Her Destined Alpha Chapter 61


I hated to see her close in on herself, seeing that vulnerable side of her show-through when she faced those wolves. She was strong, and sometimes the fact that she had suffered so much could be forgotten considering how she behaved …. But seeing her like this reminded me that she had been to hell and back. I was not going to let them get off so easily. I didn’t miss how one of the guards had stepped forward, and once I sent Delsanra to safety, I was going to make sure Marcel questioned all his people. I didn’t want to have any getting away with it.

As for those in the cells … I don’t think there were many who were going to make it out alive … If any. I also knew that I couldn’t leave her alone when she was like this, so I had already thought ahead … I had a feeling she may not want to see it happen, and I wasn’t going to let her out of my sight on this Pack’s ground. ” Kitten, whilst I deal with those men. I’m going to send you with a close friend of mine. He will take you to the closest town, alright? ” I said, caressing her hair.

” Who? ” She asked her heart racing, ” You haven’t met him before, but he is Kiara’s twin brother, Liam, future Alpha o of the Blood Moon Pack. He was passing close by anyway, and I asked him to stop here. I would trust him with my life. Do you trust me? ” I asked quietly. She looked up at me and nodded. ” I do. If you trust him, then so do I … ” She said, ” I just … Can we get our luggage first? I want to … ” She blushed, and I knew she meant to get some p*nties. I smirked slightly, despite the situation. ” Sure, I’ll be taking you to the edge of the pack territory, you can grab what you need and we’ll meet up with Liam. ” How long will you take Rayhan .. ? ” She asked. I knew she wanted to know exactly what I was going to do, but she didn’t need the details.

” I’m not sure, kitten, but Liam will take care of you. If you want to video call Kiara or Raihana, you can do that alright? ” She nodded, seeing Marcel come out of the room. He bid her farewell, and then we took our leave.


We reached the edge of the pack grounds, this time a guard drove the car. Once we got out, I saw a young man leaning against a black Range Rover. He was bulkier than Rayhan, and maybe an inch taller too. He had a square face with a prominent jaw and a styled short beard. He had strawberry blond hair with a short back and sides.

His cerulean blue eyes were sharp and cold, with a scar running across his right eye and through his eyebrow. Anger. Resentment. Bitterness. Those were the emotions I sensed from him, as he stood with his arms crossed. ” Liam. ” Rayhan. ” Despite the fact that his voice was softer than I was expecting for a man his size, it was still ice cold. What was it? Rayhan let go of me,

meeting him with a quick hug, trying to make sure he didn’t get blood on him. ” My mate , Delsanra . ” I sensed the slight tension in Rayhan’s voice as he said those words. Liam’s cold eyes turned on me. ” Nice to meet you. ” He said quietly. ” Nice to meet you too, Alpha Liam. ” ” Liam is fine. ” He replied, glancing at Rayhan. ” I’ll make sure she’s safe. You take care of what need to you ” Thanks, I owe you one. ” Rayhan said, unlocking his own car.

I quickly got my bag out of the trunk; he took a duffle bag out, putting a clean pair of clothes into it. I got into the car, shutting the door behind me. Opening my bag quickly, I took out some panties and slipped them on, grabbing my phone from the dashboard and slipping it into my pocket.

Okay, all done. Exited the car, seeing the two men talking. Both turned towards me, and I wondered if all Alphas were so big. ” Ready. ” I said. Rayhan smirked slightly, approaching me. He pulled me into his arms, looking down at me. Our eyes met and he k!ssed m e hard, his emotions clear in that kiss. I kissed him back, hating when the k!ss came to an end. He moved back forcefully and took my hand, leading me to Liam’s car. Liam: got in while Rayhan opened the passenger side door and lifted me in. ” See you soon, kitten. ” ” I nodded before he kissed me once more and shut the door.

” Strap up. ” Liam said, not even looking toward me. I nodded, thinking he was so different from Kiara … One would think her twin would be sweet and just as gentle, but this man had coldness exuding from him that I hadn’t even felt from the Alpha King, a man who was said to be completely ruthless and cold-hearted . I put my belt on and glanced out at Rayhan, who seemed to be waiting for us to leave. I watched him until he was out of sight before sitting back, sighing deeply.


