Ioanna Kazakou: “The success rate of implants reaches the absolute”

The restoration of missing teeth can be done by placing implants and give the patient a fully functional smile with perfect aesthetic result.

The dentist’s specialization in implants plays a key role in the success of the outcome and is one of the many success factors of this technique. Therefore, the choice of case is important, which should be evaluated and meet the appropriate criteria to be treated with implants.

Also, the patient’s compliance with the instructions of the treating physician contribute to the long-term preservation of the implants. The dentist, Ioanna Kazakou, gives answers from all the material about the implants, so that we know what to expect before and after the implant placement process. As Ms. Kazakou explains, “the more strictly the procedures are followed, the longer the course of the implants.” The success rate reaches the absolute, if the conditions are met “.

Ms. Kazakou, in which cases is implant therapy indicated?

Implants are used in patients who lack one, more or even all teeth, in cases where we want to give the patient a better restoration functionally and aesthetically. The advantages of implant placement are of incalculable quality value:

  • They give the feeling and appearance of natural teeth
  • We do not need to grind adjacent teeth for the placement of prosthetic work
  • We do not have long-term shrinkage of bone mass
  • We feel absolutely stable prosthetics, even mobile
  • We acquire perfect chewing ability, excellent speech, a natural smile
  • We have increased self-confidence

In what cases is implant treatment avoided?

We must clarify that patient selection is very important for the success of implants, as if the patient is not properly evaluated, the treatment may not go as we would like, even if the surgical procedure is perfect. Chronic general conditions that are evaluated before implant placement are the following: chronic administration of drugs such as corticosteroids, immunosuppressants, chemotherapy, bisphosphonates, oxyphosphonates, severe hematologic disorders, and In addition, there is a contraindication in case of bone loss, as this would jeopardize the stability of the implant. The next parameter that we evaluate is the oral health, as well as the oral hygiene of the patient. People with poor oral health and poor oral care are an absolute contraindication to implant placement.

Can you briefly describe the process of implant placement?

In cases where there are teeth that cannot be treated and need to be removed, after their removal, we will have to wait two months for an initial healing to take place. Then we perform a special dental CT scan of the jaw (CBCT), which shows the quality and quantity of bone in three dimensions and the preoperative design of the regenerative techniques – implants and implant placement technique, which guides us to our surgical stage. where the implants are placed. Depending on the procedures and techniques that will be followed, we define the time period in which we will put the prosthetic work, which can be two months later, three months later or more. That is, if the sinus lift and implant placement are combined, the healing and charging process takes place later.

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There is, however, a percentage of cases where immediate extraction, immediate implant placement and sometimes direct charging, the so-called same day implant, can be performed. However, in order to have the same, high success rates with this procedure, as in conventional implantation, certain conditions must be met: the tooth must not have any pathological damage to the bone, ie lesion, it must be a really healthy tooth , who suffered a fracture from an injury and must be removed, the patient must be young, his medical history and oral hygiene allow it, that is, these are not routine incidents.

How long do implants last?

Absolute guarantees cannot be given in Medicine. There is the prognosis and success rates. If all goes well with the implantation of the implants, the patient performs good oral hygiene and re-examinations with his doctor, the implants can be over 20 years old. One thing is for sure: The stricter the procedures, the longer the implants.

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Who should we contact for the placement of dental implants?

We turn to a Dental Center that provides specialization, consistency, quality and a good level of communication with the patient. It is very important for the patient to choose a team of doctors that he trusts and which can undertake the whole procedure, from A to Z, having the overall responsibility of the incident. That is, he does not have to go elsewhere for the orthodontic part, elsewhere for the prosthesis, elsewhere for maintenance. The economic criterion is important, but it should not be the sole choice of the doctor. Above all, the patient should receive excellent quality treatment and feel safe with the doctor who will work with them. To believe that his doctor will ensure the best result for him.

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