Jamie Lee Curtis will marry her trans daughter, the wedding will be cosplay and she will dress as a WoW warrior

We have not yet received an invitation for the event, but there was definitely a mistake in the mail

Are you ready for the most fancy wedding of the year? Her daughter Jamie Lee Curtis and his Christopher Guest, Rubyhe will marry his beloved, Cynthiain one cosplay ceremony.

“Everyone at the wedding will wear a costume, I will also wear a costume to do the ceremony,” the actress revealed to Jimmy Kimmel. And she will not wear any suit – she will dress Jaina Proudmoore, from World of Warcraft.

“It’s a game, I do not know. “He is an admiral,” he added. And because she has no idea from WoW, the bride and groom chose the outfit. Of course he was excited, ordered her clothes on Etsy and, despite her impatience, she had to wait for days, because her package was delayed.

The ceremony will take place at Curtis’s house. “Both of my children will be married in my yard, and that fills me with tears,” he explained.

The actress has been standing by her daughter from the beginning. In an interview together in October, they talked about their relationship after the transition, but also how they managed the situation.

“We speak a new language,” Curtis said. “I am learning new terminology and words. I’m new to this. I will not pretend that I know much about the subject. And I will make them sea, I will make mistakes. “I would like to try to avoid big mistakes, though.”

“You know, you learn to speak a little slower. You become more careful with your words. What do you think. How do you say it. You will make them a salad – I already did it twice today. We are human. But if a person reads this, sees a photo of Ruby with me and says “I feel free to say I’m like that”, then it’s worth it».

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