“It was just not possible”: The ex-star of “Sous le soleil”, Frédéric Deban traumatized by the filming of the series “Louis La Brocante”

Jordan De Luxe received, Tuesday, March 22, Frédéric Deban in At Jordan’s. Unlike last year, the 57-year-old actor did not comment on the case of Adeline Blondieau that he had charged last year. “With the main actress, we weren’t very good friends, because we don’t like each other. She doesn’t love me and I love her back.”he had said. “It’s the ex-Madame Hallyday, Adeline Blondieau, who doesn’t love me, who never loved me and I gave her back all the same”.

This time, he mentioned the series Louis La Broquantebroadcast between 1998 and 2014 on France 3.

Summary: “Louis Roman is a second-hand dealer in the Lyon region who helps others and plays the role of detective in cases where some of his relatives or clients are still suspected. He travels through the region at the wheel of his old Citroën Type H van. He is around sixty years old”.

An experience that was traumatic for him. The fault of two actors who are now deceased. “The couple Victor Lanoux and Marie-José Nat, it was just not possible”,

did he start before giving examples of what he experienced and what allows him to say that. They were so cold! Victor… I was also definitely a little asshole. But when I arrived to shoot, he wouldn’t say hello to me. I played the role of his son… He was ten times less of a father than my sire”he recalled.

He then spoke of Marie-José Nat: “As for her, I think that’s the worst thing I’ve come across in my career. When you tour with people for six months, there are still bonds that are created, especially when you play the son of a woman, you are looking for this relationship there. I am very tactile… Marie-José, I did not see myself hugging her”.

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