In the process of divorce, Francis M’Vemba surprises the web by asking forgiveness from Coco Emilia-Video

Would Francis M’Vemba have regrets for his marriage ended too quickly with Coco Emilia. While Sophie’s mother announced a few days ago that they would be in the process of divorce, Francis M’Vemba asks for forgiveness. In a video in Snapchat stories, he addressed his ex-spouse by making a kind of mea-culpa.

Francis M’Vemba and Coco Emila have been separated for several months. While the former M’Vemba couple would have celebrated their cotton wedding on April 10, things unfortunately went wrong rather than expected. Coco Emilia had announced in a post on Snapchat that she herself had decided to leave this marriage before explaining on a TV set that it was indeed becoming unhealthy for her.

During this TV appearance, she let it be known that she and Francis were in the process of divorce and that they would have an appearance for this purpose next June. For his part, Francis had announced that he would never grant her a divorce. It is therefore without great surprise that the web discovers this video

mea culpa by Francis M’Vemba.

The ex-spouse of Coco Emilia shared a video in Snapchat stories in which he apologizes for his misdeeds. ” coco sorry ” he said. In the company of a friend, Francis M’Vemba also invited the man to do the same. Something the friend did as you can see in the video below.

Shortly before, he had through the same channel, let it be known that he regretted his actions towards the mother of their daughter Sophie.

For her part, Coco Emilia has not yet responded to this latest video of her daughter’s parent. She maintained during the TV show, that she would stick to her decision to end the union, something that would be ideal for both of them.

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