Her Forbidden Alpha Chapter 21

She wanted him and he wanted her. Nothing else mattered, for now. The worry and concern were gone, they were not stepbrother and sister but two souls who shared a connection that they could not put into words.

That was enough.

Scarlett m*aned softly against his l!ps, locking her legs around his waist as they shared burning k!sses. Her hands roaming his body hungrily as his hand ran down her h!ps and squeezed her a*ss, the other cupping her neck.

Their bodies were coursing with sparks of pleasure, the need and desire for the other consuming them.

Scarlett tugged at his shirt wanting to feel his skin against her, breaking the k!ss to pull his shirt off. Elijah reached for her bobble, tugging it out and letting her hair free. Looking into her eyes, she was beautiful, perfect, and she was his.

Making a silent promise that come whatever, he was never giving her up. F*ck fate, he would carve his own f*cking future.

They k!ssed each other hungrily before he broke away once again wanting to commit this moment to memory.

His hair a little m*ssy only made him look hotter, Scarlett looked at him as his eyes ran over her body as if she was the most beautiful woman on earth. Her cheeks flushed under his burning gaze as she lay there, her heart thudding.

Leaning down he k!ssed her l!ps once more, this time softly, savouring her sweet taste. The feel of her ever so soft l!ps felt amazing.

His hands reached for her top, tugging it off over her head before he began k!ssing her neck, making his way down to her shoulders and over her cle*avage that looked so tempting and inhaling her soft scent.

He reached behind, unhooking her br*a with one hand and tossed it aside. She blushed, crossing her arms over her bre**asts, it was not the first time he had seen her n*ked but something about the look in his eyes was different.

There was something more than simple lvst in them. He gr0wled, removing her arms from her br**easts, admiring them.

“Don’t hide from me, from this day on you’re mine.” He said quietly, throbbing hard at the sight of her stiff pink ni**les, her piercing rings wrapped around the buds only added to their beauty.

K!ssing her neck once again he s*cked hard making her m*an and aiming to leave a mark.

His hard ch3st pressed against her br**sts, her ni**les grazing against his making her whimper in pleasure.

Her soft sighs and m*ans drove him crazy, she closed her eyes pleasure consuming her, his passionate hungry touch felt heavenly.

He l!cked and flicked her ni**les, his hands cupping and squeezing them. One hand now ran down her stomach as he [email protected] her between her legs.

She arched her back, begging for more. He unzipped her pa-nts, pulling away so he could quickly take them off. She kicked off her shoes, leaving her in nothing but a tiny black g str!ng.

“F*ck…” He muttered looking her over, his gaze burning into her and his c*ck twitching. Scarlett got on her knees, her hands going to his p*nts. He pulled her against him roughly taking charge.

His mouth ravishing hers, svcking on her t0ngue. She struggled for dominance but he was completely in control, his one hand now tangled in her hair the other squeezing and car*ssing her a*s roughly. Pressing her completely against him, her br**easts pushed up against his bare ch3st, his d*ck pressed against her stomach. He tugged at her g str!ng making her gasp.

His m0uth going to her neck once again, he s*cked hard at her most sens!tive sp0t, making her m*an. Her legs were already feeling light, her entire body ignited with a pleasure beyond words.

“You smell so f*cking good.” He murmured. She gasped as he tore her underwear right off and pushed her back onto the bed, his eyes now running over her pu**y. Biting his l*p seeing the w*tness that pooled between her legs, she teasingly opened her legs shamelessly for him, only making his eyes darken.

“That’s it’s baby girl spread your legs for me.” He gave her a satisfied sm!rk, as he went down k*ssing her lower stomach and over her smooth pelv!c area before he approached her slit. The scent of her ar0usal mixed with her own sweetness was a lethal drvg, one he knew he would never be able to get enough off.

He k!ssed her pu**y softly, s*cking slight on her folds, her soft m*ans and sighs like forbidden music to his ears.

He parted them making her bite her l*p in anticipation, the cool air hitting her down there. Her body begged for his touch. He ran his t0ngue along her c0re making her let out a m*an of pure pleasure, her body moving against his face. Elijah kept her legs pinned to the bed as he played with her cl*t.

“Oh god Elijah.” She breathed, her fingers twisting into his lush thick locks. She m*aned softly as he pleasured her, gasping when she felt a finger squeeze into her followed by a second. The feel of her slick tight insides felt good against his fingers.

Feeling her body get tenser, her m*ans became louder as his fingers thrvst into her, each time hitting her G-sp*t.

“That’s it, right there, oh f*ck baby.” She m*aned, every dream or thought of Elijah she had in the last two years was coming true.

Wanting his touch, for him to f*ck her and worship her body as she would do his. Her body tensed as her pleasure rose.

“I’m… I’m going to come.” She gasped, Elijah didn’t reply, satisfaction and pleasure filling him as he felt her juices against his fingers.

He sped up, continuing his t0rture on her cl*t as his fingers f*cked her fast and hard, her m*ans and soft screams filled the room.

“Oh f*ck… that’s it… oh god don’t stop…nh!” She m*aned, her words becoming incoherent. The tone of her voice sounding s*xier than ever before and her entire body arched as a mind-blowing org*sm r!pped through her.

