His Dark Obsession Chapter 9

My body is hot from the adrenaline. My heart is ready to beat out of my ch3st, and my legs are quivering as Titus positions himself behind me.

The heat of his body is like an unseen force pressing down on me. The tip of his c0ck is pressing gently against my entrance, and he leaves it there as he slowly unbuttons his shirt and sets it aside.

He’s enjoying this. Watching me suffer. Making me wait.

This is his domain. He’s the master, and I’m his servant. He is in total control, and I have none. My only job here is to listen and obey.

What an unbelievable man. How could he know that this was what I needed? And to move with such confidence. It’s as though there wasn’t even a doubt in his mind that he could do whatever he wanted to me and I could accept it. It’s as though he knew I was his from the moment we met.

My heart skips several beats as he enters me. I’m so we*t that I easily spread for him, but as he pushes inside, there’s resistance.

“You’re a v!rg!n all right,” he growls. “I can feel your cherry. Let’s pop it, shall we?”

I grip Titus’ desk with both hands as he drives his c0ck inside me. With a dull pain, the resistance is gone, and he stretches me with all his inches. I m0an as a pleasure so intense I can barely understand it blooms inside me. Fvck, it feels amazing.

The pain fades quickly and is replaced by nothing but pleasure. My womanhood grips him as he begins to thrust, and I feel myself being wrapped in a blanket of bliss so warm and intense that I feel like I may just pass out.

As he fvcks me, I smile, my cheek rubbing back and forth against the hard wood of his expensive desk. If I could speak – if I knew how to put it into words – I would thank him for giving me exactly what I need without ever having to ask.

Titus just knew. He knows me better than I know myself apparently. I’ve been the boss for so long that I’ve forgotten how to be a woman. But he’s happy to show me how. My body is completely under his control, and all I can think about is the mind-numbing pleasure forcing all thought from my mind.

His strong hands seize my h!ps, and I feel him press his l!ps against my back, working up my spine to my neck. His teeth close around my skin, just enough to hurt. The pain amplifies the pleasure like a fuel, and I cry out through smiling l!ps.

He told me not to speak, which is just as well, because I would have no idea what to say. As his c0ck slides in and out of me, stretching me, threatening to split me in two, I’m consumed with deep gratitude. Nothing matters anymore. The world is this room. Us two. Titus and me.

He gr0ans behind me, and I bloom with pride. Yes, he’s enjoying this. I am good for something to him.

“I feel that pvssy getting tight on my c0ck,” he purrs into my ear. “You’re going to come for me.”

He’s right. I am.

My cl!max rushes up on me like a train and smashes into me with so much force that I can do absolutely nothing but let my mouth hang open as the pleasure sweeps through me.

Roughly, Titus buries his c0ck inside me. As I soar into the heights of bliss, I feel a powerful gushing sensation inside me as his c0ck erupts. His cu*m sprays into me, filling me up, driving me higher and higher until I’m sure I can’t take any more. And still I go higher until finally I cry out.

Titus muffles my mouth with a hand and digs his fingers into my h!p as he continues to come, filling me with his seed and dwarfing my existence with his pure, raw, animalistic dominance. I may be na*ked before him, but I’ve never felt this truly na*ked with another human being. And never in my life would I have thought it would be with him.

When he’s done, he slides his c0ck out of me and leaves me feeling empty. Without his support, my legs give out, and I fall to the floor. But I barely have time to catch my breath.

Titus snatches me by the hair and pulls me back between his legs. “Open,” he tells me. I’m barely even functioning. That org*asm left me feeling like a warm little puddle of contentment that I haven’t even begun to recover from. So I do what I should do in this situation; I obey.

His c0ck slides between my l!ps. I taste his cu*m. I taste…me.

I try to pull back, but Titus holds me firm. “No. Use your mouth to clean it, my little wh0re.”

The shame I was feeling is struck down by the flash of excitement. Every moment is unexpected with Titus, and he knows exactly how to treat me. There’s nothing I can hide from him. I’m sweating, woozy, and would be on my back gasping for breath if not for his fingers threaded in my hair.

This is what heaven must be like…

“Good girl,” he mutters. He releases me, and I fall back, my ch3st heaving, gulping air through my sore throat. “Here. Clean yourself up and get out.”

