” It’s a shame ! “, “you are very aggressive madam”: tense atmosphere and big clash between Matthieu Delormeau and Jocelyne Chassard on “TPMP”!

Matthew DelormeauMatthew Delormeau

“Macron impeachment! Macron beheading! »… These words, everyone has already heard them at least once during the Yellow Vests crisis. It is Jocelyne Chassard who is the author. This protester who made the rounds of the Web when her video, in which she expressed her “dissatisfaction” against the Head of State, was published on Twitter. If she made a good part of the French laugh, her threats are nevertheless reprehensible. She has just paid the price by being sentenced to 3 months suspended prison sentence.

Cyril Hanouna wanted to invite her to TPMP on Tuesday March 29 to find out the reasons for her anger and what prompted her to make such threats. After his explanations, Matthieu Delormeau wanted to speak and share his thoughts with Jocelyne Chassard. The columnist does not mince his words when addressing the activist.

It clashes on TPMP!

“I hear your regrets and, very well, but for the rest, sorry… What I heard makes me ashamed”he begins under the dumbfounded eyes of his interlocutor before adding: “You are a teacher. You represent the Republic. You represent your students… And you shout to the President ‘decapitation’, you shout ‘dictator’? Words you should know because you’re a history teacher. It’s a shame what you said.

The columnist going even further by dropping: “You deserve your three months suspended sentence to show, if only to all your students, that people who behave like you must be punished… The words have a meaning, what you have done is a shame “.

Jocelyne Chassard, who did not want to remain silent after this opinion, then replied to the TPMP columnist: “You have your opinion, you keep it to yourself. To talk about the conviction, I have not yet decided with my lawyer if I am appealing. And if I appeal it will be in the context of the second offence…” she said before being cut by Matthieu Delormeau: “But the first one is right? ». To which the protester retorted: “Wait are you going to cut me off every time?” ». Words that did not really please the columnist who dropped him: “You are very aggressive madam”. Fortunately, Cyril Hanouna calmed things down by intervening. “Let Jocelyne speak, she answers us, stop a bit. You are the ones who are aggressive”he asked before the dialogue resumed on set.

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