I Will Not Declare Biafra Until You Give Me Mandate – Nnamdi Kanu Tells Biafrans


Nnamdi Kanu

Nnamdi Kanu the leader of the biggest movement for Biafra restoration, Indigenous People of Biafra has given reasons he will not declare Biafra Independence.

Nnamdi Kanu who was answering questions on his Friday Question segment said It is not in his power or authority to declare Biafra but he needs the collective mandate of Biafrans.

Transcripts of what he said reads:

” Am I going to declare Biafra, The Answer is NO. You People will declare Biafra or give us (IPOB) the mandate to declare Biafra, I said Us and not me.

“Before Ojukwu declared Biafra he was given the mandate, not until the Hotelier came and was declaring Biafra every 6 months and nothing happened, they settled him and he went and sat down.”

Another person came up a few days ago saying he is declaring Biafra, It is an insult to our collective Intelligence that anybody should come out to declare anything without proper consultation even as we know DSS is behind him to instigate us but we are not gullible”

“You know some times they accused us of not properly consulting but they don’t know what we are doing is ground work.”

“Our People are republicans, they are democrats in nature everybody wants to be consulted and when the time comes everybody will be consulted.”

“Before they tried to pressurize me to declare Biafra and I say NO that I don’t have the authority. I am not Biafra am only a Biafran Citizen, am just one person and not 70 Million People.”

“I don’t have that power or right to do so I am not a dictator.

The only reason we put IPOB on straight and narrow is because we want to enforce discipline. There is a level of Discipline required when you are facing a very stubborn enemy or surrounded by enemy and Discipline is what we are trying to Instill.

That doesn’t mean when it come to governance we then arrogate power to ourselves, we are not going to do that.”

“The only thing is to wait for you Biafra until you say the time is now and then you give us GO AHEAD.”

“Everybody will be involved, You cannot declare Biafra and then your borders will be open, The day we are declaring Biafra we are defending our borders same day. If we see any Janjanweed that Janjanweed is dead, If they fly their airplane we bring it down.”

“Please don’t rush us we know what we are doing, We want to cross all the T’s and jot al the I’s.

We must do it accordingly or else our people will breakaway.” he said

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