I open my eyes as he tosses a dirty paper towel at me. It’s covered in stains from whatever he ate for lunch.

This is so fvcking humiliating. But I place it quickly between my legs as Titus’ thick, sticky load drips out of me.

“So much…” I mutter to myself.

“Hurry up,” he tells me as he puts himself together. I shake my head, trying to get some of my senses back, but it barely helps. I’ve just taken the ride of my life and am going to need some recovery time.

“I-I just need to lie here for a while…” I tell him, my voice weak.

“Not gonna happen. I’ve got a meeting in five, and you’ve got to be gone.”


I do my best to sit up, holding the dirty paper towel between my legs, my post-org*asmic body still shaking. Reality comes crashing down on me, and I look around and remember where I am.

Titus’ office at the end of a workday. There are people just outside the door, and I’m a wreck, half-dressed, my hair all messed up and what feels like a pint of cu*m dripping out of me. And he’s telling me to get out? How fvcked up.

But what was I really expecting? For him to cuddle up with me and tell me how much he loves me? Right. And the next thing I know he’ll be proposing to me – the man who wants to buy me out of my own company.

“What’d you think this was?” he asks, buttoning his shirt.

“No, you’re-you’re right,” I stammer as I try to get to my feet. I almost fall but manage to brace myself against his desk and use the other hand to pull my pants up. “Is there a back way out of here?”

“There is,” he replies. “But you’re not going to use it.”

“Why-why not?” I can barely remember how to zip up my pants and button them. Is it possible for an org*asm to kill you?

“Because you’re going to do the walk of shame.” He smiles. “And then the whole world is going to know that I fvcked you silly.”

His words are like a hose of cold water spraying directly into my face. What was I thinking doing that here? Fvcking the man who wants to take over my company is bad enough, but if I was going to do it, why didn’t I do it at home? Or at his place?

All the faces out there…lawyers, accountants, secretaries, and number-crunchers. They’re all going to see me walking out, and they’re all going to know. My reputation and credibility will be destroyed. No one will take me seriously anymore. I’ll just be another woman looking to fvck her way out of a problem.

And that was Titus’ plan all along. This wasn’t about me; this was about him. He wasn’t reading my mind and giving me what I needed; he was taking what he wanted. And as I stare at him in disbelief, the smug look in his eyes confirms it.

“You bastard…” I manage to force the words from my l!ps. I don’t even care if he slaps me again. But this time, he doesn’t even move a muscle. No. The game is over now. He’s no longer my master, and I’m no longer his…his anything.

“Let me know when you want to close the deal,” he says as he takes a seat in his chair.

“That will never happen,” I spit.

“Keep telling yourself that. Oh, and close the door on your way out.”

He turns his eyes to his computer, completely ignoring me as though I was never even here. I might as well be a cleaning lady to him, here to take out his trash.

Walk of shame…

No. That’s not going to happen.

I pull the paper towel from between my legs and throw it at him, hitting him straight in the face with it.

“What the fvck!?” he bellows. He’s on his feet in an instant, but I’m already at the door. I tug it open and storm out of the office.

“Fvck you, Titus!” I shout back over my shoulder as I stride toward the elevator. “If you think you can treat me that way because I am a woman, then you have another think coming!”

All the eyes in the room are on me now, but not for the reason he wanted. As far as they know, we just finished a business meeting that didn’t go well. They would have no reason to suspect what really went on.

I smash my palm on the elevator button. Thankfully it’s on our floor. The doors ding, and I step inside. I turn around and see Titus is standing in his office doors, shooting daggers out of his eyes at me. Before the elevator doors shut again, I flip him the bird. It’s not much, but it gives me a tiny, minimum amount of satisfaction.

The descent back to the ground floor mirrors the sinking feeling I’m feeling inside. To be taken to such a high, taken both physically and psychologically to a place I never knew existed, and then to be torn down again and brutally driven back to reality…it’s simply too much to handle. And to make matters worse, it’s raining when I get outside. And not just raining – pouring.

The car is waiting for me, but I motion to the driver to go. He gives me an Are you sure? look, and I nod and start walking in the direction of my building.

No. I don’t deserve that now. I deserve to walk home in the rain, to be cold and further humiliated. This time, I’m going to punish myself for falling for something like that.

How could I have been so stupid?

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