His Dark Obsession Chapter 12

The plane is empty except for Titus and me. We’re sitting together on a couch. He has his arm around me like a boyfriend, and as we leave the city behind, I feel as though I’m leaving a piece of my life behind with it.

Everything I’ve done in the last few days goes against my better judgment, including this. But that’s what makes it so exciting. Since leaving school, I’ve focused on one thing: success.

I put everything else aside, especially my personal life, which has now suddenly begun to sparkle in the darkness like a light at the end of a very long tunnel.

Titus is an enigma. A complicated titan of a man who is every bit as s*xy as he is mysterious. I wonder how it is he knew so much about me from our first meeting. It’s like he read a psychological profile on me that never even existed. If a man had asked me what I needed, I wouldn’t have been able to tell him. But somehow, Titus knew.

For the last hour, I’ve tried to ignore it, but there’s an aching feeling in my chest that continues to grow with every second I sit here with him.

It’s not pain. It’s not shame. It’s something else.


I think I’m falling in love with Titus.

I must be crazy. This man wants my company. He wants to absorb me, swallow me up, conquer me, and take over everything that I built. Yet here I am on a “vacation” with him, headed to some unknown destination for an unknown period of time.

Hell, I don’t even have a phone on me. He could be kidnapping me, and I wouldn’t be able to do anything about it.

Whatever. Kidnap me for fvck’s sake! Then I won’t have to worry about anything. I’ll spend the rest of my life worshipping Titus’ amazing cock and bending to his will. I’ll exist just for him.

Yeah. I must be going crazy.

“You haven’t asked me where we’re going,” he remarks casually.

I simply shrug beneath his embrace.

“I know.”

“I could be kidnapping you,” he suggests. Yeah. Mind-reader.

“Worse things could happen.”

Titus may know me better than I know myself, but he pauses, and I can tell he wasn’t expecting that.

I know we’re going to land soon, but I could honestly stay here forever, wrapped in his arm, my head against his strong chest, with absolutely nothing on my mind but him.

“So you’ve got daddy issues, right?”

Again, whiplash. His question catches me off guard like a punch from behind. My body goes tense, and all I can say is, “Umm…”

“Tell me about it.”

God, this is terrifying. Everyone knows my story, of course, but for some reason, telling Titus scares me. It’s letting him in in a way I haven’t yet. He may have taken my virginity and revealed the depths of my wants and desires, but this feels like baring my soul to him.

Slowly, I look up at him. He looks back at me with patience. There’s no more “master” in his eyes. He isn’t forcing me to do anything; he’s asking.

“It’s not just daddy issues,” I slowly admit. “It’s both of my parents. They were drug addicts.”

“I’m sorry, Chanel.”

He means it.

“I had myself emancipated when I was fifteen.”

“And you’ve been on your own ever since.”

I nod sadly. “Well, when you put it that way…”

“Have you ever thought about a partner?” he asks.

“Like a business partner?” I smile.

“Don’t deflect.”

“I-I wasn’t…”

I was. God, there’s no hiding anything from him.


The admission just sort of falls out of my mouth. I didn’t even plan on saying it, but it’s the truth.

“Sometimes we have to face our fears, Chanel.”

For some reason, this remark gets to me, and I shrug out of his embrace and sit up.

“You think I don’t know that?”

Titus smiles slightly but holds my gaze. “You might. But there’s a difference between knowing and knowing.”

Suddenly, it feels as though the world is closing in around me. Why is he attacking me?

“Hey, I’ve gotten pretty far on my own,” I lash out. “I don’t need a life lesson from you, Mr. Perfect.”

Titus’ laugh catches me off guard. He throws his head back and roars, causing me to back away from him.

“You really didn’t do your research on me, did you?”

“Of course I did,” I snap. “I looked up all the companies you started, the ones you own, your yearly and quarterly earnings—”

“Personal research,” he says, cutting me off. “Interviews? Nothing like that?”

No. I didn’t. And that was definitely an oversight. But I’m not about to admit that to him. “My assistant did. She warned me about you.”

“Uh huh,” Titus replies in a totally condescending way, which just makes me angrier.

“So what are you saying? The great Titus has mommy and daddy issues too?”

Titus smiles and reaches for me with his arm. I back away, and he frowns. “Will you just come here?”

“No,” I reply. “Not until you answer my question.”

This is so strange. A few days ago I couldn’t have cared less about Titus’ past. But now I’m dying to know. I want to understand him. I need to. And right now, he has me so off guard that I’m starting to panic, and that’s exactly what I don’t want to do.

“Well, you’ll have to wait then.” He turns away, closes his eyes, and reclines with his arms behind his head. The conversation is over.

“Wait?” I ask, but he doesn’t even respond.

What an impossible man to love. One minute I want to submit to him, please him in every way imaginable, and the next minute, I want to slap him on his gorgeous face. Of course I’d probably break my hand on that incredible jawline.

“Fine,” I say spitefully as I get up off the couch and go over to a seat on my own. Titus doesn’t respond, but I see the hint of a smile on his l!ps

We don’t speak for the duration of the flight, which is an unbearable half-hour that I can barely sit through. Finally, once we start our descent, Titus opens his eyes. But still, he doesn’t speak to me. He just glances out of the window while I stare at him, waiting like he instructed me to.

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