How Long does Amazon Drug Test Take (Must Read)

The story is usually the same, from athletes to law enforcement officers to various employees or prospective employees of different companies.

They are generally subjected to drug tests. Drug tests are used primarily to check for potential drug usage by employees or prospective employees.

Many companies operate a very strict drug-free policy among their staff members, so drug tests help keep existing staff members and prospective staff members from deviating from their policy.

Drug usage is often grounds for instant dismissal in various companies.

This article will cover a wide range of issues. We’ll try to explain why companies conduct drug tests, does Amazon take drug tests, how long does Amazon drug test take, what are drug tests, et cetera.

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What is Drug Tests?

Drug tests are usually carried out on people to check for the presence or absence of illegal or prescription drugs in the body.

Medications often checked for include Heroin, morphine, methamphetamine (crystal meth), oxycodone, cocaine, marijuana, et cetera.

Drugs are either legal or illegal; as an employee in a company, you’re mostly prohibited from illicit drug use.

Why do Employers Carry out Drug tests?

There are several reasons employers carry out mandatory or random drug tests on prospective and existing employees. Some of these reasons include;

  • To provide safety for other members of staff. Employers must provide a safe, conducive and healthy work environment for their staff members.
    People under the influence of illegal drugs are a danger to themselves and other staff members, thereby making the work environment less safe.
  • To maintain a productive work environment. Drug use reduces productivity.
    Individuals who are under the influence of banned substances are rarely productive.
  • Drug tests by different companies protect the companies from sanctions by the government.
    Companies must carry out comprehensive drug tests to ensure a drug-free work environment by law.
  • Companies like to keep a spotless image; a drug-addled workforce is likely to tarnish that image or brand.
  • Drug tests also help diagnose individuals who have substance abuse problems. The previous reasons given for mandatory drug tests by employers were primarily for the company’s safety.

However, this reason helps identify people with drug problems by taking them to rehabilitation centres to help them overcome the addiction.

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Does Amazon Conduct Drug Tests?

Amazon is the world’s largest e-commerce retail company globally, and yes, they conduct drug tests on their employees.

The preferred method of drug testing by Amazon is a mouth swab. The warehouse employees are particularly targeted in these drug tests.

The Amazon hiring process involves three steps. They include the interview phase. When you get past the interview phase, and they’ve got an interest in you, you proceed to the background check phase.

How Long does Amazon Drug Test take?

Earlier in this article, we promised to provide answers to questions such as this: How long does the Amazon drug test take? Amazon drug tests take anywhere from 1 day to 2 weeks.

Some employees of Amazon said their test results came out within 24 hours of the time the swab was carried out.

Some claim they waited for two weeks before getting an email from Amazon.

Sometimes, the mail comes but gets hidden in the spam section of your mail. In some cases, the results come out inconclusive, and the person is required to go for another test. If a person fails a drug test, Amazon notifies the person via mail.

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In this article, we provided answers to the following questions: Does Amazon conduct a drug test, how long do Amazon drug tests take, why do employers such as Amazon conduct drug tests, what are drug tests, et cetera.

Recently, Amazon stopped checking for the presence of marijuana in their drug testing process because, in a growing number of states in the United States, marijuana use is no longer considered illegal.

How long Amazon drug tests take depends on different factors such as the volume of tests to carry out, the efficiency of the lab required to carry out such tests, et cetera.

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