How do you explain a gap in your resume?

There can be a gap in your CV for all sorts of reasons: not being able to find a job after being fired, an inspiring trip around the world or a period of illness. Not bad, but you have to be able to explain it well.

A gap in your CV is only negative if you do not explain it correctly. But how do you do that?

Honesty is the best slope

You don’t have to go into detail about your dismissal or personal problems, but don’t lie about it either. Recruiters immediately see that you are not sincere. You may already be able to explain the gaps in your CV, but you must at least explain them in your letter of application. Hiding, bluffing or lying is counterproductive: raise it yourself so that you keep the narrative about your career.

Be proactive

Are you currently in the middle of a hole? Fill that with courses, blogging on LinkedIn, volunteering and coaching. Keep working on your career, so you also show potential employers that you are proactive and ambitious. A hole is only serious if you have not learned anything from it.

Apply it in a positive way

Don’t say, “I couldn’t find a job,” but “I decided to take a few months to refocus my career.” Always tell what you learned from your unemployment, whether you chose it or not. And stay confident, because resumes on CVs are more common than you think. Employers are really used to it.

Show your ambitions

Make it clear that you do not intend to create another gap. Did you already do many different jobs? Then be careful not to give the impression of being away quickly. Show the skills you have learned in your various jobs and how they are useful in this position. Make it clear that you are looking for a long-term job, now that you have learned what you don’t want with all that job hopping.

Be prepared

If you’ve taken time out to travel, tell yourself that you’ve immersed yourself in new cultures, become very independent and flexible, and are now ready to embark on your career. Were you out of sickness? Then say that you did not feel capable of working due to medical problems, but are now back on top and ready for a new challenge. Have you taken time for full-time parenting? Be honest about that and emphasize what you have learned: discipline, organization, and multitasking. Prepare your explanation well.

Explain the holes on your resume so confident and honest. These are qualities that every employer wants to see. And maybe your future boss is happy with a hole! After all, you have already completed that world trip, care for young children or informal care period. Now you can go for your career with full force.

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