How important is what we eat after exercise and why?

What you eat after exercise is just as important as what you eat before.

Eating the right foods after a workout will help you build muscle mass and recover faster.

When you exercise, your muscles use glycogen stores as fuel, and once you finish your workout, especially high-intensity ones, these glycogen stores will be depleted and you will be looking for more fuel. If you do not supplement them with the right sources through food, you may feel tired for the next two days while your body repairs them naturally.

During strenuous exercise, some of the proteins can also be damaged. This often happens during strength training sessions that focus on building muscle mass. But you can avoid fatigue and pain with the right supply after exercise.

That’s why an ideal post-workout snack is important to contain protein and carbohydrates. Carbohydrates will help you quickly restore your glycogen levels and proteins will help your muscles repair any damage caused during exercise.

Some good post-workout carbohydrate choices include sweet potatoes, quinoa, oatmeal and fruit. Protein options include yogurt, salmon or eggs.

Finally, it is recommended to eat something within 30 minutes after training because it is more likely that the muscles will be refreshed and repaired, than if you eat after hours.

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