ” Chris added. Seriously did he need to input? I gave him a look, but he simply smirked. Then I think I want to hear him sing. ” Delsanra said, her fingers on my shoulder from behind the seat, sending a pleasurable shiver through me. ” Come on, Ray sing. ” No. ” I said firmly.

” Fine. Maybe another time. ” Delsanra said, sitting back in her seat. I glanced in the rearview mirror, seeing the gentle smile on her face, but she was disappointed. ” Yeah, another time. ” I said softly. I hated seeing her unhappy. The car fell silent, and I went back to my thoughts, trying to make sense of my assumptions. It was much later, and we had stopped at the hotel suite where Raihana had stated we needed to stop so she could get her and Delsanra ready.

I kind of felt sorry for Delsanra, first Kiara and now Raihana. The moment Raihana had ordered us to put her stuff down on the bed and then commanded us to leave, made me hesitate, looking back at Delsanra, who was staring at all the makeup pallets that Raihana was opening, looking lost. I had barely been able to k!ss her goodbye before Raihana ushered me out. Delsanra told me she would be ok, so I decided to get some work done whilst the girls got ready.

The party would start in about an hour, we would be a little late, but it was fine. Raihana had lied to Mom, saying we were getting ready and setting off later, simply because she didn’t want to get ready at grandfather’s place. My uncle had been killed in the battle of Hecate’s Betrayal, and my cousin Zain took his place soon after, once he had finished his Alpha training.

He was twenty -four years old now and had found his mate not too long ago, he was now marrying her in a lavish series of events. I chatted with Chris regarding pack matters mainly, and a little about the current events before we both decided to get dressed too. I pulled on the grey three-piece suit, with a grey tie and a black shirt, that Raihana had picked out. She has literally wanted to choose my clothes for occasions for years, and although I didn’t always agree, I would let her as long as she stuck to what I liked. This time around, I was glad she had because clothes were the last thing on my mind right now ….

I combed my hair back and put it up into a bun. I finished with some cologne before I grabbed my keys and phone, ready to see my little kitten. We had just reached the venue, and I held on to her tightly. Chris flanked Raihana, and although neither spoke a word to the other, they seemed to be ok with each other, for now. We had greeted a few people in passing, but my aim was to find my parents, knowing once Delsanra had met Mom she would probably feel a lot better. Once again, she had stolen my breath away, she looked absolutely ravishing, heck I don’t think I’d ever get used to this feeling.

She was dressed in a strapless red dress with a large skirt, it emphasized her cleavage and the bodice was covered with embroidery and beads. The fabric on the br*ast area was like 3D petals. The dress had a large slit from her left thigh down, and the skirt trailed behind her. Her hair was styled up in a bun with strands of hair framing her face, springs of white flowers in her hair along with a single red rose.

Her make–up was smoky and alluring, with her l!ps a deep matt red. She looked like a siren that could charm any man who cast a gaze her way, and many were glancing at her. Her skin seemed to glow under the lights, she looked completely devourable. The venue was decorated lavishly with flowers, lights and sculptures. There was a fountain on one side of the huge hall.

The water from it ran underneath the glass floors that were lit with underwater colour-changing lights, that went from pink to blue to purple. Circular tables stood along both sides, holding flowers and candles. Velvet–seated gold chairs surrounded the tables, and far off on the dance floor, a DJ was playing music where many couples were already dancing. There were a few dancers dancing amongst the guests as well. ” Rayhan! ” Mom’s voice came, I smiled, I figured she’d be the first to spot us. The group fell silent as all eyes turned on u s . The chatter in the room dropped as everyone looked at us .

The future Alpha of the Black Storm Pack, one of the strongest in the country, has found his Luna … Everyone would be watching Delsanra …. Mom rushed over. She looked as beautiful as ever in a deep plum gown as she stopped before us. She grabbed my face, k!ssing my forehead before she turned to Delsanra quickly, her eyes glistening with unshed tears. ” Ana … Welcome, I’m so happy you’re here …

My! You’re beautiful! ” She cupped Delsanra’s face, k!ssing her forehead softly before pulling her in for a hug. I could hear Delsanra’s heart thudding, and I prayed to the Goddess that Mom always saw her like this … because she had been deprived of a mother’s love all her life and I just wished my mom could fill that hole in her life. ” It’s nice to meet you, Luna. ” Delsanra said, softly. ” Mom, it’s mom. ”

Mom replied firmly, car*ssing her cheek as she looked at her mark with pride. ” Mom … ” Delsanra said hesitantly. She looked down, forcing a smile, but I could see it had thrown her off. I k!ssed her forehead, tugging her back into my arms, car*ssing her waist.

