Here are the 5 unsolved mysteries in the world of football

Not all mysteries can be solved in the real world. There are cases in the world that even eagle-eyed Sherlock might struggle to solve. As in the real world, there have been few mysteries in the world of football that have been overlooked or that were too difficult to unravel or that have never been revealed.

Here are 5 unsolved mysteries in football

1. Yuri Tishkov

Yuri Tishkov made his first professional appearance for FC Torpedo Moscow in 1988. However, due to injuries, he had to retire from professional football at a very young age. He was still active in the world of football as a TV commentator as well as a football agent. On January 11, 2003, he was found dead in his home with no trace of theft. Many claimed the murder took place because of a contract dispute. Although so far the murder remains unsolved.

2. Richard Gerald Dick Hansen

Richard Gerald played football for Santa Clara State University. But on the night of 1991, he was murdered by an unknown person. Richard was going through a divorce at the time and he was with his friend Jean at the time. Jean found it unusual that the man followed them throughout the restaurant. She tried to tell Richard but he couldn’t figure it out so he told her to stop at the next exit.

After stopping at the exit, Richard approached his car and started shouting at the person following them. The next moment the man fired his pistol at Richard. So far, the case has not been solved, but Jean and many other officers believe he was a fan of a rival team due to his likeness and his license plate which was a symbol of the soccer club.

3. The mystery of Taribo West’s “age”

It has been seen many times in the past that African nations send over-aged players for the football tournament. Countries like Ghana and Nigeria have been repeatedly accused of this. One such player is Taribo West, who played his football for both Milan clubs. In 2002, when Partizan Belgrade signed him, he said he was 28, but his reports showed he was 40. His transfer to one of the Croatian clubs failed because they accused him of the same reason. Although Taribo has always denied it, doubt remains in the world of football.

4. Moldavian hoax

On January 12, 2009, The Times published a Top 50 Rising Stars report which included a young Moldovan sensation at number 30 named Masal Bugduv. At the time, Arsenal were looking for a boost to transfer a player. Because of this, someone created a story that the Gunners were looking to sign him.

This was further mused by where they wrote that Bugduv was on the train for London with plenty of international caps as well as Champions League trophies. But it was later discovered that Bugduv was a guy made up by someone on the internet. It was actually the name of a donkey in the book called “The Little Black Donkey”.

5. Unknown World Cup Thief

In 1966, England won their one and only World Cup trophy. However, the England team managed by Booby Moore would not have had to lift the trophy. The Jules Rimet Trophy has been kept on display at the FA for the public to view. But despite such security, the trophy was stolen.

A few days later, FA obtained a ransom demanding 15,000 euros. The police arrested the man who had come to collect the ransom, whose name was Edward Betchley. Betchley told officers he was not the main culprit and was simply working for a man named Pole. A few days later, a dog named Pickles found the trophy wrapped in newspaper. The convict is unknown to this day.

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