His Dark Obsession Chapter 22

“So all that talk about buying her company? That was all bullsh!t?”

Amy is clearly still skeptical and is sitting on the other side of the plane across from Titus and me, with her head c0cked suspiciously to the side.

“Well, not at first,” Titus admits, gently tickling my side. “But once I saw how much it pissed her off, I just kept kind of bringing it up to make her mad.”

“Gee, thanks,” I laugh, poking him back.

“I don’t know if I buy it,” Amy replies.

“Check your e-mail then,” he suggests. “I had my lawyers e-mail over a contract to you stating that despite the change in ownership, Chanel will remain CEO. All she has to do is sign it.”

Amy immediately grabs her phone and starts swiping through her messages. “We’ll have to have the lawyers go over it first—”

“Of course.” Titus smiles. “The news of my purchase also drove your stock prices up, so attracting new investors won’t be hard. You can use the cash to get you out of this hole and back to where you were before.”

Am I crazy, or does the sun outside seem brighter than normal?

Curled up in Titus’ arms, I feel more at home than ever. It’s like I’ve just run a marathon but somehow came out not only exhausted, but also exhilarated. Titus and I both wait as Amy goes through her e-mail.

I look up at him, my man, feeling more secure than ever. This isn’t just another one of his games; this is for real. Of course if I had actually let him get in touch with me before bailing for the Bahamas and going radio silent, maybe all this confusion could have been avoided.

And so could the incident with…

“You know, Titus…I have to tell you something…”

“What’s that?” he asks.

“When I was mad at you and convinced you had screwed me over…” Amy looks up from her phone and gives me warning eyes. She knows where I’m headed with this. “And I alllllllmost had sex with this guy.”

“What!?” Titus roars.

“She didn’t go through with it!”

“I didn’t,” I giggle as Titus’ face distorts. Sure, we may have made up, but it feels good to get him riled up a bit. “I got drunk and thought I could do it, but I couldn’t.”

Titus growls and rolls me beneath him, a fire blazing in his eyes. “Oh, you little b!tch.”

“I’m sorry,” I whimper, poking out my lower l!p. He presses his whole weight against me, and I feel his bulge between my legs. “Forgive me, Daddy?”

“Jesus,” Amy gr0ans. “An assistant should never have to hear her boss call a guy Daddy.”

“She’s just jealous,” Titus says, keeping his eyes on me.

“Oh, I think so.”

“I can hear you,” Amy whines. With his body the way it is, I’m able to slide my hand down Titus’ strong abs and cup his bulge without her seeing. He grinds his h!ps against my grip as I explore with my fingertips, feeling the lines of his growing c0ck. Being able to touch him again and know that he’s mine and I am his…it’s the greatest gift the world has ever given me.

I want him, not just because my body is screaming for his touch, but because I need to feel close to him again. Sex with Titus is like being taken into another world where all my problems are forgotten, and nothing matters but him and me. And that’s a place I want to go to again now.

“You want to show me the bedroom?” I whisper, indicating the closed door at the end of the cabin. Titus grins a naughty grin in response.

“Hey, Amy, you gonna be all right for a bit?” he asks as he rises up and takes me by the wrists. “Chanel and I are going to…go over some things in private. Company things.”

“Uh huh,” Amy replies. “I bet you are.”

Titus lifts me into his arms and glances over at her. “Unless of course, you’d like to come assist.”

“Titus!” I gasp, giving him a playful smack. He just chuckles as Amy shakes her head at us, and he carries me into the back room.

It’s nicer than most hotel rooms, but I’m not looking at the décor as he throws me down on the bed and pulls his shirt off.

“God, I forgot how nice your body is,” I m0an as my eyes drink in the cuts in his muscles. His chest is thick and taut, reflecting his strength and total masculinity. And his abs are a work of art. As he reaches for his pants and pops the top button, I flare with heat.

I’m acutely aware of his gaze as it scours every inch of my body. That feeling of being owned by a man comes back to me as he looks down at me like a conquering hero, his weapon the massive bulge in his pants he’s about to reclaim me with.