” Rayhan … ” Mom said apologetically, now turning back to me and hugging me tightly. ” Now that Ana’s here, I’ve become second, huh? “ I teased hugging her tightly.

Her comforting scent reminded me of those nights when I used to wake from a bad dream, and this had been my only comfort. With time, we grow, and we slowly become distant from our parents. We find our own mates and they become our life.

But to our mothers, we are still the most beloved thing on this earth …. If there was one thing stronger than the bond a woman had with her mate, it was the love she had for her child.

Or that was the case for most mothers anyway. ” Not at all, you are always number one, ya Hayati. ” Mom said. ” Of course, and I’m just the extra, right? ” Raihana chimed in as I turned to see her hugging Dad. He laughed, letting go of her, and looked at Delsanra, a smile gracing his face. ” Ana isn’t it? ”


” Yes … ” I said softly. I felt nervous, Rayhan’s parents were sweet and strong, but I was terrified of the rejection I might face. I knew that his father knew about Raihana, so I hoped he would accept me, but it was clear the bond Rayhan and his mother had was strong.

I just didn’t want there to be a rift between them. Ever. ” Will you not give this old man a hug? ” He teased; his brown eyes filled with warmth. Was he really the Lycan king’s brother? I could see the slight similarities to the Rogue Alpha, I had only seen him from a distance, but it was only slight.

The man before me oozed warmth and comfort. Rayhan didn’t let go of me as if asking me permission if I wanted to go to his father or not. I gave a tiny nod and stepped forward, unsure, and he gave me a hug instead, k!ssing the top of my head. ”

Welcome to the family, I do apologize that we weren’t there when you arrived. ” He said gently. ” Oh, it’s fine, we got back late. ” I said, moving back. ” I wonder why … ” Chris remarked. Making the rest chuckle.

I looked at Rayhan, who was looking incredibly handsome and utterly sexy in a suit. Our eyes met before he pulled me back into his arms, k!ssing my l!ps softly. I closed my eyes, for a moment not even caring that all eyes were on us.

The sparks that coursed through me made everything fade away. My anxiety, doubt, and worry. His scent and touch made me feel lightheaded, and I sighed softly as we parted. ”

Rayhan, finally you have come to visit this old man. ” A deep voice said. We turned to see the elderly man who had approached us. From his aura, I could tell he was strong. ” Grandfather. ” Rayhan said, letting go of me and hugging his grandfather, before introducing me. I gave a polite nod, and he patted my head, I could tell he was a strict man. His imposing eyes turned on Raihana, who, to my surprise, shrank a little under his gaze.

She looked gorgeous in a fitted green, shimmering, off–shoulder gown that hugged her figure perfectly. I didn’t know what it was, but there was definitely something between Chris and her. I could sense it, every time they looked at each other, the confusion and annoyance from Raihana along with the guilt and uncertainty from him. I wonder what happened? ” Raihana, do you not know how to greet your grandfather? ” He scolded. ”

Oh no, of course, I do! ” She said, hurrying to her grandfather and giving him a hug. He patted her head with a curt nod. Rayhan’s cousin Zain and his mate, Layla, the soon-to-be wedded couple, approached us and I was introduced to them too. Both were polite and formal, but I could tell Rayhan wasn’t too close to his cousin.

Although they talked a little regarding some work and training discussion, it was more like a leader-to leader, than cousins. ” So, Rayhan, you will take the position as Alpha soon. How do you feel? ” Zain asked. ” Confident.

” Rayhan replied, taking two flutes of drinks from a passing waiter. He passed one to me, his hand once again tight around my waist. I looked up at him, admiring his man bun. Was there anything this man couldn’t pull off? ” I hope, unlike your father, you can talk your uncle into doing something about the witches. ” Zain said, drinking from his own glass.

I tensed and I heard Raihana’s sharp intake of breath. ” Zain, this is a happy occasion celebrating your upcoming wedding. Surely we don’t need those conversations here. ” Alpha Rafael said, with a smile on his face. ” Oh, it’s fine, I’m not complaining and I’m sure Layla isn’t either. ” He said, k!ssing his bride–to–be on the forehead. She looked gorgeous too, in a deep blush pink gown. ” Not at all. I hate witches just as much. ” She replied.

