Her Destined Alpha Chapter 59


The following day, everything seemed to have changed. A deep sense of foreboding was twisting in my guts and I felt on edge. I could hear Maria’s anguished cries and Papa Raf trying to calm her down. Although Rayhan couldn’t hear her through the walls, he knew something was wrong. I just told him his mom was upset. It hurt to hear the pain and anger she was feeling, yet at the same time, her pain seemed to outshine her anger.

He had filled me in on the plans about us leaving. I was quickly packing, I think we all just needed a break from one another, especially with Luna’s emotional state. While Rayhan had gone to handle some stuff, I quickly hurried to Raihana’s room. We needed to talk.

“Come in.” She said, I opened the door and stepped inside. I was instantly wrapped in a tight hug. “I’m so sorry, Del.”

“Don’t be,” I said, smiling slightly.

Looking around her room, I saw that it was a mess. She was packing, but unlike my one suitcase for both Rayhan and me …. She was packing five … No wait, şeven … Okay wow … ” I’m sorry, I’m just trying to get all my packing finished, I don’t know when I’m coming back … Dad said I might be staying until the blood moon …. “

She whispered. Although she tried to sound fine, I could sense the pain in her voice. ” Oh, Ri … ” I said, giving her hand a gentle squeeze, before sitting down on the bed and beginning to fold her clothes into the open suitcase. ” That spell I did last night … It was hers, wasn’t it? ” She asked quietly. I tensed, sighing and nodding, looking up at her. ” We need to tell Rayhan and your uncle. I haven’t told anyone this, but … I contacted Endora to seek the answers to break the spell on my powers.

She said if I killed her three sons, she would tell me. I obviously refused, but Raihana … I think last night, she took advantage of your emotional state for her own revenge … I am going to try to track down a lone witch by the name of Janaina after we return from the Sangue Pack. We both need all the help we can get, I feel like something bad is coming … but … I don’t know … ” . ” What do you mean, something bad? ” She whispered, her eyes filling with worry.

” I don’t know … I just feel like this is the calm before the storm. ” I said quietly. I looked out where the sun was shining, and then back at her. She stood frozen, concern clear on her face. ” Is it the witches? ” She asked. I shrugged. I had no idea … ” Then we should tell Rayhan? ” She asked. ” We need to … One thing I know, despite having lived alone all my life, is that we are stronger as a pack. ” I gave her a wry smile. She laughed despite the situation and nodded. ” True, we can’t keep secrets. Who would think you’re not a wolf… ” I smiled slightly.

” I agree, I’m a wolf in disguise. ” She laughed, and I returned to folding her clothes. The unease that had filled me since the morning still remained settled deep within me … Looking up, I stared out of the window unseeing. What was it? We were now just standing outside as Chris and Rayhan filled the car with Raihana’s stuff. Her guard was going to be driving the second car with all the luggage. ” So, take care of Ray Ray for us. ” Lola smirked, and I blushed.

They weren’t dropping it and called him Ray Ray Yum – Yum every chance they got. Although I knew it annoyed him at times b the pouts that crossed that gorgeous face of his, he didn’t say much. I felt bad since I was the one to start that in my drunken state. ” I will. ” I said, giving her a hug before meeting Rose. ” Take care of yourselves. ” She said as we all walked over to the car. I was glad Chris and Rayhan had made up, somewhat anyway couldn’t sense the tension between them anymore.

He gave me a smirk and walked over to me. ” Well, good luck on your mission. ” Chris said, winking at me before holding his … hand out. I smiled and took it. I knew he was careful when it came to me, knowing I hated male werewolves, but that was changing. Bravely, I stepped forward and wrapped my arms awkwardly around his waist. ” Thanks. ” I said, about to move back when he hugged me back with a small smirk. We moved back and Chris glanced at Raihana, who was pretending to be busy on her phone. She would have done a pretty good job if her heart wasn’t thundering. Her emotions were in turmoil.

I guess there was still a lot they needed to sort out. ” Take care of yourself too, princess. ” Chris said smoothly. His voice was light, but I could sense the emotions he was masking so well. She looked up, her chocolate–coloured eyes filled with so many conflicting feelings, and I saw Rayhan was watching her sharply ” Let’s get in the car. ” I said, pulling him away. Lola and Rose seemed to get the hint and waved before walking off. I glanced up at the house.

Only Papa Raf had said goodbye to us, but I hoped one day, Luna Maria would accept us too … If not me, at least Raihana.


The moment the car door shut, I blinked and nodded, just about comprehending what he had said. ” You too. ” I said. He closed the gap between us, I could hear his heart racing as I looked up at him. My heart squeezed painfully. ” Don’t whore around too much …. ” I mumbled, trying to act casual, turning away when he took hold of my elbow and turned me towards him. My stomach fluttered at his touch, my heart pounding as I tried not to get lost in his scent. He was about to say something, his own heart thudding, but he frowned instead, looking away and letting go. ” Yeah … ” He said, swallowing. ” Goodbye, Princess.

