Jennifer Aniston – Brad Pitt: They did not go to the Oscars, but (probably) to a suite in Paris

Rumors want them together and in love. Do we believe it?

None of them went to the ceremony. Also, none of them went to the after party. They were both in the city of love – specifically, according to tabloid, in the same hotel suite. THE Brad Pitt and the Jennifer Aniston it seems that not only do they have a good relationship, but they remember their old cohabitation.

The actress is in Paris at the moment, for his shooting Murder Mystery 2. In Touch reports that her ex-husband is with her and “this is not a coincidence”, according to a source. “The couple is reliving their love… They have been staying in this suite at Four Seasons George V for months, and the room costs $ 25,000 a night.”

It is said that “they keep a low profile in Paris”.

“They are very closed, as if they do not want to rude it. They have been fighting it for six months and see how it goes. All good so far. They are older and smarter, and their love is stronger than ever. “They feel right,” the source continued.

Do we believe the rumors?

This is a difficult issue. The tabloid period is very long – none of them have been in Paris for six months. It may be a simple coincidence, they may meet amicably, and the suspicion is that we have not yet seen any photos of them together, even in low resolution.

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