Jim Carrey on Hollywood’s attitude to Will Smith: ‘I’re disgusted – the industry is timid’

“I was disgusted when they got up to applaud him – I would have sued”

Two days have passed, but we are all still busy with Will Smith’s fist on Chris Rock – how not to do it, after all? The unjustified incident of violence at the Oscars keeps them up to date for all the wrong reasons and the artists share their views on what happened. THE Jim Carrey

decided to position himself, speaking on CBS Mornings, criticized not only the actor, but the entire film industry who tolerated his behavior.

“I was disgusted when they got up to applaud him”said, referring to the audience ‘s reaction when Will Smith won the Best Actor Award for his performance in King Richard, shortly after hitting Chris Rock. “I feel like Hollywood is just a coward, as a whole, and it really seemed like, eh, a clear indication that we are not the cool club now.”

Before picking up his gold statuette, Smith went on stage and slapped the comedian for a bad joke about Jada Pinkett-Smith alopecia. Then he returned to his seat and shouted, “Keep my wife’s name out of your mouth.”

Jim Carrey argues that, instead of applause, his colleague should have been arrested. Chris Rock never sued, however.

“He does not want to run,” he said. “I would have announced the next morning that I would sue Will for $ 200 million, because the video will be there forever. It will be everywhere. “You know, this insult will last a long time.”

The actor thinks that it would be better to just shout from his position or write something on Twitter. “You do not have the right to go on stage and hit someone in the face for something he said,” he explained.

“No tension peaked. He came out of nowhere because Will felt something that angered him. And I wish him all the best, really. I have nothing against him. He has done great things. “But that was not a good time.”

Jim Carrey described Smith’s behavior as “selfish” as it caught the attention and no one cared about the awards.

“A lot of people tried hard to be there and shine for a moment and be rewarded for their hard work”he stressed and he was absolutely right.

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