Her Destined Alpha Chapter 54


In a flash, I had her pinned against the wall not far from the shattered doors. ” Wrong move, kitten. ” I rasped, trapping her hands against the wall. My burning gaze fell to her l!ps and down to her bre*sts, which were sticking out even more. Her scent intoxicated me, our noses brushed and she m*aned softly her heart hammering. ” Oh actually … I think it was the perfect move.

” She murmured, leaning forward and crushing her l!ps against mine. Pleasure rushed south and I throbbed hard. Letting go of her hands, I reached down, slipping my hand into the slit of her skirt and pulling it up roughly just as she snaked her arm around my neck, the other massaging my already hardening d**k.

” F*ck. ” I growled, k!ssing her harder and rougher. The pent–up anger that was bursting inside of me fuelling my hungry k!sses. She m*aned against my l!ps, the scent of her arousal making me throb hard. The p*nts I was wearing were suddenly painfully tight. I pulled away, breathing fast as I looked down at her. ” I don’t want to hurt you … ” I whispered huskily, looking at her with pure carnal hunger. ” I think we can both agree that I am not so easy to break, Rayhan.

You made love to me the other night … but tonight … I want you to f*ck me … Don’t hold back. ” She murmured, massaging my shaft. ” I can do that. ” I growled. F*ck I didn’t care about where we were or anything else. All I wanted was to relish in what my mate was tempting me with. I ripped off her lacy underwear, massaging her pu**y. She m*aned, her nails digging into my shoulders, sending a blissful wave of pleasure through me.

I shoved two fingers into her soaking core as she whimpered and m*aned against me. ” Oh f**ck Rayhan. ” She m*aned, gyrating her body against my hand. I pulled down her dress from her bre*sts, making her gasp as the net fabric in the center tore at my move, but I didn’t care, devouring her perfect t*ts. K!ssing her hard as I squeezed her bre*sts, loving the way they felt. So f*cking perfect. She fought for dominance,

but I was an Alpha and there was no way I was going to relinquish control. She cried out when I twisted her ni**le, breaking away from her lush l!ps. I k!ssed her neck, s*cking hard. She cried out, her hands making quick work of my belt and my zipper. The sweet taste of blood told me I had drawn some, but she didn’t seem to care.

She had just about freed my d**k from the confines of my p*nts. when she rested her head back against the wall, m*aning as pleasure coursed through her, I delivered a sharp tap to her left bre*st, making her gasp, before rubbing her hard ni**le. Her s*xy m*ans were making me want to f**k her right now. I crouched down, pushing her dress up and lifting one of her legs over my shoulder, my fingers still buried in her pu**y as I f*cked her with them hard and fast . I took her cl!t in my mouth, making her m*an loudly.

” Oh, f**k Rayhan. ” I swirled my tongue around it; her scent, her taste, the feel of her pu**y, everything was f*cking heaven. ” Oh god …. that’s it. God this feels so good. ” She whimpered. Grinding her body sensually against my hand, I thrust my fingers in her faster. Feeling her nearing. ” Oh, Rayhan! F*ck baby! I’m so close.

” She gasped, one hand tangled in my hair, the other holding her dress up away from my face, as she looked down at me with lust-coated eyes. I s*cked on her cl!t, forcing a third finger in just as her org*sm tore through her body. She cried out, clamping a hand over her mouth as pleasure rushed through her. Her body trembled from the aftershocks of her org*sm.

I pulled my fingers out, reaching up and slipping them into her mouth. ” You taste f*cking good, don’t you agree, kitten? ” I murmured, my eyes fixed on her as she tried to get her breath back, s*cking on my fingers slowly.

Her cheeks heated up as she looked down at me and nodded slowly. I smirked, squeezing her as*s from under her dress before plunging my tongue into her care, making her whimper. I assaulted her with my tongue, l!cking up her juices before I moved back, ready to f*ck her when she pushed me back, dropping to her knees and wrapping her hand around my d**k. ” You don’t need to. ” I murmured, despite how f*cking hot she looked on her knees.

Her hands looked tiny in comparison to my c**k, and the u*ge to see what she looked like with it down her throat was tempting. ” How about if I want to? ” She asked, sticking her tongue out as she l!cked the tip. I throbbed hard, f*ck she was perfect. Her hands cupped my balls, and her other hand wrapped around my d*ck as she took the tip in her mouth. ” F*ck kitten. ” I grabbed a hand full of her hair, thrusting into her. She m*aned against it as I began f*cking her pretty little mouth.

There was just something so f*cking good about seeing her like this, the look in her orbs. The hunger that consumed those eyes of hers … I couldn’t focus anymore. The pleasure that was rocking my body was taking control. I groaned, feeling my pleasure building. ” Just like that baby … ” I muttered before feeling my release nearing.

She fondled my balls and I was about to pull out when she shook her head slightly, s*cking hard on my d**k. I sped up, bucking against her when my org*sm ripped through me like a f*cking tsunami. I pulled out, groaning in pleasure whilst bracing my hand against the wall as I caught my breath. My eyes fixed on my naughty little kitten as she l!cked the tip of my d**k. I throbbed hard. F*ck I was ready to f*ck her all night …. I pulled her up, k!ssing her hard on the l!ps. The taste of me still lingered, before tangling my hand in her hair that I had completely ruined. One thing was clear, neither of us was going to go back to that hall.

