Ivory Coast/ A pregnant teacher beaten up by a student’s parent

For a story of chalk, a teacher who carries a pregnancy of about 6 months was copiously beaten up by a parent. The facts happened on Thursday March 17, 2022 at the Epp Gendarmerie 4, at the IEPP of Abobo Avocatier in Abidjan.

Dame N’Takpé, teacher at the Epp Gendarmerie 4, at the IEPP of Abobo Avocatier suffered the wrath of a student’s parent on Thursday March 17, 2022. Despite her condition as a pregnant woman, the student’s parent claiming to be a minister’s chief of protocol handed him a chalky story.

The teaching staff of the regional directorate of national education in Abidjan (DRENA 4), of which the commune of Abobo is a part, is in consternation. One of their colleagues, Ms. N’takpé, a CM2 class teacher and currently pregnant, was beaten by the parent of one of her students.

According to the facts, the teacher noticed that her students repeatedly stole chalk from her. She tries to reason with them but nothing changes. She therefore decides to put a strategy in place to recover her chalk.

Côte d'Ivoire/ A pregnant teacher beaten up by a ''head  of protocol'' of a minister

She therefore asks each child to pay for a stick of chalk. This strategy allowed the teacher to have a full box of chalk in no time. While the teacher was discussing this feat with her director, a furious parent arrives and attacks the teacher.

The man claiming to be the protocol of a minister makes insulting remarks to the two ladies until they come to blows. Without taking into account the state of pregnancy of the victim, he beats her up. It took the intervention of their superior for the teachers to dismiss the student’s parent.

In bad shape, she was rushed to a clinic where a medical certificate was issued to her. She then lodged a complaint against her attacker at the Abobo Gare Gendarmerie Brigade.

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According to the information, the attacker refused to respond to the summons on the pretext that he is the chief of protocol of an Ivorian minister and that he said to get in touch with his lawyer.

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