Is it bad to want to lose weight?

“Body Positivity”, “health in all sizes”, “intuitive diet” – you have probably heard of at least one of these terms.

“Body positivity” is a broad social movement that supports the acceptance of all the physical characteristics that make us unique: skin color, body type, hair type, etc. Being healthy in any size is an initiative that started with the goal of ending discrimination and obsession with diets and weight loss.

Intuitive food has been described as an “anti-diet” because it encourages people to eat what they want, when they want it, instead of following a strict diet plan.

All these philosophies arose in response to the unrealistic expectations of beauty that we place in ourselves and in the worship of the omnipotent calorie. They challenge us to broaden our perception of beauty and to have a healthy attitude towards food.

I personally identify myself as an advocate of body positivity. Moving towards accepting our body means a lot to society and especially to those who have been bullied in childhood because they were overweight, with the result that many teenagers try to lose a lot of weight to fit the slim, “ideal” body. Thus acquiring an unhealthy relationship with their food and body image.

Defending the body positivity movement and other related ideologies have certainly begun to undermine the idea of ​​the ideal. Many different types of beauty appear in the media. And it’s nice to see different body types being accepted. No one should feel guilty or ashamed of appearing.

The main focus should be health and wellness. It is important to learn to be in tune with your body and to observe how you feel.

But is it bad and hypocritical on the one hand to support the positivity of the body and on the other hand to want to lose weight? While it is important not to overdo it, it is also important to stay healthy. So if you have gained enough weight, you feel unhappy and your health is in danger, it is not bad to want to lose weight in a healthy and safe way. It is important to feel happy and healthy.

On the other hand it is also important to know that it is wrong to lose weight as a punishment to yourself. Improving health and well-being should be your primary goal, giving your body the amount of food it really needs and not putting yourself on a strict diet.

Your weight is just one of the many factors you need to consider as you continue your lifelong journey to well-being.

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