How fashion design experts hit their money goals


How fashion design experts hit their money goals
Kofoworola Agboola

Kofoworola Agboola

Every day, you wake up with a prayer:

Dear God, let customers come my way today, I want to make big money, I want to be a big designer

You go on Instagram and see big designers, making big moves and dressing top stars, yet the customers that come your way are the type that still wants to price your Asoebi styles for less than N5,000.

You throw up your hands in despair and cry “God, When?”

But God works through His laws, at least that’s what the wise ones before us are saying, The laws of the Universe, in turn, work with SPECIFICITY, and PRECISION

Your Desire: Dear Lord, let customers come my way today, I want to be a Big designer and I want to make Big money.

A specific desire: Dear Lord, I want to make 1.5million from dressing 5 top stars this month.

Dear Lord, I want to make sales of N800,000 this month

Now let’s break down this desire/prayer into goals.
The first example of N1.5m
Some important questions to ask yourself :

1. What are my overhead costs every single month? Eg, the amount that I absolutely cannot do without spending money on things like fuel, salary, rent savings etc
Note it down.

2. How many items do I have for sale?
Eg- Andrea evening dress
-Shola Cocktail dress
-Simi Shift dress etc
Note them down

Now, if I want to make N1.5million from dressing 5 top stars this month, this means each person pays me N300k for an outfit right?

3. Next, list all the potential designers whose personal style fits the type of dresses you enjoy mak ing. Note that down

Next, list activities that will get you closer to this specific goal and focus on that only for this month. Activities like:

  1. 1. Research stylists that have worked with Genevieve

2. Research how to send an email pitch that will get answered

3. Research events this month that they are going to be attending etc

Now, you can focus on closing the deal for one star per week, and let all your activities be geared towards this point only.

Remember, NI 5million is just five 300k dresses. You can start with a smaller amount that your mind can believe in for now, and build your confidence from there

Second example…

Your desire: Dear Lord, I want to make 800k in sales this month

Let’s break your desire down into possible activities:

1. Note down your overheads like in the first example
2. Divide 800k by four weeks (200k)

3. List how many things you have for sale. This could include services as well Eg-

Basic pattern making training – 80k
Aso Ebi styles – 25k
Maxi bubus – 15k
Cooperate wear – 17k

To make 200k in a week,
1. Can sell one pattern making training – 80k
3 Aso Ebi customers – 75k
3 maxi bubus RTW – 45k

All marketing activities and strategies will be focused on this point and all.

Strategies flow more when you have a specific goal in mind.

Eg, you can have a “change your wardrobe strategy”

And have clients choose items worth N75k and make for them instead -, or collaborate with other vendors to sell bundles and complete looks. Ie, shoes, and bags – you get the idea.

Also remember that if 800k looks like a big deal per month, remind yourself that women you are targeting are making up to 700-800k per month or more as their salary, plus clothes is a necessity of daily life.

As you keep thinking in this direction, opportunities have no choice but to flow to you, because you have proven yourself able to channel your focus resourcefully

To your massive success

Kofoworola Agboola is a Fashion Designer, coach, and consultant and can be reached on [email protected]

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