His Dark Obsession Chapter 23: Epilogue

Four years later…

“Okay, so she should be home any minute now. Let me take him up to bed.”

“You don’t want me to?” Caitlin asks.

“No,” I reply, taking my son from her. “He’ll sleep better if it’s me. You can head home.”

“Thanks,” she says with a smile. Caitlin is a great babysitter and gets along really well with Ben, but my baby boy always wants either his mom or dad with him when it’s time to go to bed.

I pass her a fifty on her way out. She blushes as she takes it, but still takes it, then heads out to her car.

“Did you have a good time with Caitlin?” I ask Ben as I head upstairs. He nods his head, his eyes drooping. He’s sleepy but trying to pretend he isn’t.


“She read you your panda book, right?” Pandas are Ben’s favorite.

He nods again and wipes his left eye. “Yes. I like that book.”

“I know you do,” I chuckle, giving him a k!ss on the head. I carry him down the hall to his room and switch on the light by his bed and a swirl of golden spaceships begins spinning around, flying across the walls and ceiling.

I set him down in bed and pull the covers up.

“Is Mommy home soon?”

“She’ll be home soon.” I smile. “You want me to have her come give you a goodnight k!ss?”

Ben smiles and nods again as his eyes begin to close. I give him another k!ss on the head, make sure he’s tucked in tight, and then head back into the hall, leaving the door slightly cracked open behind me.

I never knew being a father would be so incredible. I thought my business achievements were going to be the pinnacle of my life. Then I met Chanel. Then Chanel gave me Ben, and my life was complete.

I kept my promise to her; I gave her control of her company, and just as I knew she would, within eight months she had the whole thing turned around and back on its feet, making more money than ever. She didn’t have to lay off any of her people, and even ended up expanding.

We got married in the Bahamas, of course, as a reminder of the craziness that we went through while I was “courting” her. She got pregnant, got the company stable and then took time off and worked part-time from home. Her assistant, Amy, actually ended up being quite the businesswoman herself and took up a lot of Chanel’s duties while she took care of Ben.

I delegated and spent as much time as home as possible. Being your own boss means you get to spend as much time with your family as you want, and being there to watch my little boy grow was the most important thing in the world to me.

Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and look over at the angel sleeping beside me and wonder how I got so goddamn lucky.

When we first met, it was like I already knew her. What she was like, what she wanted, what she needed. I gave that to her, and she gave me more in return than I could have ever expected.

After the upbringing I had, I didn’t believe in love. How could it exist in a world so cruel? But then Chanel happened, and everything changed.

For the first time, I felt as though I’d met someone I could truly share my life with. Be open and honest with. Let in on the darkness of my life and the pain of my upbringing. And she was there for me. She looked and listened and helped me in ways I never thought possible.

And it was then that I understood that we were meant for each other.

Looking back, I probably would have done some things differently. I inadvertently caused her some pain, and I wish I could take that back, but Chanel always tells me that it’s fine and that it’s those things that made us who we are today.

“Like Chaos Theory,” she told me once with a smile. “From Jurassic Park.”

I never thought I could fall so hard for a woman. But it was like I was flying high in my own private jet, and Chanel suddenly shot it out of the sky, and I came crashing down to earth to find her standing there, glowing in the sun, looking radiant and s*xy…and I was done. Helpless. I was hers for good.

I’m just heading down the stairs when I hear the front door open and the sound of her heels on the floor.

“Is that my little—”

“Shhh!” Chanel laughs as she comes in. She points to Ben’s room. “He’ll hear you!”

Grinning, I pull her into my arms and wrap my hands around her thin waist. I crush my l!ps to hers and k!ss her like I always do, like we’ve never k!ssed before.

Somehow, every time I see my wife, it’s like the first time. And she’s still so goddamn tight that every time I slide inside her it feels like the first time. She still drives me crazy and turns me on as much as ever – maybe more now that I saw her become the mother to my child.

I find her tongue with mine and pull her close and cup her ass through the fabric of the gray business pants she’s wearing. She m0ans slightly and traces the muscles of my back like she always does.

“Close the deal?” I whisper. She nods with a contented sigh. “I know you would. You’re a killer, girl.”

Chanel giggles. “Can I say goodnight to him?”

“If you’re quick about it and don’t keep Daddy waiting.”

My gorgeous wife brings her l!ps to my jaw and gives me a delicate k!ss. “I won’t be long.”

She sways her h!ps as she walks, knowing my eyes are glued to her body. She is perfection, and my c0ck grows as I watch her move. I follow her up the stairs to the second floor, wishing I could take her right now.

I wait at the door as she says goodnight to Ben, who’s already halfway to sleep town. And when she comes out again, I’m on her.

She’s in my arms and over my shoulder in a flash, and then I’m tossing her down on the bed and undressing. My c0ck is already hard when I pull it out and she gives me those same lustful eyes she always gives me when she’s turned on.

