How do you request for a salary increase?

Have you been working for the same employer for a while? Then the time may have come to request a salary increase. But how do you do that? Some important tips for successful wage negotiation.

Choose the right moment

During a busy period at work, you can sometimes lose your motivation and wonder what you are doing it for. The urge to request better salary conditions at that time can be great. But you better wait for a quieter moment. Your boss will have more room in the agenda to really listen to you, and you can better prepare for the interview.

An ideal moment is when you have just completed a project, if you have a new client or after a positive evaluation. Your boss will be favorable to you and he or she will, therefore, needless conviction.

Prepare thoroughly

It is very important that you know what you want to achieve with the conversation. In other words: know exactly how much you want to earn. The Salary compass can be a useful guide in this. The tool allows you to compare your wage with that of other employees in the same sector, with similar work experience and diplomas. This way you do not set excessive requirements, which immediately deter the employer.

Proper preparation also ensures that you are less nervous during the conversation. It certainly doesn’t hurt to practice the conversation with a family member or friend. This way you will appear more businesslike and assertive during the real negotiation.

Convince your boss with measurable facts

Your boss doesn’t care if you are building a house, or that your children’s studies cost a lot. You have to convince him or her that you are an added value for the company. Complete your assets and list your achievements and results achieved. Try to substantiate your arguments with numbers as much as possible.

Even if your work situation has changed over the years – for example, you received more responsibility or were in charge of other employees – it is obvious that this must be compensated properly.

Mind you, even if you know after thorough preparation of what salary you have in mind, do not show it immediately. Try to get your boss to mention an amount. You don’t get stuck like that.

Look at the total package

Always talk about gross amounts during the interview. If you want to know how much you have left over from a certain gross salary, you can use the handy gross net calculator.

However, don’t just focus on wages. Extra-legal benefits, such as a laptop, company car or meal vouchers, can be worth a lot. They usually cost an employer less than a salary increase, making them often easier to obtain. Or maybe extra days off are worth more to you than a higher wage?

So, view the total package and try, in consultation with your employer, to adjust it to your personal wishes.

Think long term

Bear in mind that you may not immediately get your shot. If you receive a no to your question for a wage increase, you can, as previously stated, manage extra-legal benefits or other secondary employment conditions that cost the employer less.

How do you request for a salary increase?

If that doesn’t work either, start the conversation in a constructive way. What is the reason for the refusal? Is it about limited company resources? Then discuss with your boss when a pay raise would be in it.

Is it about your work performance? Then, also conduct an open conversation about this. What does your boss expect from you so that you can get an increase? Determine concrete objectives and agree on when they will be evaluated. Be sure to put those agreements on paper. That way you can come back to it more easily later.

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