Her Destined Alpha Chapter 65


Night had fallen, and the spell to initiate Raihana was in place. She was nervous as I walked over to her.

“It’s going to be ok, look if it worked for me, it will work for you.” I whispered.

She nodded. Despite my truth, she didn’t treat me any differently, and if Hecate was able to expect a demon hybrid, she would surely accept a werewolf hybrid.

Janaina began chanting the spell, and I gave Raihana a quick hug as she stepped into the triangle on the floor. The room seemed to still, the candles dimming.

Suddenly, glowing symbols spun around Raihana, her hair flayed as if defying gravity and her eyes fluttered shut. A blinding light appeared around her and Rayhan had to shield his eyes but I kept my gaze ahead, my heart beating.

The symbols seemed to sink into Raihana’s skin, and I smiled in relief as I felt the radiating aura that burned off her. She was a fire witch.

A whispery voice fluttered past my ears, and I smiled, catching the word on the wind.


Janaina’s eyes opened and she dropped her arms as the candles all flickered. Raihana looked at us and smiled softly.

“Serafina.” She repeated.

Janaina nodded,

“Befitting, for it means fiery one. You have the fire element.

“She looked at us and then at Raihana. “Believe that that is your true name, and with acceptance, try to shift once again.”

Raihana nodded. Her confidence made me proud.

“Well Rayhan, a little privacy?” She said, giving him a look.

“You sure you are going to be ok?” He asked her.

She smiled confidently.

“Please, I’m a Rossi, I’m always ok.” She replied just as confidently.

He gave a small nod, smirking slightly and turned his back.

I did the same and he pulled me into his arms. Once the sound of bones breaking came, I spun back, my heart thudding.

Letting out a breath of relief at the sight of the large brown wolf that stood there. She looked at Rayhan and I saw the smile that crossed his l!ps.

“You got that right.” He said, glancing at me. His smile only grew. “She can mind-link.”

“That’s great!” I said, hurrying to the large wolf. I hugged her tightly, she growled softly and I giggled, knowing that it was her purring.

“Thank you.” I heard Rayhan say quietly to Janaina.

“l am only fulfilling my part of the bargain.” She replied.

I stepped away as Raihana grabbed her clothes in her mouth and trotted off. I looked at Rayhan, the emotions I could sense from him made me emotional too. I wrapped my arms around him.

“Thanks, kitten.” He said quietly.

I didn’t need to ask what he meant, helping Raihana by summoning Janaina. I rested my head on his chest, I loved him, so much. Things weren’t going to be easy for us, not yet anyway, but they were beginning to look up. Although I knew it would be harder from here on out, at least we had got the ball rolling..


Three weeks had passed since we had first been stuck with Janaina. The girls were making immense progress. From control to spells, they were pitched against each other, and although Delsanra’s powers were locked away, Janaina was teaching her to tap into her other abilities.

At will, she was able to shift, and we learned her firepower was easier in this form. Janaina also taught them to use their elements without spells.

Although Delsanra’s element was not fire, her demon side gave her total control of fire, and hence she was Raihana’s ultimate weakness. Every ball of flame that she cast at her had no effect on Delsanra, she just ate the flames away.

I learned that witches who passed on their abilities did not mean they passed on the same element, just as Raihana’s was not the same as Endora’s had been. The woman was an earth witch, but she had resorted to dark magic, more than anything else.

Watching the girls grow, focus and train was impressive. I was sometimes their opponent, but both were women didn’t want to hurt, and it frustrated Janaina.

I even felt comfortable enough to leave them for less than half an hour when I would pop out for supplies or food. I had become an errand boy, but I didn’t mind if it meant my mate and sister were getting the help they needed.

Getting alone time with Delsanra was hard too. Sometimes we’d sneak away, but I couldn’t go too far either, knowing Raihana was here and we needed to stay vigilant. But sometimes I needed a taste of my kitten, a kitten who would tempt me more and more daily. I couldn’t wait for the day we could get back to having some alone time.

