His Dark Obsession Chapter 5

Fvck. His words are so degrading. So humiliating. And all they do is make me come even harder.


“You love it, you little slvt,” he continues as I writhe. “You need a man like me to make a wh0re out of you. Don’t you?”

Don’t answer him.

I may have given in to this, but I won’t satisfy him with the answer he’s looking for. Even if it’s the right one.

My eyes open to the lights of the city reflecting in the windows. But my vision is blurred. Finally, the last of the most intense cl!max of my life flows through me, and I go limp, an empty vessel, a new woman, lying bound on her own couch, humiliated beyond belief.

I hear Titus breathing, but he says nothing. He’s just watching me. After a moment, I manage to look at him. As I do, he takes his finger – the one he used on me – and slides it between his l!ps and svcks.

I’m horrified.

“No!” I blurt out. “The taste—”

Guys always joke about how it’s gross to go down on women. How it’s only something they do if they really like the girl or if she’s just showered or whatever. But Titus’ eyes flare as he pops his finger out of his mouth like a lollipop.

“Tastes so sweet,” he tells me. “And if you deserved it, I might treat that little v!rgin pvssy of yours to my tongue. Or maybe even my c0ck. But you don’t. Not yet at least.”

For some reason, hearing this angers me.

“Poor me,” I reply sarcastically.

“That’s right. Poor you.” Titus stands, still smiling, and pulls his c0ck out of his p*nts. I can’t even help it; I gasp.

It’s enormous. Of course. I would expect nothing less. Long, stiff, thick, and veiny. A pure example of his power and dominance. I may have just come, but my body reacts again, sending more moisture to where it is needed.

He strokes it slowly, keeping his eyes on me the entire time.

It makes no sense. Why go through all this trouble to not fvck me? To make me come? Now, he’s showing me his c0ck, but not in a threatening way. It’s almost like he’s trying to make me actually upset that he isn’t giving it to me.

And…it’s working.

“Can’t even keep your eyes off it,” he tells me. “A woman like you – she sees something she wants, and she goes for it.”

It’s hard, but I tear my eyes away from his manh00d as the cacophony of sensations within me continue to ripple throughout my body like waves on the once-serene surface of a still pond.

I can feel my pulse between my th!ghs, like a miniature heartbeat. My ears are both buzzing. Every nerve is on high alert, and I’m taking deep gulps of air to satisfy my need. But there’s another need…a deeper one…one that only Titus can satisfy.

I hate to acknowledge it. But what I hate even more is that he knows it.

“So,” he continues, stroking his c0ck with a strong hand, “I can’t blame you for seeing this and wanting it. But…” He examines me with something like detached interest. It’s almost like a scientist might look at a plant specimen they were observing. “No. I don’t think I’ll give it to you. Not tonight.”

It’s strange to feel both relieved and disappointed at the same time. But the mixture of emotions takes me, and I breathe a deep sigh and slump back, allowing my body to finally relax. The belts are still tight around my wrists and ankles; I’m not going anywhere. Not until he says I can.

“But I also can’t leave. Not until I’ve gotten off too. Care to help me with that?”

“No,” I lie. Well, is it a lie?

I know it’s wrong to want to help him with that. But I can’t help the part of me that actually wants to. The thought of having him inside me – either in my mouth or between my legs – floods my mind like a tsunami, obliterating all other thoughts. What would it be like to hear him gr0an from pleasure? Would he even allow himself to do that around me? Or would he be as stony and detached as he is now?

“I think you do, little wh0re.” He smiles, stepping closer. His c0ck is close to me now, inches from my face. His scent is stronger. Alluring. Masculine. Threatening to overwhelm me. “I think you want to taste my cu*m. Even if you won’t admit it.”

“You a mind-reader now?”

Titus shrugs, causing his broad shoulders to expand beneath his shirt. I wonder what kind of body he has beneath his clothes. Probably infuriatingly incredible, just like his face.

“You’re easy to read, little wh0re. That’s why I know you want to svck this right now. Hell, you want more, but I’m not going to give it to you. Not yet.”

I feel as though Titus has a spotlight shining directly on me. Exposing me. Seeing through me to my deepest, darkest desires that I never even knew were there. He knows what I want, and I’m barely even able to acknowledge it myself.

I want to say it.

I want to.

But I can’t. So the best I can do is, “If you want me to svck it, you’re going to have to make me.”

It’s as though an enormous weight lifts off my ch3st. I sneer at him, causing his eyes to flare.

“Open your mouth,” he instructs, his voice sharp like a cruel professor. “And watch your teeth. Or you’re going to get it.”

I expect him to move right in, but he waits, his eyes on me.


“No,” he replies with a slap. “That’s not how you respond, is it?”

The pain is a jolt to my system. My mind snaps into gear again. “Yes…master. No teeth.”

Titus smiles, and I feel the warmth inside begin to spread. “Good girl.”

He grabs a fistful of my hair and guides my face to his c0ck.

Yeah, this is really about to happen.

I have no idea what I’m doing, so I’m thankful when Titus continues to guide me. All I do is open my l!ps, and the next thing I know, my mouth is full. Now what?

“Don’t just lie there like a dead fish,” he growls. “Svck it.”

I look up at him, and he must see the vulnerability in my eyes, because he c0cks his head to one side and stares. “No. It’s not possible. You haven’t had s*x…okay. But you’ve never given head before either?”

There’s only so far I can shake my head with his c0ck in my mouth. Titus growls, and I can’t decide if it’s a good growl or a bad growl. It’s almost as though he’s disappointed and excited at the same time. Which I can understand, considering the war of emotions that’s been raging inside me since our “meeting.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll teach you.”

