His Dark Obsession Chapter 4

This can’t be happening. I’m going to wake up any second and realize this was the most intense dream of my entire life. Then I’m going to go to my therapist and ask them what the hell it all meant. All I have to do is just close my eyes, tell myself it’s time to wake up, and I will.

Eyes closed.

Deep breath.

Wake up. Wake up, Chanel.

I open my eyes, but not because I want to. But because Titus spanks me hard on the other cheek, causing my back to arch as I twist in pain.

“You work out? That as*s is fvcking amazing.” I can hear genuine admiration in his voice. For a brief second, I allow myself to feel proud, but then my rational mind takes over and scolds my instincts into submission.

No. That is not okay. Fvck this guy.

He’s working on my p*nts now, trying to get them off. They stick on my heels, so he takes them off too.

“You know, I’m not a feet guy. But if I was, I’d like yours.”

Great. Thanks a lot.

He tosses my p*nts aside, leaving me fully n*ked, face-down on my couch with my own p*nties stuffed in my mouth. Then, as if to further humiliate me, he puts my heels back on.

“I bet you haven’t felt this way in years,” he says as he walks around to stand in front of me. Without his hand on my back, I can look up at him. His eyes drag up and down my body, taking in every private inch. His gaze is ravenous. Like he’s starving for me.

He’s enjoying this.

“Out of control,” he muses. “Someone else telling you what to do. And you know what? Even if you won’t admit it now – even to yourself – you like it.”

“Like hell I do!” I try to scream, but my underwear muffles my words, causing Titus to laugh.

“Still defiant. Well, we’ll have to fix that.”

He strides away from me and into the kitchen, leaving me alone on the couch. This is it. My chance to escape.

I twist and fall off the couch and onto the floor. My hands may be bound behind my back. I may be n*ked, but I can still run. So I do. Straight for the elevator. And I almost reach it too. But just as I’m about to press the call button with my foot, Titus snatches me by the ankle with his iron grip.

I topple backwards, but before I can hit the ground, he catches me like a gymnast spotter. I’m so shocked I actually look up at him with genuine relief. But then I see the look in his eyes, and my blood starts boiling again.

“Don’t try that again,” he warns me. “Or I’ll have to punish you even harder.”

Like I’m some kind of mannequin, Titus takes me by the ankles and drags me back over to the couch. I’m starting to cry but push the tears back.

No. He won’t see that.

How is he so strong? It’s nothing to him to manhandle me like this. Even when he lifts me, his rough hands on my h!ps, it’s like I don’t weigh a thing. Then I’m back on my stomach, and he’s binding my ankles together.

“I found this belt of yours in your room,” he explains casually, as though he were telling me what the weather will be tomorrow. “This will probably ruin it, but you’re rich. You can buy another one.”

Again I try to curse at him, and again, my p*nties muffle any sound coming out of my mouth. I thrash, trying to prevent him from completely binding me into submission, but it’s no use. He’s simply too overpowering.

He wants to humiliate me. He wants to degrade me. Why? I have no idea.

I should have known better than to take this meeting with him. I shouldn’t have listened to Amy—

Amy! That’s it. I didn’t turn off my alarm system when I came into the house. It’s on a three-minute timer that if I don’t enter in my key code, Amy will be automatically notified, as will the police. All I have to do is wait it out and they’ll be here to rescue me.

Rescue me…

God, how embarrassing. All the things I’ve accomplished – being a woman in a man’s world, and still, I’m going to need men to come and save me.

I stop thrashing. I stop resisting. I focus on my breathing and wait. Whatever Titus has planned for me is going to take longer than it will take for the men with guns to arrive. Then he’ll be sorry he ever laid eyes on me.

“Giving up?” Titus asks. “Don’t do that, little wh0re. It’s nowhere near as fun for me. Or you.”

Fun for me? What part of this is fun for me?

Sure, maybe my animal side is slightly enjoying a tiny part of this, but that doesn’t mean anything. I can’t control that aspect of myself. The part of me that understands how wrong this is is the part I’m listening to right now.

He rolls me roughly onto my back and examines me with narrow eyes. God, it’s like he’s reading my mind. Slowly, a cruel smile comes over his face, and my heart sinks.

He knows.

“Ahhhhh, the alarm system,” he chuckles. “You think they’re coming to save you, don’t you? Yeah, that’s not happening. See, you and I have the same system in our houses, and I know how to disable it, which I did when I went to your room to get this belt.”

I can’t stop it anymore. Tears spill from my eyes. He’s defeated me. I’m stuck here, a prisoner in my own home, until he’s decided he’s done with me.

