How to get a job at Ernst & Young

From the first steps to the final interview, learn everything you need to know about how to get a job at Ernst & Young and discover the best way to be part of the EY team.

To get a job at Ernst & Young, you need to understand that your thinking is just as important as your skills. Show empathy and curiosity, as well as your ability to learn, question the world around you, come back from mistakes and stay creative. In a digital world that is becoming increasingly digital, we want you to have the greatest human qualities.

Before we continue, let us look at what Ernst & Young is all about and some of the things that form the existence of the organization.

About the Company

Ernst & Young is the fourth largest audit firm in the world.  The firm was founded in 1989 when the third-largest accounting firm at the time, Ernst &Whinney (based in Cleveland, Ohio), merged with the sixth-largest firm, Arthur Young (headquartered in New York), to form time that, was the world’s largest accounting firm.  As of 1999, Ernst & Young was one of the Big Five accounting firms that dominated the accounting business.

 A private partnership, Ernst & Young was owned by its senior partners.  Ernst & Young has provided audit services mainly to the world’s largest corporations.  She also specializes in tax advice for multinational companies.  In recent years, the firm has increasingly moved into the management consulting business, providing advice to clients in areas such as risk management, mergers and acquisitions, and the latest trends in the relationship between employees and management.  Other areas of services included information technology consulting and legal services.

  EY is a global leader in guarantees, taxation, transactions and consulting services.  We use our expertise, knowledge and services to help build trust and confidence in capital markets and economies around the world.  Our global goal is to drive progress and change the situation by building a better working world – for our people, for our customers and for our communities.

Is it easy to get a job at Ernst & Young?

Getting to Ernst & Young is not easy. Despite the fact that the company employs 83,000 people each year, about half of whom are students (divided between trainees and full-time employees), it receives about 2 million applications. In other words, there are about 25 applicants for one place. They need to be reduced through a combination of online tests and now virtual interviews. EY uses a variety of testing formats in different parts of the world, but in the West, its tools for recruiting students include Pymetrics games and the Hirevue digital interview system.

What is it like to work at Ernst & Young?

  As one of the world’s leading financial services companies, Ernst and Young began its business in the 19th century and has grown rapidly with world-class quality services.  The company adheres to a corporate structure that ensures effective communication and rapid decision-making on a global scale, which provides vital advantages over competitors.  EY hires experienced staff from a variety of professions to strengthen its strength through diversity.

  Trust and confidence are crucial not only among employees but also among consumers and investors in an interconnected global economy.  Ernst & Young’s professional services provide assurance through external audit procedures.  The quality provided by hard-working partners makes the company one of the most reliable, respected and influential organizations in the industry.  Employees also help companies around the world manage and develop financial assets and investments, and help companies turn strategies into reality with expert advice.

What do they look for when hiring?

When Ernst & Young hires, it looks for skills and competencies that match the vacancy you are applying for. Therefore, during the screening process, you need to look for ways to demonstrate this. Expect questions about the behavioral interview and prepare examples of cases where you have demonstrated the competencies that the firm wants. You can get questions like “Tell me about the time when you got into a particular situation” or “Tell me how you coped with failure.” They are looking for examples that have been recent and relevant, as well as fresher and more relevant.

They feel very strongly that the candidate’s recent actions, behavior and reactions are the best indicators of how they will react in the future. When you apply to EY, you should also expect questions about how you coped with the pandemic impact on your career.

Ernst & Young employee competence qualities

  • Strategic Transformation – Make strategic changes that meet your goals and people, processes, technologies and innovations
  • Purposeful transformation: helping organizations maximize their strengths and minimize the risks of sustainable change, focusing on people’s values ​​and outcomes (changes in behavior, culture, etc.).
  • Employee experience: focus on customizing people’s experiences during transformation.
  • Analytics-based: working with change analysis methodologies and tools for change that really work and are sustainable
  • Industry and market strategy: rethink business strategy and working models

Ernst & Young Interview process

Although some companies follow more traditional interview processes, EY is embracing this trend. After applying, EY candidates write down how they answer a set of pre-defined questions.

The first step is usually a video interview, which is a recorded interview where they answer a series of questions. This helps them get to know the applicants better, and they can train and prepare several times, because sometimes it can be a little confusing.

To pass this video interview process, candidates must take advantage of the process and practice several times. They need to make sure that they have allocated a significant amount of time to feel comfortable and relaxed. Most importantly, applicants should try to make their answers as authentic and sincere as possible, as the system can make people sound more mechanical than in a traditional interview.

How to get a job at Ernst & Young

Experienced candidates are asked to apply for open vacancies online. Applications will be reviewed by our recruitment team and the selected candidates will be contacted for further steps, which usually include interviews and other interviews. We may also ask you to perform a written evaluation. The exact structure and content of the assessment will depend on the country, service and role you are applying for, as different roles require different skills.

For certain roles, candidates may be required to provide additional materials, such as writing samples or coding questions. Check out VACANCIES or upload your resume to EY Watson Candidate Assistant.

Job vacancies at Ernst & Young hiring now

These are some job vacancies at Ernst & Young;

Job Title
Talent Attraction Specialist 1 Apply Now

Ernst & Young Application

  It takes about 30 minutes to complete the candidate’s profile and application.  You can save your program at any time and return to it if necessary.  To apply for more than one position or to work in multiple locations, you must complete an application form for each position.  It’s easy to view, update, or withdraw your applications with a candidate account.

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