” He leaned over, about to open the door for me when I stopped him, placing my hand over his. Not missing the way that he tensed. ” Will you be coming for the Blood Moon ceremony? ” I asked quietly, looking up at him. He frowned; his face unreadable. What if … What if by some chance … I couldn’t bring myself to even think it … but ” To watch you find your mate? I don’t think so. I have things to do, princess.

” He said in his usual c**ky way. ” Well, I actually thought you might be lucky enough to find yours. But guess not, I feel for the woman who is paired with ” I shot back, tapping his hand to you . ‘ open the door. ” Me too … ” He murmured so softly that I almost didn’t hear, as he opened it.

I looked at him sharply, but he just gave me a c**ky smirk. ” Take care, princess. ” He said quietly. Our eyes met as Rayhan started the engine, my heart beating. I wasn’t able to … I … This farewell wasn’t enough. ” You too, Chris. ” I whispered before getting in and yanking the door shut. Delsanra was sitting in the back. She wrapped her arms around one of mine and I placed my head on her slender shoulder, my sadness drowning me. I didn’t bother looking back, as Rayhan drove away. ” Blake will follow in an hour. ” He said. I frowned. He had been avoiding me a lot lately and taking days off, ever since that day at the mall, and Mom?

She didn’t even want to see me … DELSANRA We were now on our way to drop Raihana off at the Night Walkers Pack; she had been quiet for quite some time after we left, and I knew it must have been difficult for her. Leaving without bidding her mom farewell must have been tough, and then whatever was between her and Chris. An hour had passed, and we were texting each other about filling Rayhan in , despite being sat right next to each other.

Rayhan had joked that it seemed Raihana had gotten me into social media if only he knew what we were actually doing. ” Let’s do this Uncle Al’s style. ” Raihana whispered. I raised an eyebrow, confused. ” To the point, bam bam bam. ” She said, making a chopping motion with her hand. ” Ok … ” I said, was that really wise? Wouldn’t breaking him in slowly be better? Just the thought made me nervous. Ok, guess we will do it her way … ” So Ray Ray, listen, there’s something Del and I need to tell you … Well, there are a few things actually … and I have no idea how you’re going to take this … ” Wasn’t she going to break it to him fast?

” What are you going on about? ” Rayhan asked, glancing back at us and sounding as s*xy as ever. I reached out, wrapping my arm around him from behind and resting my chin on the top of his seat. He turned, leaning back, and k!ssed me softly, making me whimper. ” Ahem … ” Raihana said , smirking . I moved back, pouting slightly. It was hard to be away from him.

” So, as I was saying … I’ve been having some dreams where I’m chanting a spell that I thought was meant to release the seal on Del, but actually it’s a soul-transferring spell. Plus, last night I wasn’t chanting that spell like it was me but yet wasn’t me … Basically, long story short, Endora has a link to me, and yeah, I’m. pretty dangerous. Oh, and Del here said she contacted Endora for answers. She said she’d give them to her if she killed Dad and his brothers. Did I miss anything? Raihana asked, admiring her nails .. Suddenly Rayhan braked hard, turning in his seat and staring at us.

” What the hell ?! ” His eyes flashed, a strand of his hair falling in front of his face. Well, that was kind of what I was expecting … That curl was so tempting … The urge to touch it called to me. I bit my l!p, slowly brushing it away. He gave me a look that clearly said ‘ explain ! ‘ but instead I just caressed his hair for a second until he groaned .. ” Kitten! ” He sounded exasperated. ” I want an explanation. Now. ” Ok, I don’t think that worked. Well, here goes nothing.

I took a deep breath, exchanging a look with Raihana, both of us ready to fill him in … Rayhan had asked us a lot of questions. Sometimes his irritation would grow and we would get scolded for hiding such a huge thing from him, especially about Raihana. We had arrived at the Night Walkers Pack and Kiara had told us to join them for lunch. We had agreed, and we ended up filling the king in on everything we told Rayhan in the car about Raihana and me.

When I mentioned Endora’s condition to me, I felt the anger from him, but I knew it was not directed at me. We had left soon after and were heading on to The Sangue Pack. With every minute that went by, I felt restless. ” Relax, kitten … ” Rayhan said, taking my hand in his. I was about to say something when I looked down at my hand, noticing my long nails. I picked up my phone and looked at my reflection, my heart thudding. ” Hey … ” ” What the hell am I … ” I mumbled, not missing the tiny pointed fangs in my mouth.