Over the last few weeks, I sometimes saw Janaina watching Delsanra with a tiny hint of a smile on her face, but it was rare, and she’d cover it up. I didn’t get why she couldn’t just accept her as her niece. But it seemed witches had a totally different mind-set when it came to family.

Speaking of family.. Dad said Mom wanted to speak to me.

Things had been tough at home. Mom had been silent, struggling with the new news, but I also knew she was in a lot of pain. Mom was very protective and caring. She was reserved around others, but she tried doing her best for them. I know she wasn’t perfect, but I also knew nothing was black and white. Mom was the way she was for a reason, losing some of her closest people to witches had been hard for her, nevertheless, I had hope she’d come around… The fact that she wanted to talk to me today was a positive sign.

The connection down here was crap so whilst the women practised, I climbed the cliff, sitting right above them as I dialled Mom’s number.

“Ya hayati.” Her soft voice came, my heart ached at how tired she sounded.

“Mom, how are you?”

“Not angry with me?” She asked gracefully, but I knew behind her cool front, she was worried.

I smiled slightly.

“l can’t be angry with the woman who brought me into this world. You got upset… l get it. I just hope you change your mind.” I said quietly.

She sighed,

“I assure you, three weeks without Raihana, I regret my words… but l just need a little time to understand all of this. I will work on it.” Guilt riddled her voice, although she wasn’t ready, I was glad she was willing. “Your father said you three are with a witch who is helping the girls. Is it true?”

“Yeah, and guess what? I haven’t even told Dad this, but you can put me on speaker so he hears too,”


“What is it, son?” Dad’s voice came.

“The first night here, the witch who is helping them, performed a certain ritual. It helped Raihana get in touch with her pre-ordained given name, and with it, she was able to shift at ease. She can mind link too.” I said softly.

I heard Mom’s gasp and her weak laugh of happiness.

I hoped it would bring her some relief that, thanks to a witch, Raihana could tap into her wolf side.

Dad chuckled.

“Oh, now that’s good news! This witch is the one that Alejandro and Kiara learned about our history from.” He explained to Mom.

“I see..
Yeah, it was going to take Mom time, but we were ready for it.

“When will you return home?” Mom asked hesitantly.

“Once the girls have learned a good level of control, there are a few important things we need to do before we do come home..” I said quietly. “Will you be waiting to welcome us home?”

She was silent for a moment.

“Of course.”

I couldn’t stop the smile that crossed my face.

“Then I cannot wait. Anyway, I’ll speak to you guys soon, love you.”

“I love you too, Rayhan.” Mom said.

“Take care son, love you and give the girls my love.” Dad added.

I hung up staring out at the glittering water. The sun was up more often these days…

Yeah, we had a lot to do before we got back home; unlocking Delsanra’s powers, dealing with the link Endora had on Raihana. The coven, we needed to put a stop to them before they attacked, according to Janaina we had under a month.

Dad had also told me that Grandad had mentioned the witch hunter group that was attacking witches. He was also going to see if he could get any information from Zain.

To think that he may know more about them, maybe even have links with them, made me sick. But then again, wouldn’t he have recognised Delsanra? Maybe not… She was older and healthier now. But still.. I would get to the bottom of that too when the time came.

I answered a few texts from the girls and Chris, mostly they were just having their usual banter, with Rose saying Chris was becoming a better man. He asked a few times about the training, never once did he directly mention Raihana, but the way his texts were phrased, it was obvious he was being careful not to.

So, I was thinking, should we do something? Like it’s been ages since we saw you guys, I’m sure you lot need a break right? Maybe a barbecue and a catch-up?’ Rose text.

I frowned, I missed them.

I guess we could use some supplies from home.’ I replied.

Yes!’ Lola texted with a string of emojis.

I glanced at my phone, seeing Chris had seen my message but he hadn’t replied.

‘See you three in a few nights.’ I text, turning it off.

Hoping he got the hint that I wanted him there too. Raihana too..

I slipped it into my pocket, thinking I’d ask the girls what they wanted from back home and tell them to bring me a few charged battery packs..

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