Here’s why Tenor has been showing his eyes since his release from prison

For the more attentive, you will certainly have noticed that the singer Tenor has lifted the veil on the mystery around his eyes for several months. Since his release from prison, the Cameroonian artist has left his eyes uncovered. No more eye mask, internet users wondered. Now AfrikMag finally explains why this sudden change.

Last July, Tenor was facing justice for manslaughter following a serious traffic accident. After his provisional release by order of the Yaoundé court of first instance, Tenor gradually regained a taste for the stage.

Only, Internet users have noticed that the Cameroonian rapper now leaves his eyes uncovered during his appearances. No more dark glasses, no more enigmatic appearances, Tenor comes in a more sober look. Fans of the artist therefore wondered about the reasons for this unexpected change.

Here's why Tenor has been showing his eyes since his release from prison

Tenor was indeed the victim of an eye pathology. Which would have forced him to part with his many dark glasses. The singer let it be known that he had to fight against myopia, which is why he now wears clearer pairs of glasses.

Even if the singer sometimes returns to his old appearance, it must be recognized that he tries hard to prioritize the recommendations for his health.

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