Intuitive nutrition: 5 things you should know

Intuitive nutrition makes you realize that you do not need to follow a weight loss diet. Feelings of hunger and satiety are your allies in regulating the quantity of food, while your dietary preferences take care of quality.

Intuitive nutrition is a positive approach to eating that encourages respect for one’s needs and offers many health benefits.

Today, I share five things you should know about intuitive nutrition.

It is not a method of weight loss

Intuitive food is considered more as an alternative to weight loss diets. The aim of the approach is to improve one’s relationship with food and one’s body based on the principles of hunger, satiety, emotions, body image, etc.

It is an approach that respects ethical principles

Intuitive food is an approach that respects the ethical principles of kindness and goodness. Kindness includes being lenient with yourself, acknowledging that you are doing the best you can so far, and that you are in a good mood.

It teaches you to listen to your body

Listening to and respecting your needs means letting your body express itself and not wanting to control everything. In intuitive nutrition you learn to distinguish hunger from the desire to eat, to experience your emotions without necessarily using food and loving your body. It requires you to trust yourself and not aim for perfection.

It teaches you to be responsible for yourself

Intuitive nutrition considers that each person is able to recognize the signs of hunger and satiety as well as his dietary preferences. The expert is not the mirror, nor the guru, nor the modern diet, nor the coach, nor the scales. Each of us is responsible for ourselves.

It’s not a magic formula

Intuitive food does not work for all people, nor is it a magic recipe that I am finally revealing to you. Some people will respond better than others and this is perfectly normal. Each person is distinguished by his personality, his eating habits, his state of health, his living environment and his ambitions.

A body is not limited to a set of organs, limbs and functions, it also consists of desires, pleasures, dangers, joys, sorrows, motives, frustration but also hope.

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