He trusts forward with such unexpected strength that I gag and cough. But when I try to pull back, he pushes my head back down. Holy sh!t. He’s impossibly enormous. How could anyone ever take it all?

I’m choking, panicking, writhing on the couch, looking up at him as my eyes begin to tear up.

Don’t throw up. Do not.

It’s almost a matter of professional pride – like allowing a deal to fall through. If I fail at this, he won’t respect me. But then again, does he respect me at all anyway? He’s been treating me like I’m trash. Like I’m nothing. Like he knows better than me in every way.

His h!ps push forward. He goes deeper. I gag again and try to pull back, but his hand is like iron, an immovable anchor chaining me to him. I’m bound and gagged, his prisoner, submitting to his will, his manh00d showing me who the real boss is.

“Christ, maybe I should just fvck you,” he growls. “If you’re just going to gag the whole time.”

A spiteful vigor rises in me. I glare up at him through the blurred vision of my teary eyes and focus.

I can do this. The last thing I want to do is fail in front of him.

“Stop fvcking around and svck my c0ck, little wh0re. If you’re going to be my own personal slut, you need to be able to take it.”

His own personal slut. Jesus Christ. Who does this guy think he is? Does he expect me to come back to him after this? Begging for it? For him? I’ve met some arrogant men in my day, but talk about an ego.

But I need to focus.

I try relaxing my throat, focusing on breathing instead of panicking as Titus renews his thrusting. He gives me a brief respite and withdraws, proudly showing off his c0ck, glistening with my spit, standing out tall like a Spartan spear. This time, before he can jam it back into my mouth, I lean in and take it.

“That’s it,” he gr0ans as the thick crown pushes my cheeks apart. “That’s a good girl. Svck your master’s c0ck.”

I m0an an affirmation back as I swallow as much as I can take, doing my best to suppress a gag. His strong fingers thread through my hair, not forcing me down as much as holding me in place as if to remind me that I belong to him.

As though I could forget…

I want to punch him in the balls and might just try if my hands were free. But at the same time, I want to make him come, and it kills me that I don’t know why. I tell myself it’s just to get this over and done with.

“You fvcking love it, don’t you? I know you do. That’s why you’re so good at it.”

Pride. I feel it in my ch3st, and even though I try to push it away, it sticks.

God, I have to get it together. Is this seriously something to be proud of? Who would I brag to about this accomplishment?

Titus presses deeper, forcing my throat open around his girth. Everything in me wants to gag. Cough. Get him out. But I don’t give in. I hold it there and breathe, gazing up at him with my best puppy dog eyes, practically begging him to come for me.

He’s a dog. An animal. I can’t even wrap my head around how a man could bring himself to do something like this to a woman, but what’s even worse is I can’t understand how a part of me is enjoying it.

What more will he do to me? Is he really going to leave when he’s…done? I don’t buy it. I bet he sticks around to humiliate me more, degrade me, break me down until I turn into his little slave. He’d like that, wouldn’t he? A powerful man like him who’s used to getting his way. I’m just another trophy to him.

Part of me wants to bite down hard, but I can’t imagine what that would get me. He’s vicious and capable, and no one is coming to my aid.

“Feel my c0ck growing?” he asks. I do. It’s swelling even larger between my cheeks. I try to keep the skin from touching my teeth, but it’s almost impossible. “I’m going to unload in your mouth now, slut. And you’re going to swallow every last drop. Understand?”

I use my eyes to respond.


I don’t know who’s crazier, him or me.

His release is precipitated by a dark, low growl. Then I feel the explosion of hot, sticky, warmth across my tongue. Salty and sweet, it sprays against the back of my throat, causing me to gag again. But I don’t cough; I keep my mouth shut and my eyes glued defiantly on his as I swallow obediently like he wants me to.

My master.

“That’s it,” he gr0ans. “Swallow it all.”

I don’t stop until I feel the last pulse of his thick c0ck. Then, slowly, he pulls out.

“Fvck,” he says with a sigh as he stuffs it back into his briefs and then zips his p*nts halfway. It doesn’t look like he’s getting soft at all. “Hard to believe you’ve never done that before, but I guess you’re good at everything, aren’t you?”

“You taste like sh!t,” I lie just to piss him off. But Titus just shakes his head.

“Nah, I don’t. I drink pineapple juice.”

“Whatever that means.” I shrug. Still smiling, Titus walks to the kitchen. This time, I don’t even bother trying to run. What’s the point?

When he returns, he has a knife in his hand.

My heart leaps, and a fresh dose of panic hits me.

“Holy sh!t!” I gasp as I scramble backwards.

“Relax,” Titus chuckles. “I’m not going to kill you. Just going to add an epilogue onto our little game.”

He leans down and drops the knife a few feet away from me on the couch.

“I’ll leave this here for you to free yourself. Strong woman like you wouldn’t want a man to help her, right?”

“You really are a…” I stop myself. No. Better not to speak that way to him. Something inside me reminds me of my place. “Yes, master.”

His eyes light up again, and for a second I think he’s going to take it to the next level with me. But he doesn’t. He leans in, and as though we were a couple of teenagers at the end of our first date, k!sses me on the forehead.

Wow. In another life, Titus could have been a gentleman.

“I’ll see you, my little wh0re.” Finally managing to button his p*nts, Titus strolls casually to the elevator and presses the call button. The doors ding, and before he gets in, he leaves me with one final parting quip. “Oh, and let me know when you want to sell your company to me.”

Son of a b!tch.

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