His Dark Obsession Chapter 14

Titus drives us back to the plane where it’s waiting. We board, and I curl up happily in his arms. He’s starting to come out of his somber mood as we take off, but I can tell that our visit to his childhood home still has him feeling less than stellar.

I want to help him – do something to get him out of his funk, so once we level out at cruising altitude, I lean in, bring my l!ps to his ears, and whisper, “So have you joined the mile-high club yet?”

It’s a risky move. It could be completely the wrong time, but thankfully, Titus turns and grins devilishly at me.

“You know, I’ve wanted to,” he purrs, the fire I love returning to his eyes. I reach down and slide my hand up his inner th!gh and grip his bulge, firm and thick. Powerful.

“Well, why don’t you do it then, mister?”

I feel a jolt against my palm as his c0ck reacts and begins to grow. Slowly, he reaches around the back of my neck, then snatches my hair in his iron grip.

“Don’t you mean master?”

There he is. Titus is back, and I’m instantly dying to please him. Feeling his manhood respond to my touch causes a fierce ar0usal to spring up inside me, flowing through me like a bubbling, golden wave.

I don’t know what comes over me, but before he can even do anything, I pull my shirt down and expose my bre*sts to him. Even Titus is surprised, but only for a second.

He grips them both with his strong hands and squeezes, just hard enough to hurt, reminding me of his strength.

As if I could ever forget.

My heart flutters as I move closer, as close as I can get, my hand moving on his bulge as it grows.

“Take it out,” he commands me. And I’ve never been happier to obey.

I pop his button and unzip his pants, making room for his ever-expanding c0ck. By the time I pull it out of his briefs, he’s completely hard and standing at attention. I wonder if a day will ever come when I don’t marvel at his size.

“Svck it,” he tells me. I know I should obey, but I don’t. I gaze at him with waiting eyes.

“Svck it…”

I’m being disobedient. There’s a chance he won’t understand what I’m doing, but Titus is a smart man, and I see his eyes flash when he gets it.

“Svck it, my little wh0re.”

On my own, I get down on my knees in front of him, his strong fingers threaded through my hair as he holds me like I belong to him. He knows I do. And I go down on him like it’s my duty.

As it is.

I take his thick inches between my l!ps and begin to do my best. What I lack for in experience, I try to make up for in passion.

“Fvck, girl. You make me so fvcking hard.”

He begins moving his h!ps back and forth, fvcking my mouth but still letting me do some of the work. Gripping his shaft with both hands, I do my best to pleasure him. I’m sure he’s had better, but I’m a fast learner, and I won’t stop until I’m the best he’s had.

I want him to lie awake at night wanting me. I want him to remember my l!ps, my mouth, my throat, and how good I made him feel. I need him, and I want him to need me too. So taking a deep breath, I try to do what I am pretty sure is impossible; I try to deepthroat him.

Titus lets out a gr0an as his c0ck hits a sticking point at the back of my mouth. It makes me want to gag, but I suppress the urge and keep going. It slips past and goes down my throat, causing my eyes to water and my stomach to convulse. I feel the urge to pull back but resist and stay down.

I want to do this for him. I want to please him.

I’m damp between my th!ghs, already dripping, my most sensitive of sensitives begging for his skillful touch. He cups my bre*st with his free hand and squeezes, igniting the already growing pleasure inside me.

“That’s all the way down,” he growls. “What a good girl you are.”

Pride floods through me. Making Titus feel good means more to me than I could have ever imagined.

I do love this man. He let me into his world and showed me trust he never shows anybody. There is no other man on Earth I would belong to. Only Titus.

Finally, I have to pull back, but when I do, I look up and see fierce lust in Titus’ eyes. When I try to go back down on his c0ck, he stops me with a hand on my throat. He pulls me to him and covers my l!ps with his.

His c0ck flexes in my hand, and my body goes wild for him. I’m aching. Hollow. The need to be filled overwhelms me as he svcks my l!ps into his k!ss. I crawl onto his lap as his hands explore my body. With an animalistic craving, he undoes my pants and pulls them down over my h!ps.

Probing my mouth with his tongue, he finds that tender spot that causes my mind to go black and applies pressure.

I lose the ability to k!ss back.

The sensation sweeps through me. The anticipation of being filled by him causes my heart rate to skyrocket. Circles. Oh, circles of perfection around that sweet little swollen spot above my slit, each one causing my body to jerk with intense pleasure.

Then I lose all control.

“Titus,” I whimper into his mouth as my cl!max hits me. How is he so good at this?

Every nerve in my body bursts with ecstasy. It’s not just the fact that I’m coming; it’s that I’m coming for him.

“That’s it,” he whispers, moving his l!ps to my ear. “Come for me, you little wh0re.”

His dirty talk only heightens my orgasm. No other man could speak to me that way. I shake uncontrollably against his chest, held tight by his free arm as he coaxes me higher and higher into a golden plane of pleasure.

As I come down, I become intensely aware of his c0ck in my hand. My sex is dripping and my womanhood begging to be used. Titus knows this.

“You want it, don’t you?” he asks. Eyes wide and submissive, I nod to my daddy. My master. “I know you do. You live for that c0ck, don’t you?”

“Yes, master,” I whimper back.

With one swift motion, he pulls my pants all the way off. He places both of his strong, rough hands on my h!ps, lifts me, and sets me down on his c0ck.

We gr0an in unison as he fills me. The swollen tip spreads me first, edging me open and making room for the rest of his thick inches.

“You’re so big…” I can barely speak as he opens me.

“Spread your legs,” he growls. I realize I’ve tensed up so badly that I’m clenching my th!ghs together. I take a deep breath and relax, and as I do, I sink down on the rest of his c0ck.

“Oh my God, there’s more…”

“That’s right, my little wh0re,” he replies as his strong hands move to my as*s. “And you’re going to take all of them.”

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