“I’m disappointed in myself” Debordo regrets and asks Malians for forgiveness

Debordo Leekunfa asks for forgiveness to Malians after his insulting video published last Tuesday. In the video in question he attacked the Malians because of the visit of King 12 12 to Côte d’Ivoire. A few days after this controversial appearance, the Ivorian singer makes his mea-culpa and asks for forgiveness.

Opah the nation has regrets and looks back on its actions a few days ago. This media appearance which caused such a sensation on the web. The Ivorian singer protested against the rapprochement of artists and personalities of Ivorian showbiz with the king 12 12.

In his address, he was downright disparaging towards his Ivorian counterparts. He also launched insulting remarks towards the King 12 12 and the Malian people. While the relay of his words takes outrageous proportions, Debordo redeems himself fairly quickly and invites the media to stop the propaganda of his words.

I’m really disappointed in myself.” Lamented Debordo in a post on his Facebook profile. Then to make the promise to Internet users to redeem themselves as soon as possible. “But I promise to fix things with Malian music in Bambara!!! To those who cannot forgive me, know that error is human, may God the Almighty Father calm your hearts. Please stop sharing my old videos where I messed up let’s bury the grudges!!! Ivory Coast Mali is family!!! peace please“, continued Debordo.

Debordo’s video had outraged many Internet users and followers who did not fail to reframe the singer’s life with comments on the web. Let’s hope this new message from Debordo has a calming impact.

"I'm disappointed in myself" Debordo regrets and apologizes to Malians

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