Ivory Coast / Angry, a man cuts his sex with a machete

A tragedy occurred on March 15, 2022, in the locality of Duékoué, in the west of Côte d’Ivoire. After a strong argument with his older sister, a young man cut his penis.

The case caused a stir in the village of Pinhou, in the locality of Duékoué. In anger, a man cut his private part with a machete. The young man cut himself after an argument with his sister. The man in question is known by the nickname “Cafoule”. He performed such an act on his person because he wanted to protest against the humiliation that his sister had inflicted on him.

It all started around 4 p.m. on Tuesday, March 15. After a heated argument between the young man and his sister, the affair ended at the chiefdom of the said village. After the explanations of each party, the members of the said chiefdom decided in favor of the elder sister. The young man who hoped for a judgment in his favor, was immediately reprimanded by the sages.

Ivory Coast / Angry, a man cuts his sex with a machete

Badly digesting this situation, the man refuses to be humiliated for the umpteenth time. He throws a tantrum and decides to end his life. He then seizes a bottle which he breaks on his head. Despite the blood that spurts, the latter does not find this effective method to take his life.

“Cafoule” therefore feeds a more atrocious idea than the first. He will therefore create the unthinkable and the irreparable. Against all odds, he grabs a sharp machete and cuts off his private part. Faced with the shock, he loses his strength and immediately succumbs.

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He was immediately loaded into a wheelbarrow and taken to the nearest health centre. After first aid, he was evacuated to the Duékoué general hospital where the doctors placed a catheter in him which now allows him to urinate.

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