I returned to Marcel’s packhouse and was led into the cells. My mind was stuck on Delsanra , but I knew she’d be safe with Liam, despite how much he had changed over the years … He was still trustworthy. I knew what happened to him had changed him. His mate was mated to another as well. I didn’t blame him for not being able to accept it; the thought of someone else even touching my kitten made me want to f*cking tear them apart, one f*cking inch at a time. To make it worse, it was to someone he considered his best friend, who was also his Beta. I guess we all had some f*cked up sh!t going on. I looked at the men and the few women before me. They had been shouting, demanding to be let out, until I stepped forward, silence and fear rolling off them in waves. I realized there were a few that weren’t there before.

So Marcel had done as I had asked … I took my shirt off, tossed it aside , looking at the first group of men. These were those who had hurt her under Endora’s spell but didn’t really feel guilty about it, blaming it on their f*cking compulsion. I was angry at all of them, even Marcel … But this game of blame could go on for f*cking ever. ” W – what are you going to do to us? ” One of the men rasped, backing away as I approached him. Right now, I was more f*cking animal than human. The thirst for their blood was growing inside of me, to show them the pain that she went through … A f*cking child … ab*sed. It f*cking disgusted me that my own blood had a hand in it: Endora … I hated her with every bone in my body. ” Show you hell. ” I growled before I lunged at him, grabbing him by his throat. I smashed him against the wall, punching him across the face as I squeezed his neck.

” You’re only living because you were forced to commit those crimes … ” I growled. Each one had a similar treatment. When the men were beaten, I turned and looked at Marcel, who was frowning deeply. ” They’re to stay in a cell for one month, bound by f*cking silver. We’ll call it even after that. ” I said coldly. Now turning towards those who had hurt her willingly … ” You’re about to be twenty – seven men less, Alpha Marcel. ” I said, my eyes blazing green as I walked towards the far cell. ” Alpha, this is not right! ” ” Alpha our families ?! We joined you on the promise of a new life! ” ” We started afresh! 

I ignored them. They could say as they wished, but none of these men cared. Their excuse? She’s a witch anyway. ” It’s going to be a long night. ” I said, smiling coldly. I picked up one of the men as he struggled in my hold. ”

Tell me … How many times did you hurt her? ” ” I – I don’t remember! ” He choked. ” Oh? Wrong answer. ” I hissed, squeezing his throat. ” Try again . ” ” P – plenty … d – daily! She wouldn’t eat! ” He choked. ” So, you thought you’d hurt her? Tell me, how did you hurt her? … We … kicked her … beat her …. whipped her ! ” He let out a strangled scream as I threw him to the ground and kicked him hard. ” The wolfsbane injections. ” I said to one o of the men who stood outside. I could tell from their faces that it pained them to see this happening to their fellow pack members .

Marcel stepped forward and passed me the box. In a flash, I began jabbing each one. It wasn’t enough to kill them of knocking them out, but enough to shut off their mind – link to others. I turned my back on Marcel, looking out at the moon shining through the small window. ” Lock the door and leave.

” I said quietly. This was the only kindness I could offer him and his men, who had to watch this . ” That can be dangerous, Rayhan. ” I can manage … ” I said quietly. ” Leave. Return at dawn, not before then. ” ” Alpha! Are you going to abandon us ?! ” ” What kind of Alpha turns against his pack members ?! ” Another growled. I’m afraid it’s your crimes that are not forgivable … when committed willingly. ” Marcel said quietly. I knew it wasn’t easy for him, because it would rock the very core of his pack. He would have to answer the families of those in here … but I wasn’t one to forgive.

I heard the scrape of the key in the lock. A reeling him back. man lunged at the door, I grabbed him, ” It’s just us now. ” I said quietly. Before he could even reply, I slashed him across the chest, my claws ripping into his flesh. I tossed him aside, he wasn’t going to die so quickly. A few tried to attack me simultaneously, but they were nothing compared to me, even if they hadn’t been injected with wolfsbane.

All I could see was the pain my mate had: gone through. I made sure I took it slow; each arm I broke, each hand that I crushed, ripping a few of their eyes from their sockets. With each attack, all I could think about was my kitten, all alone, at what? Fifteen? Sixteen? Why hadn’t I been there for her back then?

I grabbed one of the men. Gripping his arms, I kicked him in the back. The sickening sound of bones breaking was drowned out by his scream of agony. I looked around at the bloody bodies that lay around. They were still breathing, one or two, trying not to move and disguise their heartbeats. I smirked coldly. Tonight … No one is surviving. These were one of the three groups that hurt her; next were the witches, and then that other group of werewolves. In that memory, her tears distorted her vision, but I would still find them, no matter what. One by one, I ripped these men to pieces, limb from f*cking limb.