” Now be a good girl and turn around. ” I commanded. She traced a finger along my l!ps, a small smile crossing hers. ” As you wish, Alpha … ” F*ck, she was a temptress … She turned around, placing her hands on the wall as I grabbed her skirt, tearing it off. She gasped, her head turning to stare at me from over her shoulder, but a single slap to the as*s made her turn away. I tossed the skirt aside, smirking. Now, this was more like it … “

Rayhan, how are we going to leave … ” I leaned over her, wrapping a hand around her throat and tugging on her ear, s*cking teasingly. ” Let’s not worry about that kitten. ” I murmured. Grabbing her bre*st from behind, I k!ssed her neck, s*cking hard. I glanced to the left where a long mirror hung on the wall and moved us in front of it, I wanted to see what she looked like when I f*cked her from behind. She whimpered, pressing herself against me.

I grabbed her h!ps, crouching slightly and pressing my d**k between her as*s cheeks as I rubbed myself there. She let out a wanton m*an, wriggling her as*s. Our eyes locked in the mirror and she bit her l!p as her eyes ran over her body .. ” What do you want, kitten? ” I asked s*xily, reaching around, I rubbed her cl!t. Her cheeks burned as she watched in the mirror, her heart pounding. ” F*ck me. Now. ” She murmured, her entire body reacting to my touch. F*ck …

” As you wish, kitten. ” I gripped my d**k, pressing against her vag!na. Thrusting in, she tensed, gasping as I stretched her out slowly before I was fully in, only to pull out and ram into her again. She cried out as I began f*cking her hard and fast, her entire body moving with every hard thrust, her chest pressed against the mirror as I drilled her faster.

The pleasure that consumed me was like a drug, pulling me into the depths of pleasure and desire. An addiction I was high on … I grabbed her as*s and spanked her before massaging it. The red marks I left on her smooth, glistening skin only made me harder.

The only marks I wanted on her were those I made, those that gave her pleasure … ” F*ck Rayhan … ” She m*aned. The sound of her h0rny voice was really getting to me. I cupped one of her th!ghs, lifting it up, my eyes fixed on her pu**y as I drove into her. F*cking her roughly, thrusting right in, to the hilt. ” Ouch f*ck! ” I could feel her insides wrapping around me. I fitted perfectly in her tight little pu**y, made just for me. ” That’s it my little kitten, let me hear how f*cking good I make you feel.

” I murmured, lifting her up completely, my hands cupping her th!ghs as I spread her legs, wanting to see how she looked spread open for me. She gasped, one of her hands grabbing onto mine, but she weighed nothing. Her other hand was braced on the wall in front. Her head was tilted back slightly, her breathless m*ans were music to my ears, and the sound of our skin meeting along with the smell of s*x in the air was perfect. ” Eyes on the mirror kitten, look at how f*cking s*xy you look taking that c**k like a good little girl.

” I murmured s*xily. Her eyes fluttered open, her flushed cheeks and sore – l!ps only adding to how seductive she looked. Her t*ts bounced with every thrust. Her eyes were fixed on the mirror as she watched us f*ck. ” Perfection isn’t it? ” I said, watching her l1ck her l!ps as I slowed down, pulling out only to thrust straight up again.

” This … ” She blushed, and she didn’t need to say it, she enjoyed it. ” Now … I want you to l!ck that finger of yours and play with yourself. ” I growled. She looked at me in the mirror, before reaching up and slipping her finger into my mouth. I s*cked on it, l!cking the tip before letting go. She bit her l!p, sliding her finger down and rubbing her cl!t. F*ck … I throbbed hard watching her, the pleasure only heightening. Her eyes were half–closed, but she kept her gaze fixed on the mirror.

” Pound me harder, baby …. ” She whimpered, I smirked, obliging to her request as I sped up, f*cking her harder. Feeling myself nearing, I held out, wanting her to come first. She was close, I could see it. Her face looked the picture of pure euphoria, her finger moving fast on her cl!t, her core clenching around me.

Her loud m*ans filled the room. ” I … nh … ” She mumbled incoherently. F*ck! ” Her org*sm tore through her and I pulled out, my c*m shooting over the mirror in front of us. ” That was … ” She breathed, ” Hot. ” She turned towards me, and I claimed her l!ps in a passionate k!ss. Yeah, I couldn’t agree more. That was hot. Really hot …


There was something so hot in acting so dirty. I relished it. It awoke something in me, and I wanted more, so much more. Watching him f*ck me in front of the mirror. The way his bulging c**k thrust into me was hot … I was aching from the intense pounding and could barely walk. I had gathered my torn skirt, wiping the mirror as best as I could before grabbing my torn p*nties. After wrapping the skirt around me, Rayhan gave me his jacket and we had left through the shattered door. He had led us swiftly to his car. His hair was half out of his bun and mine was a mess.

