I Am Very Innocent Of This Allegation, Let God Be My Witness



The sudden death of IPOB commander, Don Ikonso has continued to get many easterners perturbed. As it seems, Nnamdi Kanu’s IPOB camp seems to be in disarray as accusations and counter-accusations have continued to reign supreme.

Presently, a fast-rising local musician has been fingered. The young man who is identified as Zonaboy Obi on Facebook is currently facing allegations of betraying late Ikonso.

Hours after IPOB members accused him of having a hand in the death of Ikonso, the young man has cried out to the public. In a video, Zonaboy released on social media, the young man said that he does not have a hand in the death of Ikonso. Zonaboy maintained that he was a good friend to Ikonso before he died. Here is what he said, “I am very innocent of this allegations, let God be my witness”, he said.

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