Making sure I went for the vital organs last … The screams of agony were distant, all I could hear was my own thudding heart and the sound of the blood that dripped onto the stone floor. Blood covered me and the entire ground like a river of sins … Tonight, it rained blood and I was f*cking proud. No one would hurt my mate and live. I was an Alpha, one who would destroy everything and anything that hurt my mate.


We had come to a steak house and had just placed our food order. The entire twenty–five–minute drive, Liam was quiet. The place itself was cosy and welcoming, with upbeat music playing low in the background. He was the polar opposite of Rayhan and Kiara … I glanced at his neck, noticing he didn’t have a mate mark. I saw him frown deeply at me and I looked away quickly. ”

How old are you? ” He asked. ” Nineteen … ” Do you want a drink? ” I frowned. What had my age got to do with that? I mean, I had to be over eighteen to have been found by my mate … Obviously, I can drink … ” It’s a simple question. ” He added coldly. ” No … just-food . ” I said, ” Then again … maybe one drink. ” This worrying over Rayhan was getting to me. He raised his eyebrows before motioning a waiter over.

” A bottle of bourbon and two glasses. ” Coming right up, sir. ” He said politely, before walking off. ” So … Kiara’s twin, you two are nothing alike. ” I said, trying to make conversation. His frown deepened, his blue eyes meeting mine. ” Yeah, guess not. ” He said, glancing away as the waiter returned. He took the bottle from him, pouring us both a glass without bothering to even spare the waiter a second glance. Ok, there went that attempt at conversation …

” Why are most Alphas so moody? ” I blurted out, thinking Rayhan and his dad were an exception, but from what I had heard and seen they usually were so broody. ” Are witches always so annoying and nosy? ” He replied coldly. ” Just a genuine question … ” I picked up my glass and took a sip of it. It wasn’t bad … I preferred the one I had at Rayhan’s … ” Not your ideal poison? ” What? ” I asked, confused. ” Your type? ” ” Of alcohol? ” ” Did the moon goddess pair Rayhan with a dumb mate? ” 18 ” I’m not dumb, just haven’t had the luxury of trying different types of drinks. ” I shot back.

He looked at me, and I could sense a sudden flash of pain from him. He looked away, staring down at his glass, before downing it and pouring another one. Should he be drinking that much? Oh well, werewolves probably don’t feel it …. ” So, you and Rayhan were in training together? ” ” Hmm. ” Once again, the attempt at conversation died, and I was relieved when our food came. We began eating and I was happy to just busy myself with that. It was good, but the thought of Rayhan kind of killed my appetite. My gorgeous yum – yum was dealing with so much by himself …

Liam moved across to grab the salt and his shirt moved slightly, showing off some of his tattoos. He had some sort of symbols drawn across one side of his chest, but what intrigued me was the small picture of a bird sitting right above the symbols. A raven? Interesting tattoo for a wolf. I didn’t ask about it, it was clear Liam was a man of few to no words and with a very broody attitude. When we had finished eating, he ordered some more drinks and I realized he was trying to delay us leaving. ” You were the witch who told us about the attack. ” He said suddenly.

I nodded, glad for once he was starting a comment. ” I’m part of that pack, where the attack took place. I lost my grandfather, great aunt, someone I considered an uncle, and many more that night, but if you hadn’t told us, we wouldn’t have been prepared and we would have lost so much more … ” He said frowning. ” I’m sorry about your loss. ” I replied, many werewolves had died that night. He shrugged. ” Sometimes the loss of those living hurts way f*cking more.

” He said quietly. I frowned. What did that mean? Did he lose someone? ” I guess so … ” I said, thinking about Rayhan, being here without him hurt too ” So, were you visiting family? ”My father wants to step down as Alpha soon, I came to do some paperwork as he’s assigning some of his business over to my name and not all of it can be done electronically. ” He was finally talking, and I felt relieved. ” Oh yeah, you guys are at that age to become Alpha. Are you excited? “ He looked at me as if it was a stupid question and raised an eyebrow.

” No. ” I frowned, thinking I’m sure it was an honour … But I could tell there was more to the man before me than I knew. So I simply nodded and focused on my food …

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