The things he’s done for me…

I was too blind to see any of them as they happened. It was only until after. When he claimed me, showed me what it was like to be out of control, and when he saved my company from certain destruction. What an incredible man.

Where would I be without him?

“I wish I looked better for you,” I confess. I’m not wearing any makeup, my hair is a mess, and I probably look like hell after my little drinking binge.

“You look so fvcking s*xy,” Titus replies. He unzips his pants and pulls it out, and my jaw drops.

“I…I forgot how big…”

“Did you?” Titus grins. “Well, let me remind you.”

And then he’s on me, k!ssing, car*ssing, undressing. I’m completely naked in seconds, writhing beneath him like a siren, my body aching for him, feeling hollow and dying to be filled.

I wait for him to touch me down there, but he doesn’t. He touches my neck, my bre*sts, my waist and even my butt, but not there. With a grunt, he twists me over onto my stomach and mounts me from behind.

“I – Titus,” I stammer. “Be gentle—”

But Titus isn’t gentle. He thrusts his c0ck in me with such speed and such force it takes my breath away. He bottoms out inside me, and I shake, trembling down to my core. It’s like I’m being impaled, and when I finally get my voice back, I scream into the mattress.

He starts to pound me, pumping his thick c0ck back and forth, brutally stretching me like he’s trying to kill me. The sensation of being full is overwhelming. God, he’s going to tear me.

There’s pain. Oh is there. But behind it, above it, and all around it is pleasure. Pleasure that seizes me like a warm, white light, blinding me to anything else going on in the world but him. But us.

He may be fvcking me hard, but Titus is making love to me. I can feel it in every stroke, in the way he drags his l!ps up the back of my neck and k!sses me just behind the ear. The way he car*sses my h!ps and explores the rest of my body like he’s never felt it before. And as though that weren’t enough, he confirms it with a whisper.

“I love you, Chanel.”

His words ignite the fire inside me, and I cry out as a climax hits me out of nowhere. Titus pins me beneath him as my body trembles. The sheer shock of the org*sm causes tears to flood my eyes. I come harder than I’ve ever come before, and I know why.

Because of what he just said to me.

“I love you too!” I m0an as the pleasure takes me, rolling me gently on shimmering waves of pure bliss. God, this must be what heaven is like.

Our fights, our arguments, the hatred I felt for him – it all feels so far away now. The only thing I can feel for him now is love.

We’re meant to be together, Titus and me. We’re like two sides of the same coin, but it took me this long to realize it. But now that I know, I’ll never doubt him again.

“Fvck, you’re making Daddy so hard, you naughty little girl,” he growls, slowing his strokes to give me time to breathe. “You love it, don’t you?”

“Yes!” I gasp.

Titus wraps his arms around me and clenches down, holding me so close I feel as though he might just crush me. Every single breath is short and quick, in rhythm with his thrusts. I lie there limp beneath him in total submission. He can do whatever he wants with me.

He swallows my l!ps and tweaks my n!pples as his c0ck swells within me. He’s getting close, and so am I.

God, he’s fvcking me so hard.

Each thrust urges me closer and closer to another climax. But Titus is starting to gr0an, and I can tell he’s close. Am I going to get there?

“I’m going to fill your pvssy with my cvm,” he growls, his jaw clenched tight. “My little wh0re.”

“Fill me, Daddy,” I whimper. “Fill me up!”

“Take it!” Titus unleashes a hot, sticky torrent of warmth inside me. It hits just the right spot, and I go over the edge, shuddering and squealing as I’m seized by ecstasy. His hot manh0od fountains into me, spills out of me, spills down my legs and onto the bed beneath me as we both come, enraptured by each other. Meant for each other.

Finally, coming down like a meteor, I slump down against the bed, crushed beneath my man, the love of my life, and breath the happiest breaths of my life.

Before I fall asleep, I wonder to myself…

Why did this have to be so hard?

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