I snatch her pants off and bury my face in her pvssy. She m0ans as I spread her open and find her cute little cl!t and apply pressure.

God, I fvcking love my wife.

Her taste. Her scent. The way her body begins to quiver as I work my magic, knowing exactly what to do to please her.

“Titus…” she whimpers as I roll her little button with precise circular motions. I reach up with both hands and slide under her shirt to find her bre*sts. Her n!pples are hard, signaling her ar0usal for me. I pinch them slightly, causing her back to arch and her h!ps to buck up against my mouth, adding to the pressure from my tongue.

I gr0an into her pvssy as my c0ck throbs. I’m desperate to be inside her, but I also am in heaven now. Watching her come…I love it more than anything. Pleasing her pleases me, and knowing that right now she’s not thinking about anything other than what I’m doing to her makes me feel like a king.

“Don’t stop,” she whispers. “I—I’m close.”

I may the one who usually gives the orders, but I know how to listen too. And even if she’s asking, I’m the one in control.

I flatten my tongue against her, tasting the warm rush of juices signaling her imminent cl!max. Her soft body begins to twitch, and her supple th!ghs tighten around my head.

She’s close.

I gr0an into her again, and she goes over the edge. I move my hands from her bre*sts to her h!ps and hold her so she doesn’t buck away from my mouth. She cries out and grabs my head for stability as I hold my tongue where it’s meant to be. I’m smiling into her as she starts to come down, and when I finally pull my l!ps from her sweet little flower, she immediately flips over and gets on all fours in front of me.

She looks dazed as she brushes her hair from her face and takes her position beneath my c0ck. “God, baby,” she mutters as she takes it in her hand. “How are you so amazing?”

Without waiting for a reply, she takes my c0ck into her mouth and goes all the way down on it – a trick she learned after four months of practicing. My eyes close, and I gr0an as her nose presses against my abs. She extends her tongue and licks my balls as she deepthroats me.

My c0ck pulses, and I almost come right then and there. I grab a fistful of her hair and begin to fvck her throat using short strokes, staying deep inside her.

Submissive eyes look up at me as she takes it, being my sweet little wh0re, my obedient little slvt. But only for me. Mine and no one else’s.

“I could come right now, you know that?” I growl. “But I’m not going to. I know you want my c0ck in your pvssy, don’t you?”

Chanel’s eyes sparkle, and she nods her head the best she can. I thrust nice and deep, then pull back. My c0ck is dripping with saliva as I snatch her h!ps and position myself behind her.

She loves being spanked, so I give her two strong ones before I enter her. We may have fvcked countless times before, but my thickness still gets her every time, and she flinches like she always does. I ease inside her and stroke her back as she gets used to it. And then I start to hammer her.

“Titus!” she cries out, snatching a pillow to bury her face in.

It’s the best s*x of my life. Chanel is a goddess, and every day I thank my lucky stars that I met her. She needs me, and I need her.

I thought I had it all. I conquered every obstacle in my path, but there was something missing in my life – something I didn’t even understand until I met her. Our path to getting here was filled with obstacles, but we overcame them together, and the destination was worth every bit of it.

We were meant for each other. I’m sure of that now. There isn’t another woman on this planet who could make me as happy as Chanel does – who could make me feel like a total and complete man.

NowI really do have it all.

“I—I’m coming,” Chanel m0ans. My wife tightens down on me, and I feel the rush that will send me over the edge. I could try and fight it, maybe last a little longer, but I know what she wants, and I want it too.

To come together.

So I give in to her seduction. My c0ck explodes inside her, giving her the final push she needs. I collapse on top of her, crushing her against the bed as she comes.

“You feel it?” I growl as I shoot my load. “You little slvt?”

“I feel it!” she all but screams as she shakes beneath me. I twist her head to mine and find her l!ps with mine. We k!ss hungrily as we share each other’s cl!maxes. I bury all my inches inside her as we start to come down and stay inside her long after we’ve both regained our senses.

“I don’t want to pull it,” I tell her.

“Mmm, you never do.”

“You make my pull-out-game weak,” I joke, causing her to laugh.

“I’m sorry, Daddy. Don’t be mad at me.”

“You know what I think?” I whisper, letting my l!ps graze her ear. “I think you should stop taking your birth control so we can have ourselves another baby.”

Chanel smiles and lets out a little m0an of contentment. She reaches back with a hand and finds my jawline, tracing its line with a fingertip.

“I like that idea,” she muses. “But I have to tell you something, honey.”

“Oh, yeah? What’s that?”

“I already did.” I have to laugh. Sometimes I wonder if we read each other’s minds.

“If I didn’t love you so much, I’d pretend to be angry,” I tell her.

“Mmm, but you do, don’t you?”

“You know I do, baby. You love me?”

Chanel k!sses me gently. “Of course I do, Daddy. As if it really needs to be said.”

The End

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