Ivory Coast / Jean Roger, the vocal lead of Zougloumakers, is dead

The Ivorian artistic family is in tears. She has just lost one of the most beautiful voices in Zouglou music. The artistic group Zougloumakers has just lost its leader. Jean Roger is gone…

Jean Roger is no more. The Lead Vocal of the Zouglomarkers group died on the night of Tuesday March 22 in Abidjan. His death surprised, but above all plunged the Ivorian artistic community into deep sadness. Jean Roger was one of the best voices in Zouglou. A confirmed artist who dragged his bump in several groups before founding with friends the famous group Zougloumakers.

Since the announcement of his death, tributes have multiplied. And it’s not just in the arts. The whole of Côte d’Ivoire mourns an artist who has found his way. Jean Roger was above all a live ace. His trademark, he has solidified and enhanced it over the past decade. Jean Roger and his group strongly contributed to making Zouglou music that could be heard everywhere.

With his talent, he could play in places that did not necessarily welcome groups playing Zouglou. With his orchestra, he made the middle class of Abidjan dance in the most exclusive bars of the capital. We listened with pleasure to his group, we danced with pleasure to his bewitching music. On weekends, the DGs and other executives of the country gladly went out to jiggle to the sound of the sounds of Zougloumakers.

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