Her Destined Alpha Chapter 68


“Endora.” I said coldly, the blistering rage I felt swirling around me, burning bright in the darkness before the veil.

Her outline became clear and soon her face sharpened, a face l never wanted to see again. She looked the same yet different…


“It’s a shame you’re not burning in the pits of hell.” I said coldly, circling the woman.

I could feel her tension, her l!ps pressed into a taut line. Her fists clenched tightly.

“l am not so easy to beat!” She hissed.

“You’re dead, Endora. No matter how much you claw your way to the place between both worlds, there is no return for you without the help of powerful witches..” I said, approaching her. My heart was racing, but it wasn’t in fear.

Her dark orange eyes held unmasked resentment.

“Stay back!” She hissed.

So, she too knew I was far stronger than her..

“I won’t, because I am done with your selfish plans. You almost made Serafina kill those whom she loves! You made me commit so many evil deeds! Do you think you deserve anything but the most severe form of punishment?” I asked in disgust.

“Don’t think just because your abilities are unsealed that you can defeat me!” She hissed.

“I don’t think l can,” I said softly, stepping up right before her. The flames that danced around me made her step back. “I know I can.”

“We could have been strong.” She spat, but I knew that she already knew she was not going to get far.

“I’m not a fool. The thing is, even if you had treated me well and kept me by your side, I wouldn’t have ever agreed to your sick plans!” I snapped coldly.

“Don’t you see it! We are both daughters of darkness!


I looked at her in disqust. From all the memories I had; her telling me I was pure evil, pure darkness, that I should be grateful that she was letting me live. Yeah, I wasn’t falling for any sh!t.

“Oh please, even if l am considered darkness, I’m not. My mother wasn’t evil, the witches were, the ones who subjected her to so much!” I hissed, my anger bubbling strongly.

Endora seemed to realise her words weren’t going to work and rolled her eyes.

“You are as stupid as my sons were!” She spat. Her gaze fell on my neck, and I smirked coldly.

“No, more like we aren’t stupid enough to fall for your crap.

The thing is, Endora, I’m here for a reason, and I don’t have any time to waste with the likes of you.” I said, readying myself for the very spell that would cut her tie with Raihana.

“There’s nothing you can do!” She hissed, but the fear was clear in her eyes.

I smiled confidently.

“Actually, I can.”

I whirled around, chanting the spell that I had worked so hard on, a spell that would cut the soul link that a witch had with her ancestors. When our abilities begin to drain, we can call on our ancestors to help us, but this would remove that link from Raihana, and with it, end Endora’s control. Despite it being one of the strongest bloodlines in history, with Raihana’s consent, it was the only option and one she too felt was the right thing to do. Endora’s hold was far too strong..

She tried to attack me, but with Raihana having inherited half her powers, she was far too weak, and with my full potential unsealed, she didn’t stand a chance.

The flames blazed high around me, a blinding force began spreading around us, and soon they began to materialize into swirling lines. The blinding glows from the threads were of every colour possible, some looped across each other, some connected and spiralling off elsewhere.

Weaving all around us like the roots of a tree… Spreading into the vast darkness that surrounded us.

These were the threads that bind us… the link to call upon our own ancestors… I looked down, seeing that there were three very different lines that connected me… Two passing through beyond the veil.. one was a glowing deep red, the other was a smoky glittering black… it stood out from all the ones around us. The third was a blinding white and it spiralled back the way I came.

Rayhan.. the string that connected my bond with Rayhan…

I now understand when people talk about breaking the bond… or a rejection… there was actually something connecting us so deeply that it was wrapped around our very souls.

I looked at the black string, I knew what it was… My demon side… My heart thundered as l stared at it, before remembering I needed to focus on the spell at hand.

My blazing eyes snapped to Endora, who was pale as she tried to counter it. It was then that I saw it… The thread that connected her to Raihana glowed brightly and was crossing into the darkness away from the glowing entrance of the crack in the veil.

Keeping the spell intact, I whispered another.

“Don’t do it!” She shrieked, lunging at me, but before she reached me, I motioned my hands apart, feeling the extreme force of the thread I was trying to break burn within me. I didn’t stop, whispering the last words of the spell. Endora’s scream of rage and anguish filled the air, ringing in my ears, my head pounding at the sheer level of her shrieks.

She rammed into me, not caring for the flames that were burning her skin.

“If l can’t have her, then I will have you!” She hissed.

She began chanting a spell, her hands tight around my throat, but I simply glared at her. An earth-shattering blast knocked her far back, slamming her into some of the threads that were still woven around us. Hitting the ground, I walked towards her, grabbing her by the front of her black dress.

“I think if the god of death himself cannot contain you… I will do the favour for him!” I hissed.

A spell that Endora used to use on me years ago came to the front of my mind. I chanted it, watching the flames wrap around her, my own pain and memories returning to the forefront of my mind. She shrieked in pure agony.

“Stop it! Stop it! You cannot beat me!” She hissed.

“This is the spell you loved to punish me with, right? Do you know.. the flames didn’t really work on me… I’m sure you are feeling it so much more..” I said, watching the never- ending flames eat away at her.

Now to send her to Hades himself… I dragged her up, ready to push her through the veil as she struggled and writhed in my hold.

“No! No! I need to kill my sons for disobeying me! You cannot defeat me!”

I ignored her, dragging her towards the shimmering veil.

The crack was inviting me to it… I looked away.

Focus Del…

This was the part l had planned on my own… I didn’t want to risk Endora finding another way back to hurt those that I loved.. I dragged her past the crack in the veil to an untouched part of it.

“W-what are you doing?!”

“Do you know that when you made me contact the ones beyond the grave for answers… you allowed me the chance to learn the darkest of spells?”I looked at her coldly.

“You-you can’t.. You cannot open a gateway…” She looked horrified, and I smiled wryly.

“Oh, I assure you I can.” I said.

I dropped her to the floor, the flames still burning her. The agony and pain on her face were clear, but her anger still overruled it.

I closed my eyes, chanting one spell I refused to tell Endora .. A spell that I had once attempted to perform but I had missed a few vital words… The spell that had eaten at my life force and the reason my hair had turned white. A spell that she had wanted me to perform for her.. and in turn, she had been ready to let me die in the process…

She watched in pure horror, realisation settling in as she stared at me with pure hatred and rage.

“You… with this spell l could have got the very first witches to earth so easily..”

I know.

It’s why l would never have told you.

My power stormed around me, and even when she tried to grab me, it was futile; her hands were not even able to touch the surge of blinding force that emanated from me.

How the tables have turned.

“l will change! Please! Delsanra!” She shrieked.

The first cracks in the veil appeared, and I could feel the pure heat that came from within. The burning flames could be seen, and I smiled.

“Look Endora.. the lowest pits of hell await you.” I whispered coldly.

Leaning down, I grabbed her by her arm and dragged her to the veil. I didn’t wait to hear anything from her, ignoring her shrieks and struggles. The power that this spell was taking from me was far too much. My chest tightened, and I used my full force to knock her through.

“If l’m going, so are you!” She hissed.

She yanked me by my hair, but I held my ground. The ghostly feeling of someone’s hands tightening around my wa!st told me Rayhan was waiting for me. I raised my hand, blasting her through the veil, and instantly let it snap shut.

The last thing I heard was her scream of despair before I was met with complete darkness.

The only light came from the hundreds of threads that swirled around me; their glows dimmed.

I did it.

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