Elijah moved back wanting to see her in pure pleasure, his fingers still pounding into her, never had he saw a woman look so f*cking beautiful.

“F*ck!” She gasped as her a*s lifted from the bed, her head tilted back, one hand in her hair the other squeezing her br**st.

Elijah didn’t stop his assault on her, his fingers still f*cking her as she squ!rted all over his hand making her blush.

A tiny smirk crossed his l*ps as he looked into her flushed face, their eyes locked.

She whimpered struggling to get free, her body riding through the aftershock of her org*sm. Her entire body trembled but he didn’t stop, not until her juices stopped flowing.

He car*ssed her inner th!gh with his free hand, removing his fingers slowly and making her bite her l*p at the loss of his touch. L!cking them clean his eyes never left hers, she tasted beyond f*cking good.

“You’re f*cking heaven on earth.” He said huskily as he [email protected] her tender pu**y as she lay there breathing hard.

Her eyes ran over his handsome body, she smiled softly blushing. Her org*sm leaving her glowing.

“F*ck me.” She said quietly, feeling tired after that strong org*sm yet her need for him was just growing.

He smirked getting off the mattress, slowly unzipping his pa-nts fully and taking them off.

His eyes never leaving hers, she felt herself throb, how could a man look so f*cking s*xy str!pping? She thought.

She sat up slightly her head tilted to the side, her hair cascading over her shoulder. Her bruised l*ps from all the k!sses parted slightly as she looked at him in his black Tommy Hilfiger boxers, biting her l*p, watching as he pulled his boxers off.

He smirked watching her eyes trail over him, l!cking her l*ps.

“God you’re perfect.” She said, leaning over she ran her hand down his chiselled abs. Dropping back on the mattress he leaned over her, his arms trapping her between them. She ran her hand ran over his manh00d, stroking the thick long shaft.

“You’ve been in my dreams so often for the last two years…” She whispered, confessing something she never thought she would.

Her heart racing wondered what he would think. His eyes widened slightly, curiosity filling them, her dreamy green eyes telling him she was not lying. Pleasure running through him at her touch.

“Then it’s only right I make every dream come true.. and I’m sure it’ll be way f*cking better than a dream…”

He murmured k!ssing her once again. The moist tip of his d*ck rubbing against her cl*t, making a lewd m*an leave her l*ps.

He gripped her chin, k!ssing her l*ps sensually, making her eyes flutter shut as he spoke softly k!ssing her between every few words.

“It may not have been two years for me… but since I laid eyes on you… in this short span of time… you’ve become my addiction… My infatuation… My every desire…” He whispered.

Elijah knew this was different, never had he been so gentle with a woman. He never cared about how a woman was feeling, he knew the words he had almost spoken earlier were true… She meant so much more to him… Something he never thought he would ever feel…

She cupped his face, looking into his eyes. “Make me yours.” She said softly, she wanted this so much.

“With pleasvre…” He said, his hand stroking her a*s and th!gh. Without warning he thrvst into her sharply making her gasp at the sudden move, watching his d!ck stretch her out she relaxed to accommodate him.

He looked down at them, admiring how f*cking good she looked taking him to the hilt, f*ck she was tight.

“You’re f*cking made for me.” He murmured. He hooked her left leg over his arm, his other hand playing with her br**east as he began f*cking her hard.

Pleasvre like never before coursed through him, f*ck she was perfect, each thrvst hit her g sp0t. Her tight slick insides felt so goddamn good around his c*ck.

His low gr0ans of pleasvre only made her throb harder. He tilted his head back, pleasvre clear on his face. She loved seeing this side of him, her own m*ans loud.

Only their sounds of pleasure and their skin slapping er*tically filled the room. Elijah’s fast hard thrvsts, getting rougher by the second, pain mixed with pleasure every time he rammed into her.

She gasped when he gripped her knees, now pushing them down on the bed opening her legs wider as he continued to ram into her.

The temptation to mark her overcame him, sending a spark of confusion through him. Why did his wolf have such a strong u*ge? He pushed the thought away, moving his gaze from her creamy neck to her bouncing br**sts.

“Oh, f*ck Elijah that’s it!” She m*aned “Oh f*ck that’s it!”

Her hand wrapped around the back of his neck, the other braced on his ch3st. Feeling himself nearing, Elijah moved impossibly faster making her m*ans become screams of ecstasy. Her br**sts bouncing s*xily and her face full of pure pleasure.

“Come for me sweetheart, milk my f*cking c*ck.” He whispered huskily, a low growl of pleasure r!pped from his throat as he felt her tighten, she reached her org*sm.

Letting go of her knee, he gripped her neck slightly tight, bending down and k!ssing her roughly as he too found his release, with a few more j*rky thrvsts he emptied his seed within her.

She m*aned against his l*ps, pleasure raging through her trembling body as their juices mixed. Her pu**y throbbing as her walls tightened around his d*ck.

Once she had ridden out her org*sm he pulled out, making her wince, she felt sore but good…

She bit her l*p knowing that had been perfect….He had satisfied her in a way she couldn’t even manage… but…. her body craved more.

Just the thought of him had her pu**y clenching, she could feel her wolfs excitement too. Both stared into each other’s eyes breathing hard.

The line had been crossed and both knew there was no turning back from here…

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