The bulge in his p*nts has grown somehow, stretching the thin white fabric so it’s almost see-through. I can make out the outline of his cock, the color of the skin, and the swollen tip. There’s even a spot of wetness.

Pre-cum. I may be the world’s oldest virgin, but I know what that is.

“Don’t cry. That’s too weak for a woman like you. Don’t act like you don’t want this.”

“I don’t want this!” I try to shout. My words are barely possible to make out, but Titus understands them and laughs.

“No?” he asks. “Then explain this?”

He leans in, looming over me like a dark shadow, and drags a finger up the inside of my thighs. I shiver at the sensation and buck my body up off the couch. But he presses me down with a hand on my throat and simply shakes his head while keeping his eyes locked on mine.

When he reaches my womanhood, I understand what he means. With his fingertip, he parts my slit, and I feel the moisture. My heart sinks even lower. Now we both know; a part of me does want this. And as he gently finds my cl!t, that part begins to rise within me.


Impossible to ignore. It races through me, beating back every other sensation I’ve been feeling.

Except for shame.

The shame amplifies exponentially. My cheeks blush until they hurt as my h!ps begin to move on their own, grinding back against his finger. His growl is like an injection of excitement, and my body takes over, forcing a m0an out of my throat. It muffles into my p*nties. Suddenly, gagging on them is a turn-on. A humiliating one.

“That’s my little wh0re,” Titus purrs, circling my cl!t with his finger. “You can protest all you like, but you know you love it.”

Fvck. Fvck you. I want to scream. Throw my fists at him. Beat my knuckles against his thick chest. But all I can do is writhe beneath him, firmly submitting to his control.

“Are you my little wh0re?” he asks, knowing damn well I can’t answer him. “Are you?”

God no. I’m no one’s wh0re. I’m a businesswoman. I’m a CEO! I run my own company. I’m a boss.

But none of that matters right now, does it? Because right now I’m just a woman – a small woman beneath a strong, enormous man. And there’s nothing I can do.

“Yes…” I manage to mutter. It may be incomprehensible to him, but he can read my eyes.

“That’s right,” he tells me. “Am I your master?”

“Yes.” I nod.

Submission. Full submission.

“If I take those little wh0re p*nties out of your mouth, are you going to scream? Remember, no one is coming to save you.”

He circles my cl!t while he speaks, making it almost impossible to focus. I am still blushing. The shame is still sweltering inside me. But I manage to nod. He’s right; there’s no point in fighting it any longer. Especially when one side of me is telling me to give in. Maybe more…

So I nod, and Titus grins.

He reaches into my mouth and pulls my p*nties out and tosses them. I open my mouth to say something – I’m not even sure what – but that’s when he does it. He applies a pressure that shoots through me like lightning. My back arches painfully, and a swift sensation of satisfaction falls over me.

“Good little wh0res come for their masters,” he whispers, getting so close his l!ps almost touch mine. I fight back the instinct to k!ss him.

His scent is thick in my nose. His body heat presses down on me with immense pressure. He’s enjoying this. I thought he was going to take me, make me pleasure him, but he’s doing the exact opposite.


I feel it. It’s coming. There’s no stopping it. He’s simply too skilled. His finger moves with such precision, such knowledge of my body that all I can do is accept it and hang on for dear life. With my wrists bound and my ankles bound, I’m at his mercy. His dominance is my only reality now. Titus is the center of my universe, and I’m bound to his orbit. In fact, the whole world probably is, and they just don’t know it yet.

Still. I resent him for this.

I know I’m about to orgasm. It’s going to be intense – maybe the greatest of my life, and that angers me even more. Why does it have to be him? And why like this?

“I hate you,” I manage to mutter, my voice barely a whisper. “I’m going to tell everyone what you did.”

“No, little wh0re. No, you’re not. In fact, you’re going to come begging to me,” he replies. Such confidence. Not even a hint of weakness in his voice. “Begging for more. Begging for my cock. Begging for me to take your cherry. And you know why?”

“Fvck…you…” I whisper as my body begins to shiver. God, it’s seriously going to happen. My wetness drips down my thighs, my butt, onto my couch. It’s a purely primal reaction that I can’t control. But if I can’t control it, I’m not going to ruin it.

I give in, and as Titus applies more pressure, I explode.

Like a star in his universe, I go supernova. My breath escapes me, and my eyes roll back. I close them as my l!ps open. My mouth hangs as my body goes tense, every fiber of my being reacting.

My cl!max rolls over me with unrelenting power. I have maybe a brief second of peace before my body goes into a fit, seized with pleasure so beyond anything I’ve experienced that I don’t even have a name for it.

Somewhere behind it all, I can hear Titus growl.

“That’s right, little wh0re. Come for your master.”

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