My neck was covered in hickeys and my dress was destroyed. Luckily, we were able to head to his grandfather’s mansion without any disturbances. We were let inside by one of the omegas, Rayhan was supporting my weight fully. My legs felt like jelly even now. We were then shown to our rooms. The woman was very professional, if seeing me in such a state shocked her, she didn’t let on and led us to a gorgeous room.

It was a Victorian–style mansion, and the décor of the rooms was similar to the exterior of the house. A large wooden oak bed stood in the center of the room with navy bedding and the rest of the wardrobes were made of the same wood. Our stuff was already set to the side of the room and Rayhan locked the door before pulling me into his arms. I let the skirt that I had just been holding around my waist fall and wrapped my arms around his neck.

” Shall I run us a bath? ” I asked softly. A small smirk crossed his l!ps as he nodded. ” How about you sit down, and I’ll run us a bath. ” He said, k!ssing my l!ps. Sparks rushed through me, but I resisted m*aning. He lifted me bridal style, carrying me to the bathroom before placing me on the edge of the tub and beginning to run the bath, taking his phone from his pockets and placing it on the counter before taking his waistcoat and shirt off.

I dragged my eyes away from him, knowing that if I didn’t, I’d be wanting round two … I looked around the cosy bathroom with its wooden floors and counter, vintage–style tub, and sink. It was lovely. ” Mind getting my smaller bag? Raihana packed me some toiletries.

There’s bath stuff in it. ” I said. I was really excited to use this stuff. ” Sure, kitten. ” I didn’t miss the frown at the mention of Raihana. I would talk to him about that too, once we were in the tub because I knew he needed to talk about it. He returned with my bag. Crouching down, he unzipped it holding it open for me so I could prowl around in it. I looked up into his soft grey eyes, my heart skipping a beat. I gave him a gentle smile,

he treated me so well … I don’t know if I will ever get used to it. I leaned forward, still clutching his suit jacket around me, and k!ssed his l!ps softly. ” Thank you. ” I said, taking out the stunning toiletry bag. I looked at the titles on all the mini travel-size bottles and was about to take the bubble bath when I looked at the bath bomb.

Raihana had gone on about how amazing they are. ” Lush bath bombs … typical. ” Rayhan said, staring at the glittery gold ball that I had unwrapped. ” So pretty … Raihana said to just drop It in the water … ” I said, tossing it in. He looked at me and stared at it. ” It has glitter. You do know you’re supposed to use those things when you’re alone. ” He said, almost pouting. I raised an eyebrow. ” Oh? Well, I guess I’ll just bathe alone then. ” I stood up, letting the jacket slide off before taking off the remnants of my red dress that no longer even covered my as*s. I smiled slightly as I felt his gaze glued to me.

I had loved that dress … but the s*x was worth it … I got in as Rayhan undressed. ” I don’t think so, kitten. I’ll deal with ten kilos of glitter if it means bathing with you. ” He said. I could feel his gaze on me as I tested the water and then turned it off. He got in, lifting me in with him and sat down, turning me and pulling me against his chest. I smiled watching the bath bomb fizz around, spreading glitter and a goldy color in the water.

I took my pins out of my hair. slowly, relishing in his hold and the hot water soothing my lower region. Very aware of his d**k against my as*s. ” Rayhan … Why did you get so angry? ” I asked softly. I felt his anger rising, so I adjusted my position slightly, shifting so I could look at him. He looked down at me and clenched his jaw. ” He shouldn’t have gone after Raihana. ” He said quietly. ” True, but Raihana doesn’t seem the type to be pushed into anything …

Don’t you think it was consensual? ” I asked softly. He frowned deeply, staring ahead at the glittering water. Sighing and looking down at me. ” She seemed upset when you hurt him too,” I said, placing my hand on his upper arm, car*ssing it slowly. ” Raihana dislikes Chris or always has. ” Come on Rayhan, don’t they say there’s only a fine line between love and hate? Maybe she’s always found him appealing but was just jealous because of his antics?

” He had told me about his friends and about Chris’s love for s*xual escapades. He looked down at me and nodded. ” F*ck, you might be right. He did say he backed out … Maybe that explains Raihana’s anger towards him as of late …. because she didn’t get what she wanted …. and Raihana loves to get what she wants … “

He trailed off as if the realization had just dawned on him. I smiled, k!ssing his chest. I didn’t need to say anything more. I wasn’t blaming Raihana, but I know she is a woman who knew what she wants. ” You and Chris should talk it out … ” I said, running my finger down his arm, tracing the pattern of his tribal tattoo on his upper arm. ” You are lucky to have such amazing people in your life. ” ” Oh yeah? None that come anywhere close to you. So, I agree, I am super lucky. ” He k1ssed my nose before giving me one of those delicious smirks of his. ” And I’m lucky to have you. ” I said softly.

” So how did it go with Mom? ” My smile vanished and I looked down at the water. ” Delsanra? ” He said, the concern clear in his voice. ” I may have mentioned witches and it got a little tense. ” I sighed. ” She’ll come around. ” He said, wrapping his arms around me tightly. I nodded, closing my eyes as I leant into him. I hoped so …..

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