Ivory Coast / Case of a teacher beaten up, the public prosecutor makes revelations

The case of the teacher beaten by a certain protocol of an Ivorian minister made the Public Prosecutor, Adou Richard, react. In a press release dated Tuesday March 22, 2022, the prosecutor made revelations about the case.

The public prosecutor Adou Richard spoke out on the case of the teacher beaten up in Abobo by a protocol from an Ivorian minister. In a statement, the man of justice gave some information about the case.

In this statement, he said that the children of the aggressor have abandoned the way to school. He also gave details of Bakayoko Hamed, the aggressor who presented himself as the chief of protocol of an Ivorian minister.

In the press release, the Prosecutor first returned to the facts: ” On March 21, 2022, lady NTAKPE wife ZAKPA, teacher at the EPP Gendarmerie of Abobo, seized the Gendarmerie Brigade of the said locality with a complaint against a parent of a student named BAKAYOKO Hamed, for acts of violence acts perpetrated on his person

. In support of her complaint, she explained that on March 17, 2022, due to a dispute over chalk, this parent had given her several blows, despite her pregnancy, causing her to be unable to work for fourteen (14) days“.

Ivory Coast / Case of a teacher beaten up, the public prosecutor makes revelations

The investigation immediately opened by the judicial police officer revealed that the named BAKAYOKO Hamed, unemployed, had disappeared from his home since the day of the incident. In addition, his children have dropped out of school” , he added.

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According to the first elements of the investigation, the aggressor BAKAYOKO Hamed has never been a member of any protocol service. The Prosecutor nevertheless reassured that “ investigations are continuing in order to find him and subject him to the rigors of the criminal law“.

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