His Dark Obsession Chapter 17

The Bahamas. Sure, it’s not a creative getaway spot, but I don’t care. I just need to get away.

After all, what else is left for me to do? My company has been taken over – conquered by the big-swinging-d!ck, Titus. My career as a businesswoman may be over, at least for now, but I still have my own money, and I plan on using it for the foreseeable future to spoil myself and do my best to forget about everything.

“Maybe I’ll even find myself a new boyfriend,” I say as the waiter passes my beach chair. He’s built. Chiseled, tan, and young. A little too young for my tastes, but he’s had his eyes on me since I showed up this morning. And he hasn’t been too discreet about it.

“I’ll have another,” I tell him, waving my empty mimosa glass.

“Coming right up,” he says with a smile.

His presence isn’t quite as commanding as Titus’, but that’s probably a good thing. It just means he isn’t some kind of sociopathic, user who will manipulate me into giving him what he wants. He hasn’t even tried asking me out yet, so he obviously has some kind of class about him.

“Are you sure about that?” Amy asks from beside me.

“What?” I shrug, fluttering my eyelids.

“Don’t act innocent,” she laughs. “You’ve got that look in your eye.”

“What look?”

Amy laughs. “You may, until a few hours ago, have been my boss, but we’re both still women, and I know that look when I see it. You are thinking about doing him.”

I gasp, pretending to be shocked by her accurate assessment of the situation.

“I was not,” I lie. “But if I was, would that be such a bad thing? Something to make me forget about…”

“About him?” Amy suggests.

“About losing my company,” I correct her.

“Isn’t that what the alcohol is for?” She smiles, taking a sip of her margarita.

“Alcohol, penis. They both work!”

God, it’s the lamest joke imaginable, but what the hell? After everything that’s happened to me over the last few days, I deserve to make a few bad ones. Amy sort of chuckles and takes another sip of her drink.

It feels good to leave the city behind and all its troubles along with it. No rain here – just the sun and the surf and bottomless mimosas.

I start to wonder what Titus is up to right now but instantly push the thought out of my mind. He no longer has any control over me. If he wants to run my company, fine. If he wants to completely dismantle it and sell off the pieces, that’s fine too. It’s not like there’s anything I can do to stop him.

I’m fine with it. Yup. Just…fine.

“Maybe we should do that,” Amy suggests, pointing out to sea where a woman is flailing around and screaming with glee as she’s pulled behind a speedboat on some kind of glider looking thing, high up in the air.

It looks terrifying.

“Totally,” I agree. “I’m so down.”

“Really?” Amy laughs. “I wasn’t expecting that answer.”

“What were you expecting?”

“I dunno.” She shrugs. “Something much more practical. Like…a security audit of the company first and that I look into their liability waivers and insurance to make sure it’s safe.”

“Oh my God, Amy! Am I really that bad?”

“I wouldn’t say bad,” Amy replies. “Just…thorough. In control.”

In control. Yeah, that’s me. At least, it was me. Titus took that away from me. First, in a way that made me think he cared, but then in a way that tore my life apart.

“Well, this is the new me,” I reply cheerfully. “Mimosas, boy-toys, and whatever the hell that thing is!”

I cheers Amy with my empty glass just as the waiter returns with my new drink.

“And here you are, miss,” he says politely. As I take it from him, I give him fvck-me eyes that go beyond any kind of gentle flirtation. He notices but doesn’t do anything about it.

Fine. If he’s not going to do it, I will.

“What’s your name?”

“Shawn,” he replies. Instead of leaving, he stands there for just a moment, waiting for me to speak. I can sense the reservation in him; this is his job, and I’m sure he’s been told a thousand times not to flirt with guests.

I can also feel Amy’s eyes on us.

“What are you doing later, Shawn?”

“Later? Later like…tonight?”

I shrug. “Or sooner. Do you have a lunch break?”

Shawn nods but glances around nervously. “Yeah, in twenty minutes.”

There’s a whisper from Amy behind me. “Seriously, Chanel…”

“Well, I’m staying at the Blue Sea Cottage,” I tell him. “You know where that is?”

Shawn nods again, obviously impressed. “You must be a princess or something…”

Amy again. “Oh my God…”

“A princess?” I laugh, taking a sip of my drink. I’m on my third and already feeling the effects. “No, just a disgraced businesswoman looking for a good time. Can you give me a good time, Shawn?”

God, I feel like a ho. But I don’t care. I shouldn’t care, right?

I’m a single, twenty-nine-year-old lady who just lost her virginity and got screwed over by the man she thought she loved. It’s time to channel my inner Beyonce or Nicki Minaj, get out there and take advantage of my youth while I still have it. It’s not like I’m taken or anything. I’m sure Titus doesn’t even care what I do.

“Geez,” Shawn says, his voice low as he glances around. “My boss—”

“Don’t worry about your boss,” I say dismissively. “If you get fired, I’ll pay your salary for four months. How’s that sound?”

That gets his attention. His head snaps back to me and he stares, wide-eyed. “Seriously?”

“Yes. But that doesn’t mean you can intentionally get yourself fired, or quit, and then coming begging to me later. Understand?”

“Sure.” He nods quickly.

“You have herpes, Shawn?”

“What!?” he blurts out.

“Jesus, Chanel!” Amy laughs.

“Herpes,” I repeat. “Gonorrhea. Syphilis. HPV. HIV.”

“No!” It’s almost cute how defensive he’s getting. To be honest, it’s actually kind of a turn-off. He’s completely on the back foot with me, which makes me wonder just how much experience he actually has with women.

“How old are you?”

“I’m twenty-one,” he replies.

Amy makes an uncomfortable sound behind me like she’s choking back a laugh. I want to look back at her but keep my eyes on Shawn.

“Okay. Well, I’m looking for a good time, Shawn. I want to relax, forget about everything, and just get fvcked. Can you do that for me?”

His eyes practically bug out of his head, but he manages to compose himself. “Yeah,” he says. “I can do that.”

“Great. Meet me at the cottage in ten.”

“Right,” he replies nervously. I just smile as he scurries off back to the bar. Once he’s out of hearing range, Amy pokes me in the side.

“Are you kidding, Chanel!?”


“He’s twenty-one!”

“So?” I laugh as I down my mimosa in one gulp. Amy looks at me like I’m a hot mess, which is probably true. “I just want to forget about…him, Amy. Is that so wrong?”

“No,” she replies. “But maybe some r0mantic comedies and chocolate rather than random waiter boy?”

Amy is right; I do like r0mantic comedies and chocolate. But I need to move on from Titus, and I need to do it fast. Lying in bed watching movies about other couples falling in love isn’t going to do that. But getting frisky with Shawn just might.

“Don’t ruin this for me, Amy. It will be fine.”

“Fine? Did you see how nervous he was? He’ll probably last thirty seconds tops.”

I have to laugh. It’s hard to imagine Titus getting nervous, especially at my over-the-top proposition, but Titus isn’t here right now, and if he was, I wouldn’t be interested.

No. I’m going to lie here in the Bahamas, basking beneath the sun, drinking mimosas and fvcking Shawn, the nice young man who has no ulterior motives beyond wanting me.

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