They were nowhere as long as a vampire or a werewolf’s, but they were pointier than normal. ” A s*xy little kitten. ” Rayhan replied, and realized he had pulled over to the side of the country road. ” You’re worried and this change, it’s just a result of your emotions. Relax. He unbuckled my seat belt and k!ssed my hands, turning towards me. I had argued with him as to why he wasn’t wearing a seatbelt but had made me wear one earlier. But he had been stubborn, saying I was precious. I pouted at the memory as he gave me a small smirk. ” It’s happened a few times now, I’m just worried … “

I sighed, looking at my hands that had returned to normal. ” It’s actually happened a lot of times. ” He said, pushing his seat back and pulling me into his lap. I straddled him, frowning at what he had just said. ” What do you mean? ” During s*x or making out, you change most of the time … Especially since we’ve come back from the wedding. It happens when you’re asleep too. ” He gave me a wry smile. I frowned, my heart thudding. Was that true?

” But then, why didn’t you ever mention it to me? ” ” Because I didn’t want to worry you, it’s not doing anyone any harm. ” He replied, squeezing my as*s. His gaze trailed over my l!ps, neck, and bre*sts. ” Besides, you just look even more appealing when in that form … ” ” What do you mean .. ? ” I asked, my heart skipping a beat as I saw his eyes darken with lust as he buried his head in my neck, k!ssing me there sensually. A wanton m*an escaped my l!ps, and my core throbbed.

” It means your scent is even more intoxicating, although I didn’t think that was possible …. And I get a f*cking hard–on at just the sight of you. ” I blushed at that, biting my l!p as I smiled. ” Oh? ” I said, running my fingers down his chest. ” We’re in the car, kitten … ” He murmured as I felt his d!ck throb against me. My smile only grew, and I ran a finger along his plush l!ps. ” And? What’s wrong? Getting turned on again? ” I teased when he bit down on my finger.

My own core clenching in anticipation, ” I f*cking am, so how about we fix that? ” He asked huskily, Our eyes met, the s*xual tension in the car drowning me. I tangled my hand in his hair, tugging his head up and staring into his eyes. ” With pleasure.

” I whispered, running my tongue along my l!ps. A low growl escaped him, and he instantly ripped open the button on my shirt. I gasped as he pulled my bra down, grabbing my bre*sts as he k!ssed me hard. I m*aned into his l!ps, loving when he was like this.

Our tongues fought for dominance, pleasure rushing through me like fireworks. ” F*ck Rayhan. ” I murmured as he k!ssed me on my jaw and my neck. I shivered in pleasure, giving him full access to my neck, crying out when he bit into me, s*cking hard. A startling jolt of pleasure coursed through me and I dug my nails into him, before moving back just enough to tear his t-shirt down the middle.

I licked my l!ps as I looked down at his perfect chest and abs. ” You’re all mine. ” I said seductively, grazing my hands down his chest, noticing my lengthened nails. I looked at him, digging into him slightly, my core throbbing as I saw the pleasure on his face. He was so f*cking s*xy. ” F*ck kitten. ” His hands pushed my skirt right up and I was glad I had been wearing one.

This would be so much easier. He tore my p*nties right off, shoving his fingers into me without even a warning. I cried out in pleasure, feeling my core throb at the delicious intrusion. ” F*ck Rayhan, that’s it … ” I whimpered h0rnily. ” You like that kitten? ” He asked huskily, k!ssing my l!ps roughly. ” Ahuh … ” I deepened the k!ss , trying to dominate him, only for him to chuckle against my l!ps as he s*cked on my tongue. His l!ps led, and I followed . No matter how much I tried, he always won. I m*aned , as his thumb rubbed my cl*t, his fingers f*cking me h*rd and fast. I reached down, undoing his belt quickly, trying to focus on my pleasure, and unzipping his p*nts as I k!ssed his neck. S*cking hard on the smooth skin.

I wanted to leave my mark on him, even if it would fade fast. His intoxicating scent enveloping me, consuming me entirely. I freed his d!ck, running my hand along the entire shaft. God was he made to perfection … ” F*ck kitten. ” He growled. Slipping his fingers out, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a c*ndom. I raised an eyebrow and took it from him, biting open the packet. ” I want to come when I’m f*cking buried deep inside of you.

” He murmured, s*cking on my ni**le as I managed to open the cond0m , m*aning out in pleasure. F*ck the way he made me feel … I rolled the cond0m onto his d!ck, k!ssing him at the same time. The moment I was done, he gripped my h!ps, slamming me right down on it. I cried out, gripping his shoulders as I began riding him.

Fast and hard, he met my thrusts even harder and faster. The pressure I felt inside of his every thrust, that same pleasure overriding everything as I m*aned loudly each time he hit my g spot. My bre*sts bounced, and my head tilted back as I cried out in bliss.

He tapped my as*s hard, only turning me on even more. Our l!ps crashed together and I tightened my arms around his neck, k!ssing him as if it was for the last time .. Passion, lust, and love breaking the dam on our emotions; we could never get enough of one another, no matter what. ” Come for me, kitten. ” He rasped s*xily. I gasped when my org*sm ripped through me, feeling him slam into me as he found his own release and I fell against his chest, breathing hard …

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