” Well then, I’ll give my input, I’m with dad on this one. ” Rayhan said coldly. The mood shifted, and Maria looked at him in concern. ” Rayhan, it’s almost as if you’re defending them … ” She said, confused. ”

Ok, enough of this boring conversation about feisty women who can wreak havoc. How about we talk about the menu because it smells great. ” Chris remarked, drinking some wine with a smirk on his l!ps. ”

And who is this? ” Rayhan’s grandfather asked. It was clear he didn’t like Chris speaking in , but I was glad he had. ” ” This is my Delta. He is like a son to me. ” Alpha Rafael said looking his father – in law firmly in the eye. I could sense the power challenge between them and wondered what exactly that was about.

The elder man looked coldly at his son-in-law. ” Ah, the one whose parents were slain by witches too … ” He said, turning to Chris, he waved his hand. ” What is your view on witches, son? ” ” Depends on the witch, everything isn’t all black and white, Alpha Amir. The urge to hate them for what happened to my parents has always been there.

But then we have to remember that it wasn’t the entire race that attacked us, it was a handful … Just like several other Alphas and wolves who have turned to the dark side, Alpha Zidane Malone being at the top of that list. We are not all defined by his actions, are we? ” ” Well said Chris, I just wish not everyone was so narrow–minded. ” Rayhan cut in, his eyes flashing green . “Narrow–minded? ” Zain asked, frowning deeply.

the power I looked at Raihana, whose heart was thudding and it seemed to ring loud in my ear. The fear that she’d activate her overtook me, and I pulled away from Rayhan. ” Raihana, shall we go get some desserts? ” I asked, taking her hand. All eyes snapped to us, and Alpha Rafael looked apologetic, whilst Amir sighed. ” I do apologize, young Luna. You wouldn’t understand. Yes, you girls run along. ” I nodded, squeezing Raihana’s hand, feeling her calm down. I understood the Alpha, I just didn’t know what to say when I hated my own kind too …

But as Chris said, we can’t define the entire race by the actions of a few. ” ” Kitten … ” I blushed. Did he just call me that in front of everyone? I didn’t miss Layla and his mom’s smile. ” Hmm? ” I looked up at my gorgeous man, who filled his suit out oh so perfectly.

He tugged me into his arms, ki!sing my l!ps deeply. Ignoring his grandfather’s slight cough, or the way his cousin and Chris snickered and hooted. I pulled away when he finally let go of me and gave me a wink. ” Don’t wander too far. ” He said quietly. ” I won’t. ” I replied. The last thing I heard was Alpha Rafael saying the topic needed to be changed. Chris followed, leaving a few meters‘ gap, giving us some space. ” Thanks, D – Ana . ”

Raihana said , sighing . ” Any time … So really, I do want to go check out those desserts … ” I whispered. Raihana laughed, and I felt her heart calming down. We hurried over to the huge dessert table that held several types of dessert shots, cakes and Arabian sweets. We helped ourselves, and I had just bitten into a piece of baklava when I heard whispers from nearby. ” She’s a human? Alpha Rayhan deserves so much better. ”

” She’s ok … but looks so fake … What’s with the hair? “ Raihana’s eyes snapped towards the two women and gave them a cold glare. I guess she didn’t expect that I could already hear them anyway. ” Move along. ” She said icily. The girls looked a little unnerved and scurried away. ” I do look weird, right? ” I said, was the make–up too much? ” Not at all, they just can’t appreciate your utterly hot. ” Raihana responded . ”

Trust me, most of the men here have their eyes on you. ” ” I didn’t want that and I don’t think she realized that many men had their eyes on her too, I caught Chris giving a few very cold glares. I ate the piece of sweet slowly, thinking that although I felt beautiful tonight … I really couldn’t match up with him. I turned, looking towards the direction his family were gathered, only to see Rayhan now talking to a few women, all in gorgeous gowns. My heart clenched painfully and I turned away.

I felt his gaze on me and then it was gone. I turned back around, searching for him. My heart thudded as I scanned the area, panic setting in when I realised he and the girls were gone. The worst thoughts filled my head when suddenly the lights dimmed and the music went off. A hushed whisper rippled through the crowd …

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