Human Rights Lawyer Condemns N100,000 School Fee In Ondo As Students Plan Protest


A human rights lawyer, Ayo Ademiluyi, has faulted the Ondo State Government over the sudden tuition hike at the Adeyemi College of Education, Ondo, Ondo State.

Ademiluyi in a statement on Sunday said the new regime of fees in the institution is to the effect that newly admitted students are to pay N100,900 with acceptance fee at N25,000 while returning students will pay between N65,000 and N72,000 in different categories.

He noted that it was a grand design on the part of the management of the Adeyemi College of Education to offload the responsibility of funding education onto the backs of parents and sponsors of poor students.

He said, “I condemn the fee hike in its entirety. I call for its immediate reversal. I am also aware of a planned protest march by Concerned Students of Adeyemi College of Education, Ondo for tomorrow, 10th May, 2021 on their campus.

“I call on the students’ union leadership of the institution to break off its present collaboration with the management in support of the fee hike through agreement with inclusion of increase in union dues from N400 to N1, 000 in the new fee regime and provide leadership for the struggle of mass of students against the fee hike.

“I am also aware of the threats by Divisional Police Officer in charge of Fagun Divisional Headquarters of the Ondo State Police Command to arrest and detain the leaders of the planned protest march of tomorrow, 10th May, 2021, who upon submitting a letter notifying the division of their planned protest of tomorrow, forwarded their names to the Chief Security Officer of the institution for possible victimisation.

“I hereby give notice to the Fagun Divisional Police Headquarters and the Ondo State Police Command that the machinery of law will be set in motion against it by me in the event of infringement of fundamental rights of students to assemble peacefully and protest lawfully by way of arrest or detention of students in the course of the protest march of tomorrow, 10th May, 2021.”

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