How you answer most asked questions during job interview

A job interview: everyone is stressed for it and certainly for the questions, you will get. Have you noticed that the questions at a job interview are often very easy? You may even find them too easy and you think that you will receive trick questions during your application. Be sure to prepare enough.

The questions at a job interview are not trick questions. And there is no bad answer. The key to success is open communication without disguising things. You just have to present yourself in a professional and correct way.

Is there no question at all during the job interview? Not during the interview, no. The real trick questions are more before and after the interview. For example, the recruiter will ask if you have found the company quickly. The candidates will normally answer honestly and transparently. If they have been in a traffic jam, they will simply say so! “The message that they unintentionally convey indicates that it is not a smooth process, which often implies that the candidate will eventually look for a job closer to home.”

It is therefore important that you think carefully before you answer and that you do not start chattering about the first question that is asked. Build in a little reserve and do not give up everything immediately.

Below you will find the most frequently asked questions during a job interview and possible answers.

1. Tell us about yourself

You don’t have to tell your whole life straight away. You just have to explain briefly what your current situation is. Are you single? Do you have children? Where do you live? What are your interests? These are things that you don’t necessarily find on a resume, but that is important for an employer.

2. How would you describe yourself in one word?

It is important that your answer fits the vacancy for which you are applying. But always be yourself: if you give an answer that you cannot substantiate, you will sooner or later fall through the basket.

3. Name three positive and three negative qualities of yourself

We’re going to be brief about that. This is a question from the 1950s. If someone asks this question during your job interview, you can get up and leave. “Really not of this time.”

4. What would you do if you won the lottery?

How much? 10 million euros?! I am gone and will never come back! Logical, no?

5. Why do you want to work here?

You seem quite motivated and prepared for your job interview. Before you go to the interview, look for as much information as possible about the company. You can do that on the internet, in the media, in the company’s annual reports, … Remember the points that appeal to you. Make it as personal as possible often, the motivation of a candidate is often assessed.

6. Why are you the right person for this job?

Here too, preparation is the key to success. Research about the company is extremely important.

7. Do you still have any applications at other companies?

Give an honest answer to this, but only mention applications for similar positions. It is very strange if you are applying for a financial position and at the same time, you are applying for a yoga instructor.

8. What is the correct salary for this job?

If you apply for a certain job, you probably also have a certain salary in mind. Yet you should also think carefully about this. You can best see this with specialists. “As a recruitment consultancy, we try to help both candidates and employers with this. It would be all too bad that there is no match due to a small difference in pay expectations.”

9. What attracts you (not) in this job?

Link the tasks that you find interesting to your own strengths. That way, you immediately make clear why you are a suitable candidate for the position. Negative matters are best omitted. As long as you do not perform the job, you cannot know what is not good about it.

10. Do you have any questions yourself?

As a candidate, you may, therefore, ask questions during a job interview. The best thing to do here is to prepare 10 questions in writing in advance. That seems a lot, but it is a sign of good preparation. And you have something to fall back on because a conversation always has an unpredictable course. You have to show interest in the company, and you do that by asking a few more questions at the end.

For example, ask questions about the team and job content during your job interview. Think about the future. Ask future-oriented questions that highlight your motivation. Questions about holidays, working hours and salary should be avoided better. That doesn’t really sound motivated.

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