Ink on Paper 2:Less of War Songs, More of Strategies


By: Ajibola Oluwafidipo

In recent time, the political space in the country is highly tensed, various ethnic groups are clamouring for independent government, the Biafrans are ready to go a separate way, also the Yoruba under the auspices of Sunday Igboho in conjunction with Koiki media are on daily basis masterminding protests to register their displeasure.

In all of these, the missing link is that both sides strongly believed that diplomacy has failed and the only way to realize a country of their ethnic choice is by singing and chanting war songs, they released so much venom, occupying the streets with peaceful protests while gathering momentum to unleash terror underground.

The truth is that war will do no one any good, the agony of war will be highly devastating on the masses, those masterminding war are holders of more than two citizenship documents, they have a second home to seek refuge in case their wish to set the country in flames come true.

We read the full account of the civil war of 1967 – 1970, even years after the instrument of surrender was signed, the indelible scars and sores of the war are still being nursed by economic and political therapists, is it not challenging that the agitation that led to civil war is still an uproar in the recent clamour for break up.

Without focusing on who will lead the Biafrans and the Yorubas should they succeed with their agenda, my focus is on how can we survive another war, when even without war there are hunger, insecurity, unrest in the land, agitating for war is as good as strangulating a sick man who is under intensive care unit to death.

What I found most disturbing about my generation is that we like noise, we are eager to take drastic measures without having long term strategies in place, if you ask for my consent, I will tell you that truly we have been marginalized, truly these clueless individuals have done more harms than good, yet, war is not an option, we are to come up with a very strong systematic strategy, which will gradually decapitate them and paint them as good for nothing Pharaohs.

What my generation is yet to understand is that there are numerous ways to decapitate a leader without physical ammunition, clamouring for a disunited nation is a major setback in the liberation process, why not adopt strategies to put our targets in a tight corner, the problem is not the country, the problem is the few greedy self acclaimed leaders who are playing God with their dispositions, they are fools and being misled by their destructive imaginations. Then, is it not right to strategically ex-communicate them without drumming the beat of war.

Why can’t we create an app named A Black Book of Nigerian Leaders, and publish their names and that of their children, conducting proper investigation into their background, their assets before they gained political relevance and after, create a session to record their waywardness and immoral practices as incumbent or former, then blacklist them and their children, their family names not to be remembered for good in the land, and make a public mockery of them that no one should relate, identify or transact any business with them.

Yes, the fight for a new Nigeria should be more of strategies and not war, a man who is hungry cannot fight physical battle, since every individual want to be remembered for good, blacklisting them through an app that will be made available on Google Play Store and Apple Store will reset their brains.

Truly, we cannot use social media to fight the battle of ammunition, but we can use social media to win the battle of words and strategies.
We all must know that it will take centuries to rebuild a country destroyed during war, but we can systematically remove tares from the wheat without bloodshed and displacement.

To the Sunday Igbohos and Koikis of this era, the best way to fight a calculative battle without casualty is through a formidable strategy.

We are ready for a meaningful change, and we shall not look back until a new Nigeria is birth, and Jesus told him, “Anyone who puts a hand to the plow and then looks back is not fit for the Kingdom of God.” Luke 9 verse 62, there is no going back, the real Nigeria must emerge, either by restructuring or overhauling, we must have a place of refuge to call our own.

In Conclusion, let us stop the war songs, let us adopt formidable strategies, if you are in, I am in.

Worldfamous Ajibola is the Anchor person for an online investigative programme titled Ayidayida and a strategist of repute.
Tel: 08060288119

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