Ivory Coast / Bad weather for actors in a spiritualist video that is causing buzz

A spiritualist video published on the web since last weekend continues to create buzz. After creating psychosis among Internet users, the authors of the video would have been arrested for disturbing public order.

Since this weekend, a video presenting a ritual in the middle of the street of a town in Abidjan has been activating the web. This video has aroused enough reactions from Internet users to cause psychosis. The alleged authors of this visual finally admitted that it was a staging to educate young people about occult practices.

At the latest news, these actors have been arrested. In the video, we could see people making incantations in the middle of the street in Angré. Subsequently, another youth in the same scene falls and “dies” after one of the Ritualists throws an egg at him.

See the video below:

After the act, the latter get into a 4×4 type vehicle and flee, still under the comments of another who writes ” they killed the youngster, arrest them

“. This video of a few minutes, which has gone viral on the web, shocked many Internet users who called it true. Others, however, remained skeptical.

After this scene, the actors meant that it was just a staging. The objective was to educate young people on the non-necessity of rituals to make money.

See the video below:


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According to the information, four of the six alleged actors were arrested. According to the police, they are named Kéita Ibrahim, Doumbia Aboubacar, Djè Marleine and Moussa Raiga.

In 2021, such a video had caused a stir on the web. A man posing as a grazer stripped naked in a market. According to him, he also wanted to denounce the consequences of the rituals.

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