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Infidelity in couples is a situation so widespread throughout the world that it tends to become ordinary. Adultery being considered in a relationship as the most important form of betrayal, it is not easy for a couple to recover from it. But when the lover is also your friend, the betrayal is double.

A question comes up regularly in several online forums. If the reasons may be different from one couple to another, the consequence always remains unchanged, the feeling of betrayal. In fact, AfrikMag in this article helps you, supported by advice from marital experts, to deal with these cases of infidelity.

The signs are unmistakable

If your wife is cheating on you, you will undoubtedly notice changes in her day-to-day behavior. She will communicate less and less with you, avoiding long conversations and sometimes even spending time with you. It is also possible that she no longer says “I love you” to you on a daily basis if she used to do so before. You still have some gestures of affection but not as much as before. In the same way, she can spend more time at the office, with her friends or even start an activity that takes her several hours a week. You feel that she has an increasingly negative attitude on a daily basis, even you have the impression that she is on the defensive and she is now judgmental of you for things that she did not even notice before. Suddenly, she asks for things that she had never asked you before, unusual or even dangerous activities, she wants something new, to get out of the routine.

You sometimes sense indifference in her: the little teasing that once made her jealous no longer has any effect on her today. She seems to miss home, you, everything, and you don’t understand what has changed. In addition to avoiding you at home, she seems to have secrets, hide things, or sometimes lack consistency in her words.

Last but not least, you have almost no more intimacy and you feel that the emotional connection with your partner has broken down. The addition of all of these or a large number is a sign that you need to have a conversation with your partner.

And then, one last element, think about the future of your marriage. Are you wondering if infidelity should automatically end your relationship? However, it is mainly up to you, if your wife wants to fix the situation. It can be a new beginning for your couple where you learn from your mistakes and build a relationship on solid foundations. It is still an important process that will take time, patience and a lot of commitment.

What to do ?

According to the marriage coaching site “Atout Couple” a cuckolded spouse should first of all wonder about the reasons for the infidelity of his fiancée, or wife. This set of questions will help you a priori to define the attitude towards which you wish to incline after having discovered the infidelity of your wife.

Then communicate as much as possible to try to find out what needs your spouse may have missed.

The essential questions

Confront her and understand why she cheated on you? In both cases, a discussion is in order, but not before having thought about the situation as a whole. Indeed, the first questions you must ask yourself are: why is my wife unfaithful? What was the trigger for her? These questions will help you not only to understand what went wrong but above all to avoid repeating the same mistakes and/or patterns in the future. The objective for you, and the best bulwark against infidelity, is to be yourself an irreproachable companion and above all present on a daily basis in the relationship.

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