How to get a Job at Peloton

Peloton Interactive is an exercise equipment company based in New York. Peloton sells internet-enabled stationary bicycles and treadmills that enables subscribers to participate in fitness classes remotely for a monthly membership fee of $39.

How it all Began

John Foley, a former executive at Barnes and Noble, shared with his colleague his idea involving merging technology and exercises in enabling people to participate in training classes remotely.

The Peloton was eventually formed in January 2012. The new company raised $400,000 in February 2012 and $3.5 million in December 2012.

Peloton started with just stationary bicycles, but by 2018, the Tread+ was introduced.

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Besides the whole virtual experience, Peloton also has physical locations where people who intend to buy can take a trial of the facilities Peloton offers, such as the stationary bike or tread.

They currently have close to 80 of those physical locations in the United States and Canada and a few in the United Kingdom.

Peloton also has studios where the fitness classes are filmed. 

They have two studios, one in New York and London. These classes are streamed via the 32” screen attached to stationary bike and treadmill.

By May of 2018, Peloton announced its plans to expand into Canada and the United Kingdom. They also have a presence in Australia.

Peloton has also been hit by its fair share of controversies, with the latest leading to the step down of the CEO John Foley and being replaced by Barry McCarthy.

They had to let go 2,800 employees because the company was haemorrhaging about 800 million dollars per annum. 

Peloton Careers

Peloton is a tech company first and a fitness company second. A good number of the jobs available at Peloton are IT related. Included in the list below are some of the Peloton career paths you can follow;

Web Content Coordinator

This is a remote-based job that entails the innovation, iteration and optimization of the digital presence of the company and the various eCommerce stores.

Job requirements include 2 to 4 years of working experience creating and managing web content. Sound knowledge of HTML is also another requirement. This is one of the Peloton Careers

Security Site Reliability Engineer

He/She/They would give consultations on system design and also support operational security.

Experience working with AWS, Linux system admin and a programming language would be an advantage.

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Senior Data Engineer

Job requirements include expanding and optimizing data and the pipeline architecture for cross-functional teams.

Knowledge of SQL and a minimum of 5 years experience as a data engineer is also required. The job is entirely remote.

Inventory Analyst

This is also fully remote. This Peloton career path requires the applicant to assist in regional compliance for inventory control Key Performance Index (KPI).

A bachelor’s degree and five years of experience are needed for this job.

Mobile Test Engineer – iOS, Android

This requires you to work with teams to understand test automation gaps, making tests a vital part of the software development process.

Three years’ experience is required for this Peloton career path.

How to Get a Job at Peloton

Pertaining how to get a job at Peloton, the head of talent at Peloton said there are over 400 applicants per open position, which means it’s challenging getting into Peloton.

He says the hiring process takes, on average, two to four weeks. There are quite a several jobs available at Peloton.

These jobs range from physical instructors to tech-related jobs. These are some tips to help you land your dream job at Peloton, You must:

  • Be very good at what you do
  • Be confident
  • Have the right skillset
  • Possess an acceptable level of social intelligence.

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Peloton is an exciting place to work in. Several reviews from employees both past and present have all been positive.

The jobs are very competitive, and the pay is also advantageous. You must be very good at what you do, and you must also possess the skill sets required by Peloton.

Skillsets that fit some of the jobs listed above. We explored some of these job requirements during this article, what it takes to get them, and how it all started in 2012. 

We hope this piece gives you the knowledge you desire. Kindly help us share it across your social media platforms.

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