Ivory Coast/ While crossing the road with her children, a mother is killed by a truck

A tragedy occurred in the commune of Port-Bouët -Abidjan) on Saturday, March 19, 2022. A mother crossing the road with her children was violently hit by a large truck. She died on the spot.

A mother suffered the consequences of the misbehavior of a motorist on Saturday March 19, 2022. While crossing the road with her 2 children, she was knocked down by the large truck. She could not come out of this accident alive.

The tragedy happened in the town of Port-Bouët more precisely at the Terre Rouge crossroads. Descending from a public transport vehicle with her two children at the said intersection, the woman was about to cross the highway.

Ivory Coast/ While crossing the road with her  children, a mother is killed by a truck

Wanting to avoid crossing the highway via the pedestrian bridge which was about 100 meters from her, she decided to take the lane intended for vehicles to go faster. The victim and his children were already on the highway when a large truck slammed into them at full speed. Under pressure, she tried to get her children across quickly.

But her youngest daughter whose age varies between 5 and 6 years old cannot keep up. The truck hits the girl and her mother. The mother does not get up again, she died instantly. As for the little girl, she was hit. One of his arms was in bad shape.

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The firefighters were immediately alerted. Residents came to the aid of the victims before the arrival of the rescuers. According to testimony, the brakes of the truck which caused the accident were not in good condition.

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