Jake Gyllenhaal sang Celine Dion on SNL and it’s all you have to see today

The actor introduced SNL last Saturday, shaded Jared Leto and was great

In Titanic, Rose had to wait 84 years to see again the ship that changed her life forever. THE Jake Gyllenhaal had to wait only 15 to return to the SNL – it was 2007, they became jokes about the first iPhone and there was a sketch for George W. Bush. He himself, dressed in a dress and wig, sang something from Dreamgirls, and aimed to promote Brokeback Mountain in which he starred. As he rightly said, of course, this interpretation “Was the least problematic thing about that episode”.

This time, not at all uncomfortable, completely enjoyable, it gave us magical moments.

He did a little shading on Jared Leto, without even mentioning his name. He explained how he tried to do method acting (of which Leto talks non-stop) in order to play Lou in Nightcrawler, but ultimately failed. He thought that only then would he be taken seriously as an actor but all he could do was forget what it was like to have a good time.

“Then I realized something I should have understood a long time ago – acting is really a stupid job. It has masquerades and fun and it should be full of joy. Well, I finally embrace this joy again and that’s why I’re back on this stage. “

Gyllenhaal admitted that he did not expect to be called again, let alone to present the night, and, unable to control it, let the past overwhelm him. As he spoke, music began to be heard. And he, no longer able to hide the singer he has inside, presented us with his own cover of It’s All Coming Back to Me Now by Celine Dion.

We leave the video below, watch it as many times as you want.

In another moment of revival of the past, we saw him wearing a T-shirt with his nieces’ names printed on it, Ramona and Gloria – back in 2007, it was just Ramona.

Jake Gyllenhaal appeared on SNL a day after the premiere of his new film, Ambulancethanks to which one of his biggest professional dreams came true: to star in his work Michael Bay.

“It’s just a bit of fun to see it happen – to be in the city where I grew up, where as a kid I thought about cars and hunting and stuff, and doing it all. Being a protagonist in an action movie gives you so much space for fun and jokes and audacity “.

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