His Dark Obsession Chapter 8

Control. That’s what this is about. We both have it, but he has more and I want less. I want to be wet clay molded in his hands. I want to serve him. Please him. Prove myself as a woman. Even if I fail at keeping my company afloat, I won’t fail at this.

I am a leader. Every day I lead my company and my employees. But now, I want to follow. I want to live richly and darkly in my femininity. I want Titus standing over me, looming, controlling, bending me to his will, his desires, his pleasures. God, I want to orbit his s*xuality as he helps me discover mine. I want to be dominated, completely and utterly by a man who, at this moment, is my professional enemy.

“On your knees,” he repeats. I realize I’ve been standing and staring like an idiot.

This is so wrong. If anybody saw me doing this, or even heard about it, my reputation would be destroyed. And the fact that I know this has my body buzzing. My n!pples are hard, and the warmth is back between my legs. As I get down in front of him, I’m brutally aware of our size difference, and when his fingers thread through my hair, I am reminded of his strength.

“Look,” he tells me as he guides my hand between his legs. “Already.”

He’s hard. His bulge is threatening to burst from his hands. He takes another sip of his whiskey and nods. “Take it out.”

So sure of himself. There isn’t a doubt in his mind that I will do as he says. That makes me love him and hate him even more at the same time.

What a son of a b!tch.

His top button practically explodes off when I pop it. I tug his fly down, and he moves his h!ps slightly so I can pull his p*nts down. His monster, the enormous member he calls a pen!s, emerges like some primal s*x object of supreme lvst. Thick, veiny, and dripping with pre-cu*m, I can barely restrain myself from shoving it in my mouth.

But I’m not running this show. Titus is.

“Stroke it,” he tells me. Tentatively, I reach up and do my best with my right hand, but he shakes his head. “Softer. It’s not a baseball bat.”

“It’s as big as one—” He shuts me up with a slap that shocks me. “I was giving you a compliment!”

Another slap. Harder. My ears ring, and I feel the instinct to lash out and fight him but manage to suppress it. Barely.

“My little wh0re’s job is to listen and obey. Not to speak. Understand?” I start to reply but quickly close my mouth and simply nod. “Good. Now stroke my c0ck. Softer this time.”

I’m ashamed for not knowing what I’m doing. This is a man who must have bedded countless women, and I’m using my hand on him like a total amateur. If I’m hurting him, he’s doing a good job of hiding it as he sips his whiskey and pays me absolutely no attention whatsoever. In fact, he leans back on his desk, grabs his tablet, and starts swiping through it.

He’s…ignoring me. While I stroke his c0ck?

Yes, the message is clear: I’m here to do as he says, when he says it, and pleasure him. He’s not here to serve me.

The realization gives me goosebumps. He’s incredible. It’s like he’s discovered this secret safe inside of me that only he has the key to. I didn’t even know it was there until he made me aware of it. But now, it’s like a whole world has opened up in front of me, and I’m simultaneously thrilled and terrified to discover it.

His c0ck is hard as steel, but the skin is soft and warm. Keeping my nails away, I trace the line of the thick vein leading up to the strong, swollen head. It’s darker than the rest and reminds me of a battering ram. I can’t even believe I had it in my throat and am seriously questioning how that will fit inside me.

If he wants to do that, that is…

I lick my l!ps, realizing my mouth is wet too. He’s doing this to excite me, deny me, make me understand the full extent of my desire for him. My n!pples are hard. I’m begging for his touch, but he won’t even look at me. It’s torture – the sweetest torture imaginable.

“You can svck it now,” he says casually, his eyes still on his tablet.


I burst with excitement as I go down on him.

This will get his attention.

But even as I swallow his thick crown and take his c0ck into my mouth, he barely even seems to notice. One single deep breath. That’s all the recognition I get as I do my best not to gag on his enormous length. It’s like he’s mocking me, goading me. Daring me to do better.

I can take it all.

With a deep breath, I do my best to swallow Titus’ entire c0ck.

“Don’t fvcking gag,” he snarls as I cough and pull back, my eyes starting to water.

“You’re…so huge…”

“What did I say about speaking?” he asks as he pushes me back down on his throbbing member. I don’t even have any breath left in my lungs and begin to panic as I start to suffocate.

I brace myself against his th!ghs and try to push back, but Titus is not having it. He makes a sound with his l!ps and holds my head firmly down where he wants it. The strong tip of his c0ck presses against the back of my throat. I gag, but unable to pull back, I can’t cough or draw breath.

The edges of my vision grow dark. Titus has to know what he’s doing to me.

Am I going to pass out?

“Aw, feeling light-headed?” he asks, taunting me as I start to go weak. If he doesn’t let me go soon, I’m going to…

…going to.

With a sudden j*rking motion, Titus tugs my head up and off of his c0ck. I gasp for air, coughing and p*nting like I’ve just almost drowned.

“You!” I shout. “I could have—”

“Silence!” he bellows. The sound of his voice shocks me, and I shut right up. My first thought is whether or not he’s going to slap me again. The second is whether or not the people working out front heard that or not.

All of this is going on in a place of business.

“You’re a sh!t c0cksvcker, you know that?” he asks me. “You can’t even run your company without driving it into the ground. Care to try again?”

How can I be into this? Titus is the most rude, spiteful, humiliating man I’ve ever met, and here I am down on my knees, svcking his c0ck and wishing I could do a better job at pleasing him.

I nod and immediately go back down on him. But as soon as I start, he stops me.

“No, you know what? I think I’ll have that v!rgin pvssy now. Get up.”

“I can do it!”

“Shut up,” he growls, snatching me roughly by the throat. His hands are rough – not what you’d expect from a man who works in an office.

I almost trip over myself getting to my feet. Without hesitation, he brushes everything off his desk and bends me over it so hard I almost slam my face into the wood. Growling like an animal, he tugs my p*nts down to my knees, and without hesitation, spanks me. Hard.

I yelp but don’t speak. By now, I know my place.

“That’s for not accepting my offer.” He spanks me again on the other cheek. Harder this time. “And that’s for not answering my e-mail.”

I have to put my fist between my teeth to stop myself from shouting.

His strength is frightening. I can’t even imagine what he could do to me if he really wanted to hurt me. I feel the rush of blood between my th!ghs as my body continues to respond to his abuse. Deep inside me, a glowing ball of electric energy is spinning. My skin is burning with it.

“And this is for talking after I specifically told you not to.”

His final spank rocks me, pushes my stomach into the edge of his desk, and knocks the wind out of me. I try not to make any noise, but as the tears well up in my eyes, a whimper escapes my l!ps.

I feel like a failure. My company is circling the drain, and I don’t know how to please him. I failed at servicing his c0ck, and now I’m being punished for it. He’s going to take me next, but what if that displeases him as well? I don’t know if I will be able to survive the humiliation.

When he spreads me open from behind, I lean my head against the desk and let my hair fall over my face. I don’t want him to see me. He’s already seen more than any man.

“That’s a cute little pvssy.” His admiration calms me slightly. At least he likes something about me. If I can’t svck his d!ck right, at least he can enjoy looking at me. “Let’s see how it feels.”

I hear Titus step out of his p*nts. They fall to the floor, and he steps up beside me, his legs on either side of me. His c0ck falls onto the small of my back, and he leaves it there, letting me feel the weight. Anticipation rises within me like a pot about to boil over.

This is fvcking unbearable.

My whole body bucks as he drags a finger up my slit. I’m even wetter than I realized, and Titus makes a deep sound in his chest – a sound of approval.

“Oh, you’re ready for it. I knew you wanted it, you little slut. Now, let’s break that little pvssy in.”

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