Information & Uses of Npower Batch C Nasim ID


NPower Latest Update & News: Npower Batch C – See Meaning of Nasim ID, the uses and other important information. Hello reader, today is Tuesday 20 April 2021 April. We decided to answer some of your questions in our previous article. After you wait for the final selection list, these pages are committed to bringing you all the information that Npower Batch C applicants need to facilitate your preparation.

We are sharing with you some important information you need to know about Nasim ID listed below.

(1) Meaning of NASIM ID?

(2) How to get Nasim ID?

(3) What Nasim ID is use for?

(1) Meaning of NASIM ID:

This means national social investment management identity.

This is a unique identification number or reference number that you will receive from the NPower Nasim portal at the end of a successful record update. Remember you started registering in June 2020.

The NPVN (Empower Nigeria Volunteer Nigeria) portal used for initial registration before transferring to Nasim Portal which is an existing record update. At the time of your registration last year, the portal was automatically known as “My NPower Unique Reference Number” and it looks like: e.g. NPWR / 2020. 000012345678.

Subsequently, the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development decided to cancel the NPVN portal for the NPower Nasim portal. The new portal will now be stored for all records of Batch C applicant and subsequent processes.

Now, after you take the test and successfully update your records, the portal automatically generates a Nazim ID like the previous NPVN portal and this time the ID it generates is called Nasim ID

Note: Until your records are successfully updated, the portal should create this unique NPower Nasim ID number for you. Keep it safe. This is the screenshot right now. Never make a mistake.

(2) How to get NPower Nasim ID:

As mentioned above, if your records are successfully updated from NPVN portal to Nasim portal, the portal will automatically generate this unique Nasim ID for you.

In other words, those who still have difficulty receiving links to their emails to continue updating records or have no business with Nasim IDs involved in VVN legitimacy. The portal must measure the process of updating their records before they can generate their Nasim ID.

(3) What is Nasim ID used for?

Your Nasim ID is a very important reference document. Losing Nasim’s ID could have serious consequences.

* You will not be able to write the power test with your Nasim ID. Those who have written in the exam will be able to certify this matter.

* Used to find your name and your personal details during verification at your Nasim ID Verification Center.

* Beneficiaries will be asked to provide your Nasim ID when setting up an empower scheme to generate ID cards.

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