Ivory Coast: A violent storm destroys the Airport of the City of Odienné

The Lamine DIABATE International Airport in Odienné, in the north of the Ivory Coast, recorded several material damages on its site, caused by a violent wind which blew on the city Thursday night.

SODEXAM explains the bad weather that caused the destruction of the Odienné air terminal

On the night of Thursday March 31 to Friday April 1, 2022, a violent storm hit the town of Odienné, causing significant damage to the Lamine DIABATE International Airport site in this locality.

According to SODEXAM, this storm with an intensity of gusts of wind reaching a maximum of 75 km/h, occurs following a series of storms which occurred on March 21, 22, 23 and 25 and the one which occurred on the night of Monday 27 to Tuesday 28 March 2022.

If no loss of human life is to be deplored, it must be said that the storm damaged the building housing the terminal